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Tips On Losing Weight- Low Calorie Drinks

The Best Beverages to Stay in the Fat Burning Zone As you probably know by now- the biggest factor in burning off body fat taking in less calories than you’re burning over a certain period of time. If you’re used to drinking high calorie beverages […]

Diet Cocktails Video Guide

Best Alcohol to Drink on a Diet One of the biggest questions we get revolved around what kind of alcohol drinks are best when you’re trying to maintain your weight or are on a diet and want to lose weight? Video Transcript By travelpod for […]

Best Vegetables for Dieting Series- Artichokes

Vegetables are a Godsend when it comes to losing weight. Dieters can rejoice when they find some low-calorie, high fiber and tasty vegetable recipes because it makes the whole process so much easier. No cravings, no hunger. You can focus on enjoying life instead of […]

Low Carb Vegetables- Healthy Cooking with Swiss Chard

Vegetables for a Low Carb Diet Swiss Chard is a healthy delicious seasonal leafy green. Packed with Vitamins A and C, and loaded with Fiber. A great side to to your main protein on a low carb diet. Video Transcript I’m going to show you […]

Weight Loss Recipes: Tomato Sauce Edition

You’re often told to lay off the tomato sauce when you’re on a diet. But, sometimes if you do it just right, you can have this delicious sauce without all the guilt. Here’s another great video from the weight loss recipes series. Video Transcript I […]

Weight Loss Snacking- Probiotic Edition

In my early years I hadn’t heard much about probiotics, but as the years went on, more and more studies have come out showing their an absolute necessity of you want to be healthy and especially if you want to lose weight. Video Transcript I’m […]

Dieting To Lose Weight- Brussels Sprouts Edition

Ok, so here’s a funny one for me because since the time I was young I’ve always hated Brussels Sprouts. They smelled funny, tasted bitter and I had no interest. Until a friend had me try a delicious recipe- and I was hooked. Video Transcript […]

The Secret Ingredient To Make Your Salads Delicious and Healthy

I’m a huge fan of green salads- and any type of salad for that matter. They’re fresh, alkalizing, filling and full of fiber and vegetables. They come in handy when on a diet to cut cravings. Here’s a secret ingredient to deliciousness. Video Transcript I’d […]

Diet Salad Dressing Recipe- Light and Delicious!

Video Transcript I’m going to show you today how to make a very very basic Italian salad dressing that my mother dressed all of her salads with very very simple three ingredients full of vitamin C and amazing so what we’re going to do is […]

Healthy Foods To Lose Weight- Pumpkin Edition

The Perfect Weight Loss Food All Year Round Pumpkin is not only great in October and November- it’s the perfect weight loss food all year round. It’s tightly associated with the holidays, but pumpkin is high in Vitamin and and fiber and can really fill […]