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Women Love Whiskey and Bourbon- Video

Whiskey and Bourbon- Women Who Love Bourbon A lot of people attribute to single malt scotch that smoky flavor. Some people love it, some people hate it- but the smoky flavor actually comes from this that’s used in the malting process they use that as […]

Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep

Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep Did you know that sleep is one of the most important factors in losing weight? Besides the obvious brain fog and overall fatigue, inadequate sleep can lead to food cravings and hormonal shifts. Here are some recommended foods to […]

Best Fruits for Weight Loss- Nature’s “Fast Food”

When you’re on a diet, you’re usually cutting some of your favorite foods out, like sweets. But- as you know, the craving for sweets doesn’t go away. It nags you until you cave in. Today we’re going to talk about fruit- one of the healthiest […]

Diet Cheat Day Food- Meatball Sliders

 Dieting Cheat Day If you’re on a flexible type of diet you typically have a cheat day. Giving yourself a quick break and having some of your favorite foods can relax your mind and keep your metabolism running hot. But don’t overdo it! Video […]

Low Carb Meals Video Guide- Eggs and Tuna

 Low Carb Meals Video Guide A low carb diet can be great way to lose weight. For most people, it allows you to eat some tasty foods, while keeping you full so you can keep calories low and in the fat burning zone. I’m going […]

Low Carb Recipes- Snacks for the Summer Edition

Italian Style Low Carb Snack Recipes Video Summer can be a challenging time of year if you’re trying to lose weight because there are so many tempting foods around. Many of them packed with carbohydrates, which if you’re on a low carb diet, makes it […]

Best Foods For Losing Weight- Magical Mustard Edition

Video Transcript Amazon my and it’s the newest export from France to the Upper West Side of New York City so we’re very excited to be here with pureed huttner who is a master mustard sommelier my is one of the oldest historical brands in […]

Best Foods For Weight Loss- Summer Video Guide

Summer Party Diet Survival Video Guide Summertime parties are a big part of your social life- but how do you avoid losing all the progress you’ve made on your diet while still eating some of the foods you enjoy? Here are some great tips on […]


We are here in New York City and we are fortunate enough to be able to taste BBQ from around the US. Every once in a while you need to have a cheat day to relax and enjoy yourself. BBQ in NYC is one of […]

Ways To Lose Weight Fast- Healthy Sides Edition

Another Edition of Foods to Lose Weight Fast It’s time to celebrate summer with some healthier sides than you normally see at parties. We’re making sure you get enough of the cruciferous vegetables along with prebiotics and probiotics for gut health. Video Transcript Hi I’m […]