Low Carb Recipes- Snacks for the Summer Edition

Summer can be a challenging time of year if you’re trying to lose weight because there are so many tempting foods around. Many of them packed with carbohydrates, which if you’re on a low carb diet, makes it difficult. Here are some great low carbs snack recipes.

Video Transcript

I’m puro perder la eats and today I’m going to show you how to make a delicious salumi board now these simple peoples are really handy when you want to entertain whether it’s only three people or a group a larger group you can actually find very very simple things to put together and what I wouldn’t having to do is choose three different types of salami something more traditional that the entire crowd enjoys and then something a little more adventurous that everyone can talk about so what I chose today is the prosciutto de Parma 24 months aged which is pretty much a crowd-pleaser no matter wat so what favela from northern Italy with some pistachio nuts in it and then something more adventurous is a test step which is basically the Italian head cheese which is my favorite so that’s going to be the Silva mood board but to make it a little bit more interesting just instead of just adding some bread or some crackers here what I’m going to do is I found some crostini crusts here and these are fading in partially in garlic and olive oil and sea salt and they’re already very very easy to make you can also make these yourself with some crusty baguette just cut it up and put in the oven for about five minutes with some olive oil and sea salt and you can have energy so today to add so much as some of the texture and some of the elevation to the saloon aboard I added something like broken lincoln ave and some grilled olives which I to have sauteed that are full of folic acid iron and a lot of the vitamins and some olives which we’re going to add to Real Dolls actually that I from Rados which is excellent products for vegetables you can also chop up your own kalamata olives as well that you can place and she abruptly Val but that is a classic combination for that with a little peperoncino if you want to make it spicy too so this has been sauteed in olive oil for about I’d say 15 minutes in a saute pan with olive oil sea salt a little pepper on Chino and the grilled olives are added to it later now this is hot it’s going to come out of your skillet pan hot when you go ahead and put it onto your crostini so you can you put this and you can do this in front of your friends and you can get cristini so they know that it’s nice and warm and hot you can put your broccoli rabe in here just wonderful starting into the spring season the very seasonal grains and so good for you they have a little bit of a bitter taste that’s why I’m putting some of these problems over it as well bitterness slight bitterness because we cooked most of it out in the Pro Bowl evap it will go well with a selenium the saltiness of the verse of the saloon ease now on partake when you are by the saloons the easiest way really has this wonderful way of packaging there selenium division we like this so when you pull them out that just a beautiful intact and voluptuous and layers are easily removed we didn’t put onto your salumi bored sometimes when you find you go to the deli they have these wax wax paper where they put your celui over top of this and when you go home it’s so hard to take off and they break apart you got a big prosciutto mess so this is a really great way that eataly packages there so I use them all the time for my dinner parties so you will make a couple of more of these I would say just enough you know for everyone to have one and they’re much more sophisticated than just having some bread or peppers on the side and you can just make the very rustic as you can see here this is kind of a rough and tumble nothing needs to be perfect so they know that they’re eating very rustic southern Italian fare here and what I would love to top it off remember these are nice and warm and crunchy I’m going to top it off with some extra virgin olive oil is well over top of these clothes you need to make an extra beautiful you and your friends can enjoy a healthy shalini plate. low carb recipes
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low carb recipes- snacks for the summer edition