How to Lose Weight with Healthy Eating- At Home Recipes

Weight loss is simply a matter of which food you eat on a daily basis. Follow along with this free video that shows you the the best foods and recipes for women to eat healthy at home, and make it quick! Naturally healthy foods will always win out against a poor diet with taking diet pills.

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Video Transcript

I grew up in Italy and watched my band and mother getting dressed to go to the market in cookies yield they chose freshest elongated and for all the ingredients as a registered dietitian I know that true Italian food is the healthiest but I also know is how to list and how they eat there thank you how can a vision is worker lid and Italian i will show you how and I’ll show you how to all and style this is purely we’re living an Italian today we’re going to make some baby octopus now this is straight from my childhood and we got these little guys here this little baby octopus tea I’ll keep they are and they’re going to be delicious and succulent and we’re going to make them in the oven today first we’re going to get these guys and we’re going to pass them a little dry so that all the seasonings is that we put on them or we go ahead and be able to absorb it’s not it’s going to kind of like football their natural water content so we just patent them dry with a paper towel and what we’re going to do is we’re going to just go ahead and put them in a cheap I’m going to drizzle of olive oil on the bottom of it just to get it started about a little bit more later and this is going to be very very easy very very simple Italian style recipe with little ingredients all of them being fresh and a very very quick cook so I’m going to go ahead and spread them out over the sheet pan they look quite beautiful in our case it with a little on paying low today because she you’re very very ancient room today so we’re going to go ahead and put these oh look we got shrimp in here I don’t know how that got in there we’re going to go with the flow and we’re going to go put all these space them out like that and oh ok so we’re going to put them in here and the first I’m going to do is execute all tall and these are very very lean protein very very healthy for you and a little bit more interest or call a little over there extra virgin olive oil and we’re going to grab some Bay seasoning here for an extra spicy kick and now the extra spice in here is going to be a very ancient have a little booster for you we’re going to douse this in base evening and we will put these in the oven the broiler team we’re going to also put these in the boiler at 525 beverages and what I’m going to do is flip these over and rather than mix them in a bowl I’m just going to go ahead and mix them right in this sheet pan that we have to use 50 different bow this is just as good you’re all just seasoning the pan same time keep great southern Italians Neapolitans and civilians love their seafood the fishermen tradition goes through four centuries of course and getting fresh fish and knowing exactly how to cook them is their specialty now what I’m going to do this is also a little bit more cracked pepper black pepper good ok and I’m going to add job the Kadim smidge of lemon juice over it as wow it’s a live Annette up now we’re going to go ahead and put these in the oven take these babies in look how beautiful that log right there pulling out our baby octopus and we’re going to go ahead and these will have some cool down for just about 10 minutes we’re going to start with a beautiful place to place this I love collecting plates from around the world especially in Sicily where the ceramics of Thais we’re going to go ahead and put that down here and we’re going to start with a roasted chickpea salad that I made with costly in our world so that baby opposites can sit on benefit so go ahead and equities down and he’s have just been roasted to enhance the natural flavors of the chickpeas with lemon olive oil sea salt and some parsley and they’re full of fiber and protein and ours excellent accompaniment to be so guys now I’m going to take you think you and your kind of standing on their heads here there we are we look really beautiful and dramatic and we report to see the prettiest one here we go look at that that doesn’t look like an ancient Roman mosaic right out of Pompeii I don’t know what does the top 30 that is that is gorgeous look at that link here we are Archie and baby octopus you. healthy eating
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