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Dieting Plans for Weight Loss

The Dreaded Spiral of “Extreme Dieting” How come every time I diet to lose weight, it gets tougher to burn off the fat each time? Because dieting – if done improperly –  will stomp your metabolism into the ground! How? Simply stated, your body has […]

Leptin and Weight Loss- What You Need to Know

 *quick scribbled notes Low Carb Diet Plan You mention within this post that in the event you go on a rigid low-carb diet plan, you’ll reduce your triglycerides significantly lengthy prior to you shed a lot weight. How rapidly does human physiology react towards […]

Making Low Carb Granola- Homemade Crunch Recipe

How to Make

  • Bring coconut oil, honey, salt, and cinnamon to the same dish and blend until eventually all nuts/seeds are coated with the honey/oil blend.
  • With the granola, I blended a few mixed nuts and seeds using a a little honey (maple syrup would certainly also be great) along with a teaspoon of coconut oil prior to cooking the combination for 10 minutes.
  • Include whatever nuts and seeds you like; should you not like coconut then omit the coconut flakes; if you’d prefer a bit more flavor, put in a few bits of dried diced fruit, but don’t forget that dried fruit has a lot of sugar!
  • Blend old-fashioned oats with mixed nuts, unsweetened dried fruit, cinnamon, a tiny drizzle of maple syrup or honey and a little bit of olive oil and bake it for a 30 minutes or so. The fat and sugar content of this version is substantially less than packaged types.

Paleo Friendly

  • Created completely of nuts, seeds and whole ingredients, our granolas are minimal carbohydrates, low carb and paleo-friendly.
  • A breeze to create, you are able to make a portion in advance – it requires under 5 minutes to incorporate water, oil and vanilla to the mix, then bake, cool and store – the very best mouth watering granola cereal you have ever had!
  • Simple and easy, scrumptious crock pot low carb granola made with mixed nuts, seeds, coconut, cardamom and nutmeg.


  • For the people hypersensitive to eggs, I DID try to try this overall recipe working with coconut oil and other oils, however the granola NEVER became crispy.
  • Regardless of whether you include dried berries to take the granola on the run, or berries like blueberries to blend into your morning meal, that is 100% where we want to get the sugar we eat- fruit carbohydrates is actually beneficial to kids!

Breakfast Cereal

  • Minimal Sugar Granola can be a higher dietary fiber, ready-to-eat roasted breakfast cereal produced from oats and seeds and nuts cooked using the the least added sugar.
  • Granola… one of these simple apparently healthy foods we lavishly add on top of yogurt, oatmeal or eat like cereal, or maybe just eat alone as a snack!
  • Whenever consuming nuts, select dry-roasted ones – and be conscious of flavored nuts and their ingredients, that may raise the carb count easily.
  • Almost all nuts are a fantastic supply of heart-healthy fats and protein, however the type and quantity of vitamins and minerals vary between each one. Rather than sugar, there are just nutritious fats, protein, and energy maximizing, complex carbs.
Video Transcript

hey there munchies welcome if you’re new I’m Elysia today I’ve got some simple and tasty recipes to share with you homemade granolas weather granola is a part of your healthy breakfast or you just love having a crunchy snack around these healthy granola recipes are so tasty and so easy to make I’ve got three different granola recipes for different tastes and lifestyles a traditional sweet granola a savory granola and even a low-carb granola first I’m sharing a traditional homemade granola where you’re in control that added sugar I combine rolled oats pecans almonds pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds golden raisins cranberries maple syrup or honey coconut oil vanilla extract cinnamon and a pinch of salt mix it up and then transfer to a pan lined with parchment bake in the oven you can stir it halfway through but if you like larger pieces in your granola just let it be allowed to cool completely before breaking it up and enjoying I love serving this one with yogurt that’s slightly sweetened with maple syrup and cinnamon it’s also great as a snack as is if you want more info on this cool storing hack with a mason jar and applesauce container check out my crazy yogurts episode I’ll link it below this granola is crunchy sweet and so satisfying as a breakfast or snack this is just one of the healthy breakfast recipes in my new vegetarian meal prep ebook which is full of meal prep herbal recipes for lunch dinner and snacks too for all of these recipes you can really use any nuts and seeds you prefer they all have different health benefits and will keep your granola interesting so feel free to get creative and switch up the ingredients in your own homemade granola if you’re finding these tips and recipes useful why don’t you subscribe and hit the bell that way you’ll never miss a new episode next up I’ve got a savory granola and it’s oil free i whisked together yellow mustard apple cider vinegar tahini maple syrup sriracha garlic powder onion powder fresh thyme dried oregano cinnamon and salt and pepper then i add in the dry ingredients oats cooked quinoa chopped almonds chopped cashews sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds toss to coat and transfer to a pan lined with parchment bake in the oven and I do recommend stirring this one to keep it from burning again cool completely before breaking it up this one is great as a snack but it’s also fun to make a savory parfait with Greek yogurt yet can’t beat salty sweet snacks can I get a thumbs up the last one I got for you is actually a low carb granola which is pretty cool if you’re curious about how a low carb lifestyle works I do have a keto 101 video that breaks down the basics of low carb and ketogenic diets I mixed together walnuts pecans macadamia nuts sliced almonds pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds coconut shreds ground flax unsweetened cranberries erythritol or sweetener of your choice fiber syrup which is optional but I like it for the criminalisation coconut oil cinnamon and salt transfer to a pan lined with parchment and bait break it up once it’s cooled and enjoy so delicious if you’re on a low carb lifestyle and missing cereal breaking this granola up and enjoying with some almond milk could do the trick this recipe is from my new low carb meal prep ebook where you can find 35 meal prep herbal recipes that are all low-carb you can find both my low-carb and vegetarian meal prep recipe ebooks at my to promote calm such books and you can save 10% on any ebook or package of your choice when you use the code kickstart at checkout I hope you enjoy these homemade granola recipes what ingredients would you use to make your dream granola how are you doing with your new year’s resolutions leave a comment below and let me know if you’re looking for some extra motivation and accountability to keep you on track with those resolutions check out my 30-day kickstart course when you sign up you’ll be enrolled for 30 days of emails filled with valuable information about food nutrition exercise motivation and healthy cooking along with daily and weekly challenges to keep you moving forward whenever you sign up is when your daily emails will begin so you can start on your schedule based on what’s convenient for you you can find the course in the same place as my ebooks at my different comm slash ebooks and remember I am giving away 3 nutribullets this month to people who are subscribed to my newsletter so subscribe for free at mind over munch comm also if you want more casual conversations with me follow my Instagram account because I am getting on the in stress or e train this month and sharing daily tips as well as doing some chit chatting so I hope you’ll join in on the fun enjoy the weekend if you try one of these granola recipes post it on social and tag me I will see you here on Monday and remember it’s all a matter of mind over munch.

low carb crunchy granola recipe

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Video Guide: A Great Home Workout for Women

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The Best Diet Plan- I Looked Tighter Through My Waist

Not a Specific Diet But My Way to Avoid the Crash Dieting Mindset

Today we’re gonna talk about the best and worst ways that you can diet to lose weight. When I started I saw there were small changes in shape, I looked tighter through my waist and now I have more definition in my butt. Now to be straight up with you, this is not a specific diet but my way to avoid the crash dieting mindset. We want it to be sustainable for a long period of time- and foods that you choose to eat because you enjoy them. This is great for when you just don’t have the mental space or the energy to actually make good decisions when it comes to food.

The Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast

Video Transcript

To make sure we’re all on the same page what is a crash diet is any type of extreme diet that would it be and to make sure we are extra clear here what is the crash dieting mindset the way I see it it’s the mindset that you need results you need the mail and you will do a proper diet that is needed to get there you will do whatever it takes to get these results now I feel like this is particularly relevant because of just how overwhelming this time of year can feel you’ve got your end deadlines you got end of term projects social events there’s so much going on that you might feel like so one thing leads to another and before you know it you fall on our track because you’re already stressed you freaked out.   have a health plan   Even though you might know in principle that crash dieting or yo-yo dieting isn’t good for you you justify it by saying okay it’s just gonna be for one week or two weeks or maybe a month whatever a period of time that you decide on you tell yourself I’m just gonna do this so I can get back on track quick or so I can get my odd definition back or so I can like loose time bands before I go on vacation you justify it by saying it’s a temporary thing or by telling yourself that you deserve this punishment for falling off track the problem is though that crash dieting no matter how you set it up no matter how motivated you are it is not a temporary thing and I know this is back when I was in Florida back when I reached my heaviest weight about 20 pounds up from. lose weight with diet and exercise Here I pulled the same spin I gave myself this same little talk maybe 50 times packing eyes in Florida when I reached my heaviest weight I had just graduated university I had moved away from home and I was putting in 12 14 hour days trying to figure out the idol team thing okay Ana at the time a very common meal for me was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s so I dumped that into a big bowl and then I would top that with chocolate shell and then on top of all that I’d get those fancy sprinkles from Target like the thicker ones and I’d put those on top of that it was real tasty but I remember I would be sitting on the couch in front of the TV and I would be feeling bloated I’d be feeling disgusted with myself and I’d have this little pet table this little pet talk with myself on the regular take okay at the time to cut the crap time to get back on track we’re gonna crank up the cardio cut back on the calories just so we can get out of this dark place I don’t have to talk with myself on that couch and at that time when I was sitting on the couch after eating all that I would have all the motivation in the world I’d have all the motivation because I felt crappy I could literally feel the consequences of not treating my body right and I’d have all the motivation for that day that next day in the next day but like clockwork come the third day I would start feeling tired I’m gonna guess the reason for this was by the top by that time. proper diet I’d burned through that big meal I had I was working out a lot and I wasn’t giving myself enough food based on how much I was working out so it makes sense that I’d start feeling tired I start feeling tired I’d start feeling discouraged because I didn’t get abs overnight and lo and behold I would go right back to food I would go right back to feeling sorry for myself eating ben & jerry’s on the couch even if you have the best of intentions the best motivation stirring your whatever your reasons are either you’re not gonna make it till the end and you’re gonna rebound even worse or you are gonna make it to the end of the crash diet but then you’re not gonna be able to sustain the actions that got you there so you won’t be able to keep your results right so it’s kind of a lose-lose situation I get that it’s easier to think in all or nothing’ terms either you’re 100% on track or you’re a hundred percent off track but you don’t makes a whole lot more sense when you actually recognize that there is a pattern here it makes a whole lot more sense to take smaller more gradual steps towards that diet or that lifestyle that you want to maintain instead of thinking of your diet as this switch that’s either on or off if you try shifting your.  you need to do this daily Mindset to think of it as a spectrum as something that you can make smaller gradual improvements with that is gonna make your life so much easier a story I hear all the time is that somebody will start a diet on Monday because everybody it’s on Monday and then come Tuesday morning they’ll have a cookie and because they see this as some sort of monumental screw-up they’re just gonna throw it the rest of the day there now a hundred percent off-track in their minds and so one cookie will turn into three will turn into a burger for lunch will turn into a full day bender and then at that point you tell yourself okay well I’m so off track I may as well just start my diet next Monday so to make sure I’m bringing this full circle what is one small change you could make today as I’m like literally after watching this video that would be just a little bit better than what you’re currently doing all right could you maybe have two cookies instead of three could you have diet soda instead of regular soda could you skip the rice on your burrito at Chipotle like what’s what’s one small change I want you to comment this what is one small change that you could make because I’m telling you right now little changes like this will add up little changes are gonna be that much easier to make it a part of your daily routine they’re not gonna uproot your entire lifestyle they’re gonna be that much easier to do consistently and it’s those things you can actually do consistently and sustained they’re gonna get you results if you want proof that this works here’s my personal transformation pictures. I always suggest a food journal Even though there wasn’t much change between the pictures there were small changes in shape I look tighter through my waist I have more definition in my butt side crease area more shape on my arms the difference between this and the crash diets I did in Florida is that I’m gonna be able to keep these results while keeping my quality of life you can’t say that for a lot of crash diets so you’ve made it this far if you made it through my rant first of all congratulations we have patients that’s the first thing that you need for this school of diet situation and secondly if you’re ready to stop it with a crash diets that I would love for you to take the transformation quiz that I have linked down below there I’m gonna ask you about your body type your starting point your goals and give you specific advice for what I recommend you focus on first you don’t have to do this overnight you just have to get started and that’s what this quiz is designed to help you to do get started point you in the right direction and start making some small gradual shifts in what you’re doing alright I hope you’ve done this video helpful I hope that I maybe changed your mind on star another crazy diet and I hope to see you in my next video.

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The Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

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Bacon and Broccoli Recipe- Video Guide

Sweet and Creamy Bacon and Broccoli Recipe

Hey everybody, this isn’t just broccoli and some dressing. It’s got some bacon, it’s got some fruit, it’s nice and sweet and creamy you’re gonna like it. Hang in there, let’s get chopped up. You start by frying a pound of bacon, and cut it up into little pieces- or get it nice and crispy. All right that Bacon’s frying we’re gonna cut up the broccoli.

Video Transcript

Break it up mostly if it comes up a little we’re gonna get them into little florets about this size here I’ll show you okay the broccoli is all broken up that was three pounds of broccoli for healthy eating. It’s a little less now because I didn’t use the big stems now I have finely diced a medium red onion and if you’re thinking that looks like a lot of onion you’re right it is I don’t know how but it works in this salad so add the onions and we’ll move on to the next step okay now we’ve got about 3/4 of a cup of raisins and three-quarters of a cup of sliced almonds that goes right in the salad baking is done we’ll throw that in in a second and let’s start the dressing all right moving on to the dressing very important part here’s a salad looking pretty good still gonna put the bacon on I’m letting it cool and kind of dry a little bit more dressing time white wine vinegar and do two tablespoons okay he’s cake white sugar half a cup maybe a little more maybe a little less up to you yeah one cup of mayo it seems like a lot it is a lot of salad but it is a lot of dress on – I’m not going to get myself I’m using store-bought because that’s just the way it is alright one cup of mayo alright let me give that a whisk and then we’re gonna add it to the salad with the bacon give that a stir and we’ll see what that looks like okay that’s the dressing done I did add a pinch of salt to it because the Bacon’s not that salty that’s up to you judge that off of you know what you need for your dressing in your bacon in your salad I also put a little bit of black pepper in mine optional I like it okay so salads all put together Bacon’s cool and dry got the fruit the nuts the onion the broccoli there goes the dressing now there’s dressing if it lightly coats it it kind of makes a kind of like a milk after a couple of hours really nice you’ll want to stir this salad before each time you serve it okay this is gonna take a minute I’ll be right back all right it’s all mixed up put it in a nicer bowl cuz I’m anal like that that all the toppings that are on the bottom are now on the top alright so I cover this with plastic wrap or if they have a bolt the lids that’d be great and put it in the fridge it’s good now it slowly gets better over the course of the next three days then after that it quickly gets worse so I’d say you have about four nights max the first three are the best the third is the absolute best and that’s about it broccoli salad with bacon by to the birds hope you try it and hope you like it see you in the next one

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Women Love Whiskey and Bourbon- Video

Whiskey and Bourbon- Women Who Love Bourbon A lot of people attribute to single malt scotch that smoky flavor. Some people love it, some people hate it- but the smoky flavor actually comes from this that’s used in the malting process they use that as […]

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Whiskey and Bourbon- Women Who Love Bourbon

A lot of people attribute to single malt scotch that smoky flavor. Some people love it, some people hate it- but the smoky flavor actually comes from this that’s used in the malting process they use that as a heat source they throw it in the fire like we would wood or glow but what’s interesting about that is when it burns it releases this this smoke that just clings to the barley and it stays with it all through the distillation process.

Video Transcript

Hey guys you know I love a great bourbon with my steak so we’re going to the beautiful Flatiron room come on let’s go and have some fun hi we’re here at the Flatiron room and we’re going to speak to Tommy tardy today about my favorite drink whiskey and he’s going to tell us everything we need to know about it so what was your concept behind the Flatiron Room well I wanted to create a place that a mature audience could come still be entertained have a great meal and have an amazing selection of whiskey and it’s beautiful in here it really is like walking into another era is that what you wanted when people walk through the door I wanted it to be like I wanted them to say to themselves like what did this place used to be so there’s a lot of details and a lot of things that went into making it that way everything from the floorboards that are 200 years old we pulled them up from an old mill in Maine and then we tongue and groove down playing them and put them down and that immediately added this character and this this kind of feeling of timelessness whiskey is an umbrella term for a number of different drinks so tell us a little bit okay well that’s you said it best whiskey’s an umbrella term a lot of people come to me and they say I like bourbon but I don’t like scotch and I like I like whiskey but I don’t like single malts so basically whiskey’s an umbrella term if you like bourbon you like whiskey if you like single malt scotch you like whiskey help you like rye you’re like whisk even if you like new make or corn whiskey you like whiskey so they’re all umbrella turns and really what breaks them down into what’s the difference between each one is the mash or or the grain used in producing the whiskey you know the three major categories of whiskey are bourbon tends to be a little bit sweeter people that like bourbon are gonna taste more of the the Vanilla’s and the caramels they get a lot of candy corn the the main component of bourbon that was required by law is corn it has to be 51% or more corn okay and it has to be aged in brand-new American white oak barrels oh so that’s that’s what’s required by law to be bourbon there’s a few other things but those are the two two big ones and then the other one is why if you if you know over I Wis key is 51% or more rye and then the rest of the mass can be corn could be barley but it has to be 51% or more right and then the other rules also apply which is has to be aged in brand-new American white oak barrels and it has to be bottled at 40% greater and then the big category that most people are familiar with when they think of whiskey is single malts I said single malts NSYNC and not single malt scotch because Scotch basically means it’s made in Scotland but single malts can be made anywhere in the world it can be made in France it can be made in in in Brooklyn which which there’s some really good single malt that are made in Brooklyn yeah but the major component of that is a hundred percent malted barley okay so for something to be scotch it’s the the three the only the three ingredients that they can use are 100% malted barley yeast a very small amount of yeast in water that’s it oh okay okay and so what about the aging process how does it how is it relevant for whiskey’s as opposed to something like wine yeah well it’s it’s interesting one of the most you know people people ask where does all these flavors come from people will say and I’m getting banana notes in my a my and my bourbon I taste like toasted marshmallows like did you did you infuse it with toasted marshmallows or like now there’s no legally there’s no flavors that can be added to it so that those flavors actually come from the wood and would play such an important role these are brand these are new American white oak barrel staves that dark line represents how deep whiskey penetrated into the wood in the summer months the the porous wood opens up and it acts like a sponge so it draws all the whiskey in and then when it’s cold it contracts and it pushes all the whiskey out so it’s an in-and-out contraction that really add the flavors in the aromatics and all the coloring to the whiskey so it really is all about the oak it’s so much about the yolk and I heard about to see air also influence sure sure as well saltiness absolutely and I’m glad you brought that up it brings me to my next problem great Tom this big block of ugliness is peat compose vegetation oh great so one of the love decomposed vegetation so decomposed vegetation is one of the one thing that uh well I think you know with bourbon there’s I go through certain levels of how to best appreciate whiskey the first one is is the nose or actually you know just visually look at the bottle understand what you’re drinking look for an age statement look where it’s produced look at the color of it when it was distilled before I went into the cask it was crystal clear oh is it was as clear as water so you know notice that that all this color came from that that that maturation in wood so the darker and richer that it looks generally generally speaking it’s it’s aged a little bit longer however sometimes people finish whiskey in Ex sherry casks re-export casts those tend to produce a really dark whiskey as well okay so number one is is just just look at the bottle look at the glass hold it up you know just appreciate that this this untouched whiskey has been had been sitting in a cask for however many years and then it goes into a bottle and then it goes into your glass I mean it’s pure it’s true it’s it’s a great way to drink a spirit number two is you want to knows it when I do when I when I know is whiskey is I I bring it in you don’t want to swirl it when you swirl it well people generally want to swirl it because if they drank wine they’ve seen people swirling their wine which aerates it what you’re gonna do if you swirl this is your bite by swirling it you’re actually releasing more of the the ethanal qahal and the ethanal qahal creates that burn in the nose so you really you don’t want to swirl it because then you go into nose it and you’re gonna get that burn in your nose so don’t fudge no a little buddy like crazy okay so you want to go in and you know some people like jam in their nose right in it some people kind of waved it underneath their nose but just notice the subtle aromatics that are coming off it and you know one thing with bourbon that I always get is I get candy corn ah so I’m you may get that there’s a lot of caramel a lot of coffee vanilla I think that’s why I like it so much yeah those flavors next thing I do is I take a little sip and then the first steps important you want to roll it around your tongue you want to coat your tongue if you haven’t if you’re not a big whisky drinker initially you’re gonna get a little heat on the tongue but let’s try a little taste kinda heat got the heat no I always say the first taste doesn’t really count you’re just acclimating your mouth and your palate to the to the flavors and the alcohol so then wait a couple seconds then you want to go back in for another drink and when you go back in again let it roll around your tongue let it hit the different areas of your mouth to really release some of those flavors oh I see right no flavors widen I find after you take a drink you swallow you open up your mouth you can almost feel like the vapors coming back up through ya now so we’ve we’ve we’ve eyed it we’ve nosed it now we’ve tasted it one of the most important things with whisky I think is the finish okay the finish is basically what’s happening in your mouth right now that you know those that layers of complexity that keep coming out is what rule it for me marks a great whisky so what did you think about the food concept here I had a really great tasting as well the mac and cheese was delicious and your stay our executive chef is phenomenal again that you know the concept was really about spending a mature elegant evening out with with your friends so you know we wanted to create a space that you could come out have a great meal be entertained and also have a great selection of whisky thank you so much Tommy for having us here today and giving us such a great experience and showing us how to drink whisky the right way so I invite everyone to come down and have the same experience that I have this evening at 37 West 26th Street in Flatiron.