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Quick Weight Loss Diets- Seafood Edition

I’m a big fan of getting plenty of seafood in your diet- a great source of micro nutrients and Omega-3 fatty acids. They also pack a great punch of protein, which keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time, and in turn avoids […]

Dieting Is Much Easier Eating Tasty Foods

Not all diets need to be super low in calories all the time- did you know an occasional cheat day could be a huge benefit in boosting your metabolism? Here are some great Italian style foods to break the monotony and enjoy. Video Transcript I’m […]

Delicious Weight Loss Foods- Cheese Edition

*Gasp* Can cheese or other fatty meats be eaten on a diet? It can if you’re smart about it- eating sensible amounts and making sure what you’re eating is high quality. Believe it or not, the nutrient quality of your foods can make a big […]

Quick Meals To Lose Weight

Keeping up with the theme of eating tasty foods in order to keep track on your diet, this video covers some quick meals you can make for lunch or dinner if you’re on the move a lot. Video Transcript I grew up in Italy and […]

Cooking Foods That Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Looking for some foods to kickstart your metabolism but still keeping it tasty? Look no further. Vegetables and spices are two of my favorite secret ingredients to use when I need to slim down quick. Video Transcript I grew up in Italy and watched my […]

Weight Loss Recipes- Flat Bread Pizza

Who says you can’t eat pizza on a diet? Not I! Here’s a great healthy version of pizza- Italian style vegetarian flatbread with peppers, some fennel and red onions and extra virgin olive. Delicious, healthy, low in calories and will keep you full. Video Transcript […]

Cooking Healthy Foods on a Diet

Another video in the cooking healthy meals at home series- a delicious chicken and asparagus dish with lemon and capers, done Italian style of course! Video Transcript I’m a registered dietician and I’m also Italian the today we’re going to be cooking healthy foods with […]

Healthy Italian Cooking on a Diet

The staples of Mediterranean and Italian cooking are super duper healthy for you primarily because they’re healthy carbohydrates, protein and very specific types of soluble and insoluble fiber which is great for cholesterol, heart disease and overall weight loss management. Video Transcript To I wanted […]

Weight Loss Foods- Leafy Green Kalamata Salad

Video Transcript Hi we are community today and regarding finesse girl and this is a very very peasant style leafy green I’m going to make for you that I had a lot of my childhood and today we’re going to make it with some kalamata […]

What To Eat To Lose Weight- Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean salads are another great option for a light lunch or dinner as they’re light on overall carbs and contain soluble and insoluble fiber, protein and plenty of antioxidants. Who said ever said making your skin glow couldn’t be delicious? Video Transcript Today is back […]