Ways To Lose Weight Fast- Healthy Sides Edition

Another Edition of Foods to Lose Weight Fast

It’s time to celebrate summer with some healthier sides than you normally see at parties. We’re making sure you get enough of the cruciferous vegetables along with prebiotics and probiotics for gut health.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m parallel computer ladies and we are celebrating the summer and we have a healthy coleslaw today that we’re going to make together and we’re going to start with some sliced cabbage here and cabbages a cruciferous vegetable very much along the same lines as brussel sprouts cauliflower and broccoli and it has a lot of anti-cancer fighting properties particularly so far pain so that’s going to be the basis of our slaw the next ingredients that are going to be in here we’re going to grill some apples on the grill outside drizzles a little bit of honey and olive oil and sea salt and that’s going to add sweetness to the soil then we have some basil cement avocado some yogurt sea salt and lemon so this is the way we’re going to put it together so we have our slaw here and the first thing we’re going to do is going to cut up our epic oddo and you want to get a semi-soft one here that’s not you from so that’s easy to work with and here you’re going to have tons of omega-3 fatty acids of this avocado okay it’s going to make your skin gorgeous everything beautiful your hair and also very hard healthy so what we’re going to do is want to squeeze some lemon over it so it keeps this beautiful green green color and it doesn’t change color in the coleslaw you can also use this tip with the lemon whenever you are making the guacamole as well so I’m just kind of cutting the slices through here like this and you can see that’s fairly soft and with my spoon I’m going to go ahead and spoon the pretty soft into this hole here and I’m just going to go ahead and take all the green parts like skim the entire because this is where all the potassium and magnesium is along the side so you want to scrape out this really green part here okay so there we going to put that in there you go smash it smash this up and you want to add a little smidge more okay oh this lemon here just to make sure that it’s being kept nice and green and along with it you want to click in this 2% yogurt here which it has a lot of prebiotics and probiotics vitamin D and calcium in it and it gives it a little tang this is what the whole school is going to be found it you want to keep smashing this in like this if it comes pretty much creamy and combined around equals law itself okay so now what we want to do is you want to get some basil which is one of my favorite and frustrating freshest ingredients and you want to just kind of chop it up now remember these these herbs have a lot of antioxidants in them and they are activated when they are chopped up okay so you want the juices going the fragrance as your chopped up like this where we live shop you can also use dill illness because that goes really well with the yogurt as well if you don’t add the yogurt you can also use sour cream all of it should have some fat in it so dicing up also the beautiful mint here which we will be using as an ingredient all summer long because these two basil and mint are absolutely summer to me and we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to begin to assemble our slaw and I’m going to do everything by hand just because that’s the way we do it everything is perfectly clean here is our beautiful beautiful grilled diced apples that we’re adding in there for sweetness so that’s going to be great and we just finished grilling them outside with the rest of our fruit and we’re going to and in this we’re going to add all of our chopped herbs start kind of measuring in like this okay and we want to add here you will start adding our first layer of sea salt okay as we’re layering the ingredients okay and then after we want to make sure that we’re still squeezing a little bit of lemon along the way to to just keep the integrity of the green and the freshness of the ingredients so the next thing we want to do is we want to start adding our creamy binder to you which is omega I don’t go ahead and put it in here and i’m going to attention you it politely which is spoon but if not I’m going to go ahead and just do with my hands I actually seems to be working out very wary very variable this is going to be a combination of a kind of a sour and sweet and creamy coleslaw so this looks really beautiful already see that and agree is very vibrant from the avocado and what we’re going to do is we’re going to play one of these beautiful little place here go ahead and you can see how painting that is with the fresh herbs creamy avocado on this gorgeous dish go ahead and get a few more springs these it looks beautiful coleslaw that can accompany any meat or fish that you’re going to be grilling on your grill it’s going to be a healthy side instead of having tons and tons and tons of different heavy sides this is a perfect accompaniment to any of the fish grill shell finish ribs or any needs that you might have so here we are our healthy summer.healthy sides
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Ways to lose weight fast- healthy sides edition