What is Gluten Intolerance and The Side Effects- Video Guide

Gluten intolerance can be a real pain. If you feel that you may have symptoms of celiac’s disease, you’ll want to go to your doctor. You’re likely to experience abdominal pain, constipation, fatigue, headaches, and issues with your digestive system. Bloating and sensitivity often go hand in hand. Watch this great video on gluten intolerance.

Video Transcript

Leading off today show our first guest is registered dietitian for your relative cola as you joins us today we’ll look at her take on the dangers of self diagnosis don’t do it you may be wrong sometimes you’re right but tell us about that self diagnosis some people say ah this is what’s wrong with me mm-hmm and it’s you know I see it a lot you know people will come into my office with a list of things that they think are wrong with them that they’ve heard through just a brief conversation with someone at their office well I feel like this and i feel kind of fatigued I can’t get my energy and I can sleep well it must be a gluten allergy you know like things like this you know something as simple as that and the truth of the matter is there are a top trends right now going on in self-diagnosis category 1 being the gluten allergy and truth is is that the only people who have a true gluten allergy of people celiacs disease which is not a lot of people you know and celiac disease is pretty serious in that the allergy creates this immediate autoimmune response you know to gluten which is a protein in wheat and it creates a lot of havoc in the body it damages the small intestine and doesn’t allow for a lot of absorption of nutrients that’s a really really really serious thing you know and people could have like a really really severe gluten allergy now what’s going on nowadays though where everyone in your office now has a gluten allergy gluten
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if you have any of the following symptoms it could be a sign that you have gluten intolerance
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is gluten halalbecause they’ve been self diagnosed with it it’s not true you know and then people will go the extra step and say well when I did eliminate gluten out of my diet I felt so much better but I bet you when they started to eliminate gluten out of their diet it was the first time they started looking at their food in general right and they started making some healthier choices in general and they would have started to feel better in general anyway despite you know having to take it out the gluten that they did you know so a lot of the time it is very much a placebo thing and when you do take out those things you are avoiding large amounts of food groups that could be beneficial to you and I understand you know people know their bodies better than anybody else you know better than a doctor in some cases but um when you do self diagnose and you go to after go to a registered dietician like yourself you know a lot of doctors or dieticians tend to believe them right so be careful what you ask for maybe so oh okay yeah you have that and give you prescribe something for right that that helmet right and that you know I you know whether you’re going to a holistic eastern dr or you’re going to a western doctor either way you have to use some logic here you know you have to ask a lot of questions and self advocate for yourself to make sure that you’re well informed you know Western medicine does tend to be a little bit myopic in their views of how to you know treat certain things and they’re not looking at the entire lifestyle of the person when someone comes to me I look at the entire lifestyle so if someone says well you know the thing is is like every Sunday when I have my bagel I get a lot of gastrointestinal distress I must have a gluten allergy well if we think about the entirety of the week we could probably trace back the GI distress to the drinking you did on Saturday it that morning that’s what it really is it’s not really the bagel and so forth so there’s a lot of things when you go in turn the investigations of someone’s behavioral piece that there are a lot of different things that they’re not taking into account now on the other hand there’s another there’s another country where you go into the holistic medicine right what you know give and take you know you want to take a little bit of Western a little bit of Easter put it together and use logic like i said but a lot of people will go to a holistic practitioner they will come into my office literally what a stack of papers this thick about all of their sensitivities food sensitivities a moderate severe but the fruits of the cucumber’s basic what that is ridiculous that is ridiculous why are you and what is the food sensitivity right there’s an allergy in the sensitivity what is the sensitivity means it means it’s a slight irritant so so so so cucumber slightly irritates you so what’s the big deal you need to eliminate all those things out of your diet and mind you if it was just a cucumber and I’m using that it as an example it is pages and pages long you give that you know piece of information to the wrong person who is in high anxiety person someone who’s prone to an eating disorder they can run with that information and really really become or thur xik right or thoracic meaning that is an extreme view of healthy eating which is quite disordered right and so they start getting really really picky yet somewhat like that and then you start eliminating all these things out of their diets and in fact they start to create nutrient deficiencies in them and the truth of the matter is is a lot of the holistic much like the Western medicine are linked to pharmaceutical companies as well just because your holistic it doesn’t mean you’re not also touting your own line of supplements as well much like the Western you know medicine does love company comes from from the natural stuff right natural plants and everything but there’s add some chemicals to it and give a get a chemical reaction well in a lot of them are not they’re not fda-approved they’re not tested you don’t know what they do you know of one of the biggest things I hear xolo my holistic practitioner told me I had a dream of adrenal fatigue okay first of all that doesn’t exist that is not a medical diagnosis it literally does not exist in the books and that is not to say that there’s not always further study to do on all two different types of things but there are literal adrenal issues there’s Addison’s disease there’s cancer of the adrenal glands rules there’s all these legitimate things now adrenal fatigue and then they come with that you know because they felt a little tired tired well I can tell you a million things before you get to adrenal fatigue but I can tell you that probably causes your fatigue you know it has to do with your lifestyle and how you’re eating first you know so I find it quite interesting that everyone is getting these these very very quite misleading diagnosis so what are you tell them when somebody comes in and you know day to self-diagnose themselves well I think this is what’s wrong with me yes and they’re so the truth is is that I like to do it in such a way where I’m not going to be as cynical as I am right now and I’m going to know think about what they’re saying to me because I want to hear what they’re saying because they could be correct right so all we would do is we would go through the protocol of understanding what is going on I would review the entire diet the entire lifestyle to eat all week all week you know keeping food journals and just also their behavior you know what’s going on with their past experiences with other conditions their sleep habits their living up to exercise all of that needs to be taken into account and then we can go through the motions of the elimination diet which is something you do with a true allergy you know about processed foods because of the cucumber the sensitive to right well that’s the thing that process right and when people talk about toxins that’s another thing oh I have to happen I have to cleanse the toxins out of my body what toxins I could you know the definition of a toxin is something that is dangerous to the body those poisons to the body something that could be found in like a bacteria or can be found in pollution and so forth and whether or not one of these things are in your body or not it’s not going to be eliminated by a juice cleanse you know that’s the thing right so whether it exists or does not exist in your body and that could be you know discussed it’s definitely not going to be you know eliminated by a juice cleanse that’s cost forty dollars a bottle I want a colonic right exactly that as well right because again if your body is not eliminating its own waste if you’re not able to be regular then you need to solve the source of that rather than get a colonic right because the colonic means well you’re not able to do it on your own i would assume i don’t i hope that people are not just getting random kolonics for no reason but you if you are not regular you need to remedy that issue so that your body functions properly as opposed to just covering it up and that’s what I like about you know the natural products because or natural feelings because you can you can get to their you want to get to the root of the situation right doctor you sometimes you have to go to a doctor and you go to a doctor they put a bandaid on it but never tell you what caused the problem and get to the root or try to eliminate the problem right right and i think that’s that’s important right there absolutely I to eliminate the problem that got you there and that’s true and the thing is is that they only have a short amount of time to do it and they really do have to dig I spend an entire hour with my client an entire hour and that isn’t enough to really get down to it to be honest with you much less is spending ten dollars with a medical doctor when you have a severe issue but you can’t heal with foods absolutely yes we can we find you after Allah eats com viyella each dot com that’s the easy one like yes and I like the work that you’re doing you really come try doing I’m trying to a big round of applause everybody she’s put it all together now we’re relative call a registered dietitian free relay eats dot-com go to and check it out lots of great information and you come back to share more right yes I they were setting something up over there I thought you were gonna mix something up for us say we’re getting serious today next time food there you go bring something we can all eat them we definitely there you go we got to take a quick break right here but coming up next well we’ll preview some summer events you won’t want to miss so stay tuned we’ll be right back.