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Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep

Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep Did you know that sleep is one of the most important factors in losing weight? Besides the obvious brain fog and overall fatigue, inadequate sleep can lead to food cravings and hormonal shifts. Here are some recommended foods to […]

Best Fruits for Weight Loss- Nature’s “Fast Food”

When you’re on a diet, you’re usually cutting some of your favorite foods out, like sweets. But- as you know, the craving for sweets doesn’t go away. It nags you until you cave in. Today we’re going to talk about fruit- one of the healthiest […]

Diet Cheat Day Food- Meatball Sliders

Dieting Cheat Day

If you’re on a flexible type of diet you typically have a cheat day. Giving yourself a quick break and having some of your favorite foods can relax your mind and keep your metabolism running hot. But don’t overdo it!

Video Transcript

Hi I’m by my computer that eats and today I’m going to show you how to make a traditional Neapolitan meatball slider okay so the first thing that we’re going to start with is the tomato sauce okay you can get all these recipes on my website what are the interesting things that we do every single year in September we do the tomato harvest we can are in tomatoes so this is basically what we come up with we cut up some Jersey tomatoes some plum tomatoes we cut them up we put them in the mason jar up visiting the cleaned and dried to perfection we cut them up put them in this mason jar with a with sea salt and some basil and then we boil them you can also get those directions on my website as well because we would never be able to have store-bought tomato sauce in my family only because there’s so much sugar there this was so much more delicious now if you are not going to be kidding your own Tomatoes like we are the other thing that you can do is you can get canned tomatoes either crush your whole if you get them whole like this in a can which is great not jarred tomato sauce but the whole in the can which is just a tomato intact you can make your own tomato sauce using the cans and it’s very very similar to this I found crushed tomatoes are the best versus the salt or the whole Tomatoes so after you make your tomato sauce we make our Neapolitan meatball ragu which involves a Neapolitan meatball which you can find the recipe on my site sausage and some ragu meats which can vary from oxtail to pork shoulder and went ahead and my mom went ahead and made all of this already for me and so this is very simple the meatballs are just just soft and delicious to perfection what we’re going to do is do a deconstructed little slider on some brochette bread here and just on the side and mind you not always this doesn’t always have to be on some sort of bread you can put it on a beautiful warm arugula salad as well or on a warm bed of eggplant okay roasted I planned that’s chopped up on a plate and then put this ragu sauce with somebody call but today we’re going to put them on bread so what we can do is we can create some fresh ricotta we can Pan the bread here with some freshly caught on the boxes I’m a little bit of a somewhat of a deconstructed even lasagna you might want to say so here’s some fresh streak Alton the brush is very important because of cleanliness and the fluffiness of this particular cheese really is going to lend well ok so now I’m going to go ahead and put this down here and you would go you’ll get you know chop chop it up a little you don’t want these gigantic meatballs on your bread because of course it’s going to the life fall apart and you can go ahead and put that on the net and uses sparingly you don’t have to overstuff it’s beautiful sauce is just kind of driven over it here ok and over top of that you put like a little more sprinkle of a very sharp cheddar i prefer versus the traditional mozzarella which to me doesn’t have as much flavor and i like to really kick up the flavors in these the other thing you can do is you can grab some of them also that lot on the bottom here too if you like that you want some more of a knot in quality to it and you can go ahead and maybe put some of the sausage on here which is great so that is when you can just cut this sausage basically in half have it so that it lays more flat on the blood right so you have our traditional sausage ragu with a tomato sauce on it so that looks really beautiful too and you can also have that and dinner parties as make them smaller to have more appetizer effect and a little bit more of a sprinkle of the monster over top of it very rustic and I do have to say that this is more of an ode to my Italian American heritage rather than my Italian heritage because a lot of the times this is very much a southern Italian immigrant construct with a meatball parm sandwich which is not really found in Italy interestingly enough this came through the acculturation of American immigrants a child American immigrants into the United States and putting meatballs and this idea of Parmesan saying food and Italy you wouldn’t really find this sword there be meatballs but it would be in a different context then on these types of Parmesan and food items but nonetheless here we are here is my ode and it all starts with a fresh canning of Jersey tomatoes you. Diet Cheat Day Food.

Low Carb Meals Video Guide- Eggs and Tuna

 Low Carb Meals Video Guide A low carb diet can be great way to lose weight. For most people, it allows you to eat some tasty foods, while keeping you full so you can keep calories low and in the fat burning zone. I’m going […]

Low Carb Recipes- Snacks for the Summer Edition

Italian Style Low Carb Snack Recipes Video Summer can be a challenging time of year if you’re trying to lose weight because there are so many tempting foods around. Many of them packed with carbohydrates, which if you’re on a low carb diet, makes it […]

Best Foods For Losing Weight- Magical Mustard Edition

Video Transcript

Amazon my and it’s the newest export from France to the Upper West Side of New York City so we’re very excited to be here with pureed huttner who is a master mustard sommelier my is one of the oldest historical brands in France we originated in 1747 and 267 years later we’ve opened our first boutique in the United States that’s so exciting it is very exciting and we’re very happy to be here so as the mustard Somali a for my in the United States part of my role is to help clients differentiate what type of Dijon mustard best suits their needs to differentiate among the nuances of the flavors that we carry and also to create and suggest pairing that’s fantastic and you did do a lot of mustard tastings here too so you can comment oh yeah that’s so exciting and so tell us a little bit about the style of Dijon mustard sure so Dijon mustard actually refers to a fabrication process that the mustard goes through so for example at my we use black and brown seeds that are cut instead of being ground and that is one of the reasons why our mustard is so intense and so flavorful and it’s a whole-grain mustard which is fantastic and has a lot of health benefits as well and so then from there you have this huge amount of gorgeous flavors and pairings and how do you come up with that well I magic its altar taste right right so I do a lot of tasting and trying things it’s one of the benefits of my job and so a lot of it comes from either selecting something that is perhaps um iconically French uh-huh I always love to pair it with something that is iconically American Oh like a lot like what what would you do so we have here as one of our pairings a fein herb mustard okay and fina herb is a very bold mustard with three herbs that are really fundamental to french cooking’s okay chives parsley interval in it her pen what I did was I created a dip using fat-free Greek yogurt Oh Fein herb a little chopped up basil which is something that we love to do and in the US for dinner parties and for d’oeuvres or as a snack so it is the the best of France meeting the best if the u.s. in a dip that’s fantastic and as you mentioned really really super healthy because you have the probiotics in the low-fat yogurt which adds a little tang to it then of course all the herbs in the mustard are filled with antioxidants and in of itself the product of a mustard is very very low fat and what I love is to suggest for people to just increase the palatability of the so-called healthy foods like a lot of people won’t eat healthy foods because they think they have to be bland but when you use a product like mustard you know with all of these beautiful different flavors to it it just enhances the food and vegetables and salads and fish and meats without adding too much more calories to it so it’s really a great idea health wise it is and it’s a mustard is a very very flavorful it’s very intense it is as you said low in fat low in calories so a small amount will work wonders in a dish right and also the other nutrition benefits of mustard are is that they come from the cruciferous family right so they’re very similar to broccoli brussel sprouts and cauliflower which has a lot of sulfur a thing in it which are enter anti-cancer fighting properties right in addition to that it also has selenium and magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids in it so who knew the little mustard bottle had all these different you know health benefits too it’s really fantastic looking at some beautiful artisanal mustards on tap today a la maison mya and we’re going to talk to period and we’re going to look at what we have on tap today and what we compared with them so we have some fantastic varieties on several of which are very classic mustards and if you which are more unusual flavors seasonal variety and the mustard bars are premier feature of all the my boutiques around the world so when you visit it’s a great place to kind of begin your mustard adventure oh so we are going to start with what is the most iconic of mustards and that is the classic white line okay so it is a very bold mustard with quite a long flavor progression okay it has something that I call the white line pause oh that you taste it you think it’s hot and then you have to kind of sit for a moment and think that it’s even gotten hotter Wow fantastic i like that pause hmm you can actually smell how hot it is oh I think I just paused very good Wow and just and what would you pair that with what this is a great pairing for anything that is oh good white wine it’s very bold when you think of something very Hardy like beef whether it’s a steak or whether you’re doing some kind of stir fry yeah it’s a great pairing for that because it is just as much intensity Wow fantastic oh great so what do we have next year so next we have what I described as the little black dress of mustards shibly so it’s a little bit more refined it’s a much softer taste okay it has a little bit of a citrus tone to it and is a great pairing for a chicken mo so great pairing for lamb as well even if the new gratz so you can’t you can’t go wrong with shibly right right and so and you would do it in in a vinaigrette as well as just accompanying on the side we’re just simple dipping of the the chicken okay so it’s a very very balanced mustard hmm you can smell the citrus in it I do Wow Jessica oh very good perfectly company to the chicken yum mm-hmm delicious another very classic variety that we carry at my is our whole grain chardonnay mustard hmm and it’s such a beautiful texture such a beautiful color you really see the seeds and it’s also quite versatile as well so this I actually love just in a piece of grilled salmon and one master or as a glaze for vegetables that’s fantastic and really this is quite impressive if you look at the beauty of the seeds in this whole grain this is really where all the nutrients and the vitamins are here this is really wonderful and it great mustard for serving and pairing because it looks just fantastic on a plate really does would you recommend this as I get the go to first by for a guest for a customer I think I would probably do a whole grain Chardonnay or a white wine oh just graze their they’re such special mustards no white wine is really iconically a Dijon mustard but yes when you hear that term and then you taste white wine you have a very aha moment of connection right and whole grains are you just because it’s so delicious and it also looks so fantastic in your foods oh yes it does visual mmm such a great texture as well let the sea does so now we have some seasonal products as well we do so our first seasonal item that we have is based in Saturn wine and it is a very unusual mustard it’s very soft it’s actually very fruity it has honey and dried golden raisins so when you taste it it’s quite unexpected oh and i use it in a variety of ways just a small amount on a piece of lobster whoa client aye aye sir sold this to the other day said that she’s going to go home make a lobster roll with it come on that’s a great idea for a summer picnic or you know an event absolutely I’m and also a fantastic in a pasta primavera if you do a very light sheer cream song so many different ways to use the muster that you don’t even think about you know Americans will have this idea of like you know mustard on the hot dog but forget that this is a whole other legal me you love hotdogs we do but here we can do pasta primavera with the muster that’s amazing oh good this must bow I can honestly my goodness from the jar so aromatic the never us I might need a min agrat with this I always wind up taking a dollop for myself wow that does feel like summer very good this is so much fun you can come in and you can do this with one of the master mustard sommeliers to. Best Foods For Losing Weight
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best foods for weight loss- Dijon, the magical mustard

Best Foods For Weight Loss- Summer Video Guide

Summer Party Diet Survival Video Guide Summertime parties are a big part of your social life- but how do you avoid losing all the progress you’ve made on your diet while still eating some of the foods you enjoy? Here are some great tips on […]


We are here in New York City and we are fortunate enough to be able to taste BBQ from around the US. Every once in a while you need to have a cheat day to relax and enjoy yourself. BBQ in NYC is one of […]

Ways To Lose Weight Fast- Healthy Sides Edition

Another Edition of Foods to Lose Weight Fast

It’s time to celebrate summer with some healthier sides than you normally see at parties. We’re making sure you get enough of the cruciferous vegetables along with prebiotics and probiotics for gut health.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m parallel computer ladies and we are celebrating the summer and we have a healthy coleslaw today that we’re going to make together and we’re going to start with some sliced cabbage here and cabbages a cruciferous vegetable very much along the same lines as brussel sprouts cauliflower and broccoli and it has a lot of anti-cancer fighting properties particularly so far pain so that’s going to be the basis of our slaw the next ingredients that are going to be in here we’re going to grill some apples on the grill outside drizzles a little bit of honey and olive oil and sea salt and that’s going to add sweetness to the soil then we have some basil cement avocado some yogurt sea salt and lemon so this is the way we’re going to put it together so we have our slaw here and the first thing we’re going to do is going to cut up our epic oddo and you want to get a semi-soft one here that’s not you from so that’s easy to work with and here you’re going to have tons of omega-3 fatty acids of this avocado okay it’s going to make your skin gorgeous everything beautiful your hair and also very hard healthy so what we’re going to do is want to squeeze some lemon over it so it keeps this beautiful green green color and it doesn’t change color in the coleslaw you can also use this tip with the lemon whenever you are making the guacamole as well so I’m just kind of cutting the slices through here like this and you can see that’s fairly soft and with my spoon I’m going to go ahead and spoon the pretty soft into this hole here and I’m just going to go ahead and take all the green parts like skim the entire because this is where all the potassium and magnesium is along the side so you want to scrape out this really green part here okay so there we going to put that in there you go smash it smash this up and you want to add a little smidge more okay oh this lemon here just to make sure that it’s being kept nice and green and along with it you want to click in this 2% yogurt here which it has a lot of prebiotics and probiotics vitamin D and calcium in it and it gives it a little tang this is what the whole school is going to be found it you want to keep smashing this in like this if it comes pretty much creamy and combined around equals law itself okay so now what we want to do is you want to get some basil which is one of my favorite and frustrating freshest ingredients and you want to just kind of chop it up now remember these these herbs have a lot of antioxidants in them and they are activated when they are chopped up okay so you want the juices going the fragrance as your chopped up like this where we live shop you can also use dill illness because that goes really well with the yogurt as well if you don’t add the yogurt you can also use sour cream all of it should have some fat in it so dicing up also the beautiful mint here which we will be using as an ingredient all summer long because these two basil and mint are absolutely summer to me and we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to begin to assemble our slaw and I’m going to do everything by hand just because that’s the way we do it everything is perfectly clean here is our beautiful beautiful grilled diced apples that we’re adding in there for sweetness so that’s going to be great and we just finished grilling them outside with the rest of our fruit and we’re going to and in this we’re going to add all of our chopped herbs start kind of measuring in like this okay and we want to add here you will start adding our first layer of sea salt okay as we’re layering the ingredients okay and then after we want to make sure that we’re still squeezing a little bit of lemon along the way to to just keep the integrity of the green and the freshness of the ingredients so the next thing we want to do is we want to start adding our creamy binder to you which is omega I don’t go ahead and put it in here and i’m going to attention you it politely which is spoon but if not I’m going to go ahead and just do with my hands I actually seems to be working out very wary very variable this is going to be a combination of a kind of a sour and sweet and creamy coleslaw so this looks really beautiful already see that and agree is very vibrant from the avocado and what we’re going to do is we’re going to play one of these beautiful little place here go ahead and you can see how painting that is with the fresh herbs creamy avocado on this gorgeous dish go ahead and get a few more springs these it looks beautiful coleslaw that can accompany any meat or fish that you’re going to be grilling on your grill it’s going to be a healthy side instead of having tons and tons and tons of different heavy sides this is a perfect accompaniment to any of the fish grill shell finish ribs or any needs that you might have so here we are our healthy summer.healthy sides
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Ways to lose weight fast- healthy sides edition

Tips On Losing Weight- Low Calorie Drinks

The Best Beverages to Stay in the Fat Burning Zone As you probably know by now- the biggest factor in burning off body fat taking in less calories than you’re burning over a certain period of time. If you’re used to drinking high calorie beverages […]