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Women Love Whiskey and Bourbon- Video

Whiskey and Bourbon- Women Who Love Bourbon A lot of people attribute to single malt scotch that smoky flavor. Some people love it, some people hate it- but the smoky flavor actually comes from this that’s used in the malting process they use that as […]

Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep

Best Foods to Eat Before Sleep Did you know that sleep is one of the most important factors in losing weight? Besides the obvious brain fog and overall fatigue, inadequate sleep can lead to food cravings and hormonal shifts. Here are some recommended foods to […]

Best Fruits for Weight Loss- Nature’s “Fast Food”

When you’re on a diet, you’re usually cutting some of your favorite foods out, like sweets. But- as you know, the craving for sweets doesn’t go away. It nags you until you cave in. Today we’re going to talk about fruit- one of the healthiest things you can eat. Here are my favorite fruits to ease the cravings, along with some great sides to top it with for fiber, protein and probiotics.

Video Transcript

There are also different ways to get your fill, and it is being sold and we could talk about which is the best way to buy so the best of course is whole fridge it’s nature’s fast food or you can just pick it up and didn’t go now that is the best because it has the most viable availability of vitamins minerals and the fiber that you need from it now frozen fruit on the other hand also is a nice alternative when you don’t have the ability to body fresh food or to have it in season what usually people do is they pick it and freeze it at the peak of its nutrient content so that when you do defrosted it should have all of its vitamins and minerals in it now what I don’t advise you to do is to get your food from Cannes Cannes food cans fruit salad and so forth it’s just filled with added sugar and pretty much so much process that you’re really not getting any of the vitamins and minerals or the fiber that you need so Chuck the can I don’t need that also what you don’t need is to get eat your fruit that’s attached to another product like yogurt and fruit on the bottom and yogurt with fruit on the side that food is not real fruit just buy yogurt a nice lovely Greek creamy yogurt and add your own fruit so that you can better absorb all the vitamin and minerals in your fruit the other thing I do advise is Jesus juice is you’re really just drinking your calories it’s just purely sugar most of the time and really why not have the experience of having a beautiful piece of fruit the volume of this that tastes the crunch is just so much better for your palate and for your enjoyment of food in my opinion the whole food is the best and you can have it and put it at every single snack so you get right service for today eat your fruit. Best Fruits for Weight Loss.

And I LOVE Fruit Ice Cream!

Best Fruits for Weight Loss- natures fast food

Diet Cheat Day Food- Meatball Sliders

 Dieting Cheat Day If you’re on a flexible type of diet you typically have a cheat day. Giving yourself a quick break and having some of your favorite foods can relax your mind and keep your metabolism running hot. But don’t overdo it! Video […]

Low Carb Meals Video Guide- Eggs and Tuna

 Low Carb Meals Video Guide A low carb diet can be great way to lose weight. For most people, it allows you to eat some tasty foods, while keeping you full so you can keep calories low and in the fat burning zone. I’m going […]

Low Carb Recipes- Snacks for the Summer Edition

Italian Style Low Carb Snack Recipes Video

Summer can be a challenging time of year if you’re trying to lose weight because there are so many tempting foods around. Many of them packed with carbohydrates, which if you’re on a low carb diet, makes it difficult. Here are some great low carbs snack recipes. I’m going to show you how to make a delicious salumi board the entire crowd enjoys and then something a little more adventurous!

Video Transcript

I’m puro perder la eats and today I’m going to show you how to make a delicious salumi board now these simple peoples are really handy when you want to entertain whether it’s only three people or a group a larger group you can actually find very very simple things to put together and what I wouldn’t having to do is choose three different types of salami something more traditional that the entire crowd enjoys and then something a little more adventurous that everyone can talk about so what I chose today is the prosciutto de Parma 24 months aged which is pretty much a crowd-pleaser no matter wat so what favela from northern Italy with some pistachio nuts in it and then something more adventurous is a test step which is basically the Italian head cheese which is my favorite so that’s going to be the Silva mood board but to make it a little bit more interesting just instead of just adding some bread or some crackers here what I’m going to do is I found some crostini crusts here and these are fading in partially in garlic and olive oil and sea salt and they’re already very very easy to make you can also make these yourself with some crusty baguette just cut it up and put in the oven for about five minutes with some olive oil and sea salt and you can have energy so today to add so much as some of the texture and some of the elevation to the saloon aboard I added something like broken lincoln ave and some grilled olives which I to have sauteed that are full of folic acid iron and a lot of the vitamins and some olives which we’re going to add to Real Dolls actually that I from Rados which is excellent products for vegetables you can also chop up your own kalamata olives as well that you can place and she abruptly Val but that is a classic combination for that with a little peperoncino if you want to make it spicy too so this has been sauteed in olive oil for about I’d say 15 minutes in a saute pan with olive oil sea salt a little pepper on Chino and the grilled olives are added to it later now this is hot it’s going to come out of your skillet pan hot when you go ahead and put it onto your crostini so you can you put this and you can do this in front of your friends and you can get cristini so they know that it’s nice and warm and hot you can put your broccoli rabe in here just wonderful starting into the spring season the very seasonal grains and so good for you they have a little bit of a bitter taste that’s why I’m putting some of these problems over it as well bitterness slight bitterness because we cooked most of it out in the Pro Bowl evap it will go well with a selenium the saltiness of the verse of the saloon ease now on partake when you are by the saloons the easiest way really has this wonderful way of packaging there selenium division we like this so when you pull them out that just a beautiful intact and voluptuous and layers are easily removed we didn’t put onto your salumi bored sometimes when you find you go to the deli they have these wax wax paper where they put your celui over top of this and when you go home it’s so hard to take off and they break apart you got a big prosciutto mess so this is a really great way that eataly packages there so I use them all the time for my dinner parties so you will make a couple of more of these I would say just enough you know for everyone to have one and they’re much more sophisticated than just having some bread or peppers on the side and you can just make the very rustic as you can see here this is kind of a rough and tumble nothing needs to be perfect so they know that they’re eating very rustic southern Italian fare here and what I would love to top it off remember these are nice and warm and crunchy I’m going to top it off with some extra virgin olive oil is well over top of these clothes you need to make an extra beautiful you and your friends can enjoy a healthy shalini plate.
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low carb recipes- snacks for the summer edition

Best Foods For Losing Weight- Magical Mustard Edition

Video Transcript Amazon my and it’s the newest export from France to the Upper West Side of New York City so we’re very excited to be here with pureed huttner who is a master mustard sommelier my is one of the oldest historical brands in […]

Best Foods For Weight Loss- Summer Video Guide

Summer Party Diet Survival Video Guide Summertime parties are a big part of your social life- but how do you avoid losing all the progress you’ve made on your diet while still eating some of the foods you enjoy? Here are some great tips on […]


We are here in New York City and we are fortunate enough to be able to taste BBQ from around the US. Every once in a while you need to have a cheat day to relax and enjoy yourself. BBQ in NYC is one of those days. Check out this day at the NYC BBQ.

Video Transcript

We are here in New York City and we are fortunate enough to be around bored waiting food matches from all over the country and they’re going to show us all the different partner style style is more Memphis barbecue absolutely we’re more down in that area because from Nashville off through that whole area it’s almost a perfect triangle with about 210 miles okay from murphysboro to Memphis for Memphis to Nashville and from Nashville two murders and what do you think is that what exactly is the Memphis style if you would have to describe it well you what it is it’s not a completely sauced up rift it has a dry run and it’s not associate with our super sweet our super vinegar it is kind of the middle of the road okay is considered a dry meat with salt and our run attitude do anything to stink about the process of the smoking or the cooking that well absolutely yet and everyone has their own process whatever works for you and for your friends your family and are your customers don’t change a thing that’s better Alabama and we want to know what the Alabama salvo so often Alabama gets looked over and I don’t like that because Alabama does have a very distinct style it’s pretty cool we are caught between the Carolinas and Memphis Oh Carolinas you’ve got the vinegar sauce and Memphis you’ve got the dry rubs and the sweet tangy sauce you know right we like our barbecue right off the pit we’re known for our whole pork shoulders our BBQ chicken and then we like for the custard minted to decide what type sauce they want on their forum okay also in North Alabama where I come from Big Bob Gibson barbecue we are famous for our BBQ white sauce we do a white barbecue sauce on all of our chickens and it’s something that has caught on and spread so whole pork shoulder full barbecued chicken you know the old fashioned brick pits at Alabama barbecue so there’s you know differences between North Carolina and South Carolina I know I know up here if I just calls a Carolina but when we’re when we’re down there there’s a big difference the meat in North Carolina oftentimes is chopped whether it’s whole hog or shoulders and they would actually chop it till you get sort of a fine texture BBQ to it that would be where we call chopped barbecue now what we’re doing since we’re from South Carolina particularly from Charleston along the Seacoast we cook it till it’s very tender and it just sort of pulls apart and when you do that instead of it being a fine consistency it’s more pull and you’ve got pieces of bark you can see the smoke ring you’ve got the exterior bar which is nice and crunchy so you tell me what you like better properly oh yeah you can actually get better pieces of meat rather than finely chopping it South Carolina has three indigenous sauces so along the coast and like up in North Carolina on the eastern side his vinegar sauce counter and then in the middle of the state which was settled by the Germans like in Colombia and orangeburg and Holly Hill South Carolina its mustard sauce country success yep and then in the western part up in the mountains and then extending all the way to Oklahoma and Texas is basically tomato-based sauce everyone understands the different styles of barbecue that goes across the United States what is a difference more barbecue well you know we always say in st. Louis we’re the only place that has a rib named after ah that’s true so then where that comes from that’s a butcher’s cut that’s not a style of cooking in st. Louis we do a lot of for the high temperature grilling okay so what we do is having learn from down south we do a lot of the dry rub memphis-style barbecue but what we do is we finish it with a st. Louis twist we do the dry rub we smoke it and then as we finish it will take a balsamic vinegar brown sugar glaze it will brush that on and then we take a high porch to it which caramelize the sugar we came up with that idea we were using a small brulee torch but when you do 2,000 slabs we need to come up so that’s actually a roofing torch oh is that right that’s a good technique though with all of these people you have to be today very very well a little bit about the texas-style barbecue in the what this is the real difference it’s the type of meat we’re cooking on the southeast cooked whole hog yes there must look for yes and so we are noted for the brisket and they use hickory woods in other guys would we use predominantly oak I pecan and mesquite this piece of meat is why barbecue is part of the soul of Texas can go it’s a large piece of meat you yield about 30 pounds of brisket off of each cap wow that’s a lot so you start cooking it and you’re in your backyard and then people show up because such a big piece of meat you got to share it so everybody brings side dishes and some friends of guitar and so you sit up back in the backyard and you eat the BBQ and so BBQ is part of Texas is so but it’s really a social event and the good thing about that routine I just told you to see like next weekend you go to somebody else that’s right if it’s right you don’t have to do all the work all the time Mississippi Alabama oh there’s so many places that the style is the same yes but one of the things that we found is you know brisket used to be a cheaper cut but it was always the toughest hard on a cow but now it’s more expensive because everybody loved in rich the upset loves a brisket and I do a brisket at our restaurant in Yazoo City I trim all the fat off and I took it under my butt says they’re cooking so I base that brisket with the pork fat and and then after a certain amount of time when i get my color my smoke ring I wrap it and leave it on there for another 12 hours and it’s tender as a mother’s love but you know if I barbecue if you cook it low and slow for 12 or 13 to 14 hours I don’t care what part of the country you’re in it’s going to be good and so the fact that New York is finally caught on it’s not hot dogs and hamburgers anymore that we’ve got southern barbecue up here let’s open up a beautiful thing. nyc bbq
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Ways To Lose Weight Fast- Healthy Sides Edition

Another Edition of Foods to Lose Weight Fast It’s time to celebrate summer with some healthier sides than you normally see at parties. We’re making sure you get enough of the cruciferous vegetables along with prebiotics and probiotics for gut health. Video Transcript Hi I’m […]