The Secret Ingredient To Make Your Salads Delicious and Healthy

I’m a huge fan of green salads- and any type of salad for that matter. They’re fresh, alkalizing, filling and full of fiber and vegetables. They come in handy when on a diet to cut cravings. Here’s a secret ingredient to deliciousness.

Video Transcript

I’d like to show you how some very simple ingredients can really change a Nutrition content of your recipes and also add a lot of flavor so today we’re going to talk about the lemon and if you’ve been to the Amalfi Coast and southern Italy where I’m from you will see that gorgeous gorgeous tetona and lemons really dot the entire countryside and they use a lot of the lemons in their recipes for different things they also use it for perfumes and to make their very very famously on cello with which is a limited in court so what we also can do with lemons is that we could use it in our recipes to live in and freshen up all of the recipes while adding I really have to go so vitamin C also the beautiful part of the lemon is that it contains the citric acid and this citric acid from a food science perspective a lot of benefits as well and actually stops oxidation in a lot of different fruits for example if you squeeze a bit of this on a pair or on Apple’s it stops the Browning process so if you’re giving a great dinner party and need to have a cheese plate with some slices of apples definitely squeeze some lemon juice on it and it’ll stop the oxidation the same thing goes for guacamole or avocado to stop that browning process you want to squeeze some lemon juice over it and it will not only at the flavor but keep it nice and rain the other thing that it does is we know the citric acid and vitamin C has a propensity to increase iron absorption so every single time that you are having an iron rich meal for example need or steak or lamb or a leafy green that has iron where you can do is you can create a salad dressing with lemon and just squeeze it over either the meat or the leafy green and this will enhance the iron absorption from that food so this is a great tip if you are feeling a little tired and feel like perhaps you’re a little iron deficient is use your lemon it has a freshness and it’s very simple. diet salad
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