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Dieting Plans for Weight Loss

The Dreaded Spiral of “Extreme Dieting” How come every time I diet to lose weight, it gets tougher to burn off the fat each time? Because dieting – if done improperly –  will stomp your metabolism into the ground! How? Simply stated, your body has […]

Video Guide: A Great Home Workout for Women

This step-by-step home exercise video is a total body fat burning, and toning workout. You’re also getting getting you cardiovascular fitness, which will give you more energy during the day. It’s a great way to just really increase your daily calorie burn and help prevent […]

The Best Diet Plan- I Looked Tighter Through My Waist

Not a Specific Diet But My Way to Avoid the Crash Dieting Mindset

Today we’re gonna talk about the best and worst ways that you can diet to lose weight. When I started I saw there were small changes in shape, I looked tighter through my waist and now I have more definition in my butt. Now to be straight up with you, this is not a specific diet but my way to avoid the crash dieting mindset. We want it to be sustainable for a long period of time- and foods that you choose to eat because you enjoy them. This is great for when you just don’t have the mental space or the energy to actually make good decisions when it comes to food.

The Best Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast

Video Transcript

To make sure we’re all on the same page what is a crash diet is any type of extreme diet that would it be and to make sure we are extra clear here what is the crash dieting mindset the way I see it it’s the mindset that you need results you need the mail and you will do a proper diet that is needed to get there you will do whatever it takes to get these results now I feel like this is particularly relevant because of just how overwhelming this time of year can feel you’ve got your end deadlines you got end of term projects social events there’s so much going on that you might feel like so one thing leads to another and before you know it you fall on our track because you’re already stressed you freaked out.   have a health plan   Even though you might know in principle that crash dieting or yo-yo dieting isn’t good for you you justify it by saying okay it’s just gonna be for one week or two weeks or maybe a month whatever a period of time that you decide on you tell yourself I’m just gonna do this so I can get back on track quick or so I can get my odd definition back or so I can like loose time bands before I go on vacation you justify it by saying it’s a temporary thing or by telling yourself that you deserve this punishment for falling off track the problem is though that crash dieting no matter how you set it up no matter how motivated you are it is not a temporary thing and I know this is back when I was in Florida back when I reached my heaviest weight about 20 pounds up from. lose weight with diet and exercise Here I pulled the same spin I gave myself this same little talk maybe 50 times packing eyes in Florida when I reached my heaviest weight I had just graduated university I had moved away from home and I was putting in 12 14 hour days trying to figure out the idol team thing okay Ana at the time a very common meal for me was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s so I dumped that into a big bowl and then I would top that with chocolate shell and then on top of all that I’d get those fancy sprinkles from Target like the thicker ones and I’d put those on top of that it was real tasty but I remember I would be sitting on the couch in front of the TV and I would be feeling bloated I’d be feeling disgusted with myself and I’d have this little pet table this little pet talk with myself on the regular take okay at the time to cut the crap time to get back on track we’re gonna crank up the cardio cut back on the calories just so we can get out of this dark place I don’t have to talk with myself on that couch and at that time when I was sitting on the couch after eating all that I would have all the motivation in the world I’d have all the motivation because I felt crappy I could literally feel the consequences of not treating my body right and I’d have all the motivation for that day that next day in the next day but like clockwork come the third day I would start feeling tired I’m gonna guess the reason for this was by the top by that time. proper diet I’d burned through that big meal I had I was working out a lot and I wasn’t giving myself enough food based on how much I was working out so it makes sense that I’d start feeling tired I start feeling tired I’d start feeling discouraged because I didn’t get abs overnight and lo and behold I would go right back to food I would go right back to feeling sorry for myself eating ben & jerry’s on the couch even if you have the best of intentions the best motivation stirring your whatever your reasons are either you’re not gonna make it till the end and you’re gonna rebound even worse or you are gonna make it to the end of the crash diet but then you’re not gonna be able to sustain the actions that got you there so you won’t be able to keep your results right so it’s kind of a lose-lose situation I get that it’s easier to think in all or nothing’ terms either you’re 100% on track or you’re a hundred percent off track but you don’t makes a whole lot more sense when you actually recognize that there is a pattern here it makes a whole lot more sense to take smaller more gradual steps towards that diet or that lifestyle that you want to maintain instead of thinking of your diet as this switch that’s either on or off if you try shifting your.  you need to do this daily Mindset to think of it as a spectrum as something that you can make smaller gradual improvements with that is gonna make your life so much easier a story I hear all the time is that somebody will start a diet on Monday because everybody it’s on Monday and then come Tuesday morning they’ll have a cookie and because they see this as some sort of monumental screw-up they’re just gonna throw it the rest of the day there now a hundred percent off-track in their minds and so one cookie will turn into three will turn into a burger for lunch will turn into a full day bender and then at that point you tell yourself okay well I’m so off track I may as well just start my diet next Monday so to make sure I’m bringing this full circle what is one small change you could make today as I’m like literally after watching this video that would be just a little bit better than what you’re currently doing all right could you maybe have two cookies instead of three could you have diet soda instead of regular soda could you skip the rice on your burrito at Chipotle like what’s what’s one small change I want you to comment this what is one small change that you could make because I’m telling you right now little changes like this will add up little changes are gonna be that much easier to make it a part of your daily routine they’re not gonna uproot your entire lifestyle they’re gonna be that much easier to do consistently and it’s those things you can actually do consistently and sustained they’re gonna get you results if you want proof that this works here’s my personal transformation pictures. I always suggest a food journal Even though there wasn’t much change between the pictures there were small changes in shape I look tighter through my waist I have more definition in my butt side crease area more shape on my arms the difference between this and the crash diets I did in Florida is that I’m gonna be able to keep these results while keeping my quality of life you can’t say that for a lot of crash diets so you’ve made it this far if you made it through my rant first of all congratulations we have patients that’s the first thing that you need for this school of diet situation and secondly if you’re ready to stop it with a crash diets that I would love for you to take the transformation quiz that I have linked down below there I’m gonna ask you about your body type your starting point your goals and give you specific advice for what I recommend you focus on first you don’t have to do this overnight you just have to get started and that’s what this quiz is designed to help you to do get started point you in the right direction and start making some small gradual shifts in what you’re doing alright I hope you’ve done this video helpful I hope that I maybe changed your mind on star another crazy diet and I hope to see you in my next video.

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Bacon and Broccoli Recipe- Video Guide

Sweet and Creamy Bacon and Broccoli Recipe

Hey everybody, this isn’t just broccoli and some dressing. It’s got some bacon, it’s got some fruit, it’s nice and sweet and creamy you’re gonna like it. Hang in there, let’s get chopped up. You start by frying a pound of bacon, and cut it up into little pieces- or get it nice and crispy. All right that Bacon’s frying we’re gonna cut up the broccoli.

Video Transcript

Break it up mostly if it comes up a little we’re gonna get them into little florets about this size here I’ll show you okay the broccoli is all broken up that was three pounds of broccoli for healthy eating. It’s a little less now because I didn’t use the big stems now I have finely diced a medium red onion and if you’re thinking that looks like a lot of onion you’re right it is I don’t know how but it works in this salad so add the onions and we’ll move on to the next step okay now we’ve got about 3/4 of a cup of raisins and three-quarters of a cup of sliced almonds that goes right in the salad baking is done we’ll throw that in in a second and let’s start the dressing all right moving on to the dressing very important part here’s a salad looking pretty good still gonna put the bacon on I’m letting it cool and kind of dry a little bit more dressing time white wine vinegar and do two tablespoons okay he’s cake white sugar half a cup maybe a little more maybe a little less up to you yeah one cup of mayo it seems like a lot it is a lot of salad but it is a lot of dress on – I’m not going to get myself I’m using store-bought because that’s just the way it is alright one cup of mayo alright let me give that a whisk and then we’re gonna add it to the salad with the bacon give that a stir and we’ll see what that looks like okay that’s the dressing done I did add a pinch of salt to it because the Bacon’s not that salty that’s up to you judge that off of you know what you need for your dressing in your bacon in your salad I also put a little bit of black pepper in mine optional I like it okay so salads all put together Bacon’s cool and dry got the fruit the nuts the onion the broccoli there goes the dressing now there’s dressing if it lightly coats it it kind of makes a kind of like a milk after a couple of hours really nice you’ll want to stir this salad before each time you serve it okay this is gonna take a minute I’ll be right back all right it’s all mixed up put it in a nicer bowl cuz I’m anal like that that all the toppings that are on the bottom are now on the top alright so I cover this with plastic wrap or if they have a bolt the lids that’d be great and put it in the fridge it’s good now it slowly gets better over the course of the next three days then after that it quickly gets worse so I’d say you have about four nights max the first three are the best the third is the absolute best and that’s about it broccoli salad with bacon by to the birds hope you try it and hope you like it see you in the next one

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Women Love Whiskey and Bourbon- Video

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Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep

best foods to eat before going to sleep

Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep

Did you know that sleep is one of the most important factors in losing weight? Besides the obvious brain fog and overall fatigue, inadequate sleep can lead to food cravings and hormonal shifts. Here are some recommended foods to eat before bed.

Best Food to Eat at Night to Lose Weight

Video Transcript

Leading off today’s show our first guest is a registered dietitian for all of the colors back again she joins us to get to give us a take on the foods that keep you up later keep you up at night yes we we have to talk about sleep because it’s really important. foods before sleep      Tell me about it i’m just know it’s such luxury isn’t it you know the thing is is that when you don’t get your sleep you’re a physiological and biological and mental hot mess so you know it really does really disrupt everything you know so one of the things that we know is that when you don’t sleep you know your body can treat sore itself the immune system can’t you know you kick up its defenses we tend to be more depressed or hunger and satiety hormones are leptin and our adrenaline levels are completely out of whack we start munching more in order to stay up. A great study on eating before sleep. During the day we started drinking more caffeine in order to stay up during a day which simultaneously keeps us up at night so it’s kind of it starts to cycle I’m ecology I agree and sometimes it makes you feel like a zombie oh it’s it’s really really really yes it really just wreaks havoc on your you know cognition you know so so one of the things that you really need to do is besides you know talking about food and we’ll get to food is to just make sure that your environment is very soothing and it becomes the place where you’re sleeping rather than in place that you’re watching TV or checking your phone because what the lights you know the artificial lights now that we have culturally at different times of the day via our phone or the TV it throws off our circadian rhythms right so we don’t we can’t we disrupt those rhythms and we find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night or not being able to go to sleep because we think it’s daylight so what do you recommend it shut the TV off yes love a cell phone off turn the cell phone off yeah you have to give yourself you know the first thing don’t do too much activity you know right before bed because that’s definitely gonna wake you up right a lot of the things don’t things it could put you to sleep yeah okay yeah sure true definitely definitely and so and so but with that you know you want to make sure that you don’t mind yourself up too much you know then you can’t go to sleep. depression sucks You want to make sure that the temperature in your room is a comfortable not too hot these are the horse you up no so it might as well be a little cool rather than being hot and then making sure the lights are down right so that you have some time to kind of gather yourself into the sleep mode when you’re in your best late night snacks for weight loss in the bedroom you know and then of course there are things you can do via food and consumption that could keep you up in some things you can do that can actually help you put you to sleep right yes over the first thing is we’re going to talk a little bit about caffeine today now where is caffeine found obviously its founding coffees and found in some teas but it’s also found in some chocolate and is also found in dark colas yes okay so that is all caffeinated so you what we know is that it takes about 10 hours for caffeine to be oxidized out of the body.  satiety hormones Okay to completely come out of your body so the you know the later you drink caffeine in the day you know the more tendency you have the you know stay up some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others I I’m particularly sensitive to caffeine but some can you know a drank and go to sleep I some caffeine is stronger than others Ice Princess around six o’clock I had some café Bustelo oh right yes oh very soon it gave me a little kick you know I didn’t think it would keep me up all night though right right exactly exactly and so you know in of itself coffee it’s not bad for you my clients asked me that all the time is in attacks and it’s of being the caffeine is stimulative so in a good way but you know you want to make sure don’t do anything after 12 you know make sure it’s out of your system by the evening you know and so that what is for coffee now the other culprit is alcohol right and why alcohol is so tricky. hunger and satiety levels  If the reason it’s so tricky is because it actually initially makes you feel like it’s calming you and it makes you feel like it’s putting you to sleep but in fact just as that begins to oxidize out of the body as well you wake up so you have a more wakeful and you know restless sleep because of that you know so you wake yourself plus it causes all kinds of different GI stuff you know so the next day you feel more bloated you feel more disrupted and exhausted because both caffeine and alcohol are dehydrated as well this is the alcohol yes it’s like gin did one little wine no I’m not gonna drink it so yes you want to be careful a little bit with that you know you want to make sure that you’re drinking a lot of water with it you’re curbing your alcohol intake and you want to make sure that the next day you get enough sleep because it will be cumulative effects of not sleeping right and then for some people okay so now you know there’s some people are a little bit more prone and more sensitive to acidic foods and or spicy food now if you don’t have acid reflux you don’t have to worry about this but if you do you want to stay away from things like tomato citrus things right before bed not inject a bit of the night yeah if you have acid reflux evident please don’t misunderstand me that you can’t have tomatoes before bed if you’re don’t have acid reflux but if you do it tends to keep you up as well and the other thing that is recommended not to do is to have a desert type refined sugar snack before bed because that is definitely going to give you a kick to wake up how many of these should we have you should have none of those as a matter of fact where you should probably have instead you should probably have a nice glass of milk that is filled with tryptophan your grandma was right to warm that up no warm it up it enhances a tryptophan and drink some warm milk and even have a banana you mean you can’t dip this is no dipping counter counter productive and so now with the bananas where you can have with a banana here is banana has plenty of b6 in it as well as potassium but the b6 is actually the vitamin that produces melatonin in our body. sleep is really important for a good day We know the melatonin you know can keep us a little drowsy and more relaxed right so here that you want to have some protein before sleep you don’t want to have really carbohydrates a bananas ok because it’s b6 tryptophan and yogurt or milk is great protein you don’t want to have too many fibrous vegetables right before bed because the breakdown of that could keep you up as well yeah you have to get up best food to eat at night to lose weight thing yes and that goes to say also don’t drink your leader of water right before bed as well as because that can also keep you up as well but if you see you know stay away from some of these things or reduce them at least I think that your sleep could get much much better so if you need to stay up you’re gonna eat what if you need to stay up if you need to stay up well I some of those things that keep you up a little bit of coffee yes I mean honestly personally I’d rather you get your energy from food if it’s late at night and you’re pulling an all-nighter because the ramifications of having caffeine at eleven o’clock at night I mean you’re just going to be spiraling four days after that you know so you might as well just kind of keep go take a walk you know breathe some air you know do something that’s that’s stimulating to your mind you can exercise for five minutes you know something rather than caffeine that late at night if you want to stay up you know well I’m on the radio so i can put on a long run and it just take a walk that’s true they won’t know that you’re you ain’t gon just hit on up so if you want to go to sleep then you do totally the opposite some of the things that you mentioned right exactly look with the tryptophan mm-hmm that’s a real of a little bit yeah it relaxes you and you know something like chamomile tea and herbal chamomile tea my mother always recommends chemical to t to me because it’s calming I don’t know what she’s trying to say exactly perfect ending that to me I communist try to calm me down she’s a little excitable but so it really works you know and it’s warm and if you add the milk to it as well so you have the component of tryptophan and the relaxing feeling. You can adjust. leptin is a key hormone Get yourself to bed you know how to take a hot shower lower your body temperature get into bed turn it everything off and come down yes that way right now such luxury I think it did it for me yes where can we get more information on what you’re doing now you can look at some of my videos on watch and you’ll have a lot of recipes and a lot more tips for nutrition and foodie exploration in New York City i love it get free role of the call a big round of applause everybody got it going on maybe be nice and comfortable I’ve got to take a quick break right here but coming up well take a good look at an event with the goal to build community but first let’s take a good look at a recap of the subway series check this out. Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep best late night snacks for weight loss

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Diet Cheat Day Food- Meatball Sliders

 Dieting Cheat Day If you’re on a flexible type of diet you typically have a cheat day. Giving yourself a quick break and having some of your favorite foods can relax your mind and keep your metabolism running hot. But don’t overdo it! Video […]

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Dieting Cheat Day

If you’re on a flexible type of diet you typically have a cheat day. Giving yourself a quick break and having some of your favorite foods can relax your mind and keep your metabolism running hot. But don’t overdo it!

Video Transcript

Hi I’m by my computer that eats and today I’m going to show you how to make a traditional Neapolitan meatball slider okay so the first thing that we’re going to start with is the tomato sauce okay you can get all these recipes on my website what are the interesting things that we do every single year in September we do the tomato harvest we can are in tomatoes so this is basically what we come up with we cut up some Jersey tomatoes some plum tomatoes we cut them up we put them in the mason jar up visiting the cleaned and dried to perfection we cut them up put them in this mason jar with a with sea salt and some basil and then we boil them you can also get those directions on my website as well because we would never be able to have store-bought tomato sauce in my family only because there’s so much sugar there this was so much more delicious now if you are not going to be kidding your own Tomatoes like we are the other thing that you can do is you can get canned tomatoes either crush your whole if you get them whole like this in a can which is great not jarred tomato sauce but the whole in the can which is just a tomato intact you can make your own tomato sauce using the cans and it’s very very similar to this I found crushed tomatoes are the best versus the salt or the whole Tomatoes so after you make your tomato sauce we make our Neapolitan meatball ragu which involves a Neapolitan meatball which you can find the recipe on my site sausage and some ragu meats which can vary from oxtail to pork shoulder and went ahead and my mom went ahead and made all of this already for me and so this is very simple the meatballs are just just soft and delicious to perfection what we’re going to do is do a deconstructed little slider on some brochette bread here and just on the side and mind you not always this doesn’t always have to be on some sort of bread you can put it on a beautiful warm arugula salad as well or on a warm bed of eggplant okay roasted I planned that’s chopped up on a plate and then put this ragu sauce with somebody call but today we’re going to put them on bread so what we can do is we can create some fresh ricotta we can Pan the bread here with some freshly caught on the boxes I’m a little bit of a somewhat of a deconstructed even lasagna you might want to say so here’s some fresh streak Alton the brush is very important because of cleanliness and the fluffiness of this particular cheese really is going to lend well ok so now I’m going to go ahead and put this down here and you would go you’ll get you know chop chop it up a little you don’t want these gigantic meatballs on your bread because of course it’s going to the life fall apart and you can go ahead and put that on the net and uses sparingly you don’t have to overstuff it’s beautiful sauce is just kind of driven over it here ok and over top of that you put like a little more sprinkle of a very sharp cheddar i prefer versus the traditional mozzarella which to me doesn’t have as much flavor and i like to really kick up the flavors in these the other thing you can do is you can grab some of them also that lot on the bottom here too if you like that you want some more of a knot in quality to it and you can go ahead and maybe put some of the sausage on here which is great so that is when you can just cut this sausage basically in half have it so that it lays more flat on the blood right so you have our traditional sausage ragu with a tomato sauce on it so that looks really beautiful too and you can also have that and dinner parties as make them smaller to have more appetizer effect and a little bit more of a sprinkle of the monster over top of it very rustic and I do have to say that this is more of an ode to my Italian American heritage rather than my Italian heritage because a lot of the times this is very much a southern Italian immigrant construct with a meatball parm sandwich which is not really found in Italy interestingly enough this came through the acculturation of American immigrants a child American immigrants into the United States and putting meatballs and this idea of Parmesan saying food and Italy you wouldn’t really find this sword there be meatballs but it would be in a different context then on these types of Parmesan and food items but nonetheless here we are here is my ode and it all starts with a fresh canning of Jersey tomatoes you. Diet Cheat Day Food.