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Dieting Plans for Weight Loss

The Dreaded Spiral of “Extreme Dieting” How come every time I diet to lose weight, it gets tougher to burn off the fat each time? Because dieting – if done improperly –  will stomp your metabolism into the ground! How? Simply stated, your body has […]

The Simple Guide to Natural Metabolism Boosters

If you’re here, my guess is you want to lose weight? Nearly everyone knows that developing a fast fat burning capacity is perfect for losing weight and all around health. Luckily, there are a variety of natural metabolism enhancers, including healthy diet, intense exercise, increasing […]

How I Stopped My Foods Cravings and Got In Shape

So many people ask me how to get rid of food cravings. You know, it really is one of the biggest problems or challenges that comes up when you’re trying to lose weight. Late night eating is a real diet killer because you’re eating calories that go straight into storage in your body. Since you’re sleeping, you’re just not burning those calories off. The way I finally got in great shape was to change the way I thought about eating, and that in turn changed how many calories I took in and how much I ate. The results were incredible. I suggest this book if you want a great diet plan that cuts cravings.

I also love the new Amazon Fresh program because they delivery all the ingredients you need right to your front door.

The Right Diet Foods Make the Difference in Squashing Hunger

Video Transcript

Eat what you want and if anyone tells you what you should eat eat them too hi everyone welcome back to my Channel today I’m really excited I feel like if it isn’t every video but I asked you guys to send me your questions on Instagram specifically questions related to fitness and my workout routine and before we get started if you are new here welcome don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and the belt right next to it that way you get notified whenever I post new videos so let’s get started I’m gonna go and head over to Instagram we have over 200 questions and I’m just gonna start I’m gonna try to answer as many as possible also know that I’m not like a fitness professional I’m just gonna tell you what works for me and you take that advice but also like I’m not the Bible first question tell us how many times a week you do you exercise and what body parts that’s probably the most asked question I try to work out four times a week sometimes I do three I try to do like the minimum when I have no time at all I try to do at least two times a week generally between three and four times a week and then which body parts I usually do two times a week booty and then one times a week or twice even apps and the fourth day sometimes I would just do yoga but the key to like always getting progress in your body is to confuse your muscles because if your muscles get used to something they tend to get weak and they just like you know your body gets used to it you definitely want to switch up your routine I’d say like every two months or so how do you stay motivated to work out working out for me is like a release it’s really like distressing for me so that usually motivates me and I know we all have those days where we just don’t want to work out like we just don’t feel like it and the best way is to just do it like just do it don’t think about it because I’m what other you think about it the less the chances are they go to the gym or workout at home or whatever so seriously like don’t talk don’t think just be like a robot put your gym shoes on put your gym clothes on and go to it like just do it so I’m really not like in the mood I just shut up and I do it how to stop bloating after eating a lot of people get bloating after eating because they talk a lot while they eat so day like I like an itch here and it’s so annoying because it doesn’t want to go away I think I still a hair from glow because he’s a hair used to be like so fine the finest yeah you can’t even see them you had the sauces fer but like the most annoying cat hairs that just stick to your face and you can’t even see them anyway a Dede yeah so try not to talk too much because that can cause like a lot of air to build up in your stomach and also try not to drink too much while you eat try to drink a lot before and after but not while you’re eating metabolism boosting foods because that also tends to like make you really like full do you have your waist trainer every time you work out yes I definitely wear my waist trainer every time I work out I feel weird now and I don’t wear it like unless I’m doing yoga and stretching a lot I don’t worry but otherwise I cannot live like I cannot work out without it do you do cardio like running how often I do not run back in Luxemburg when I used to be in dancing school I had like five hours of dancing a week it really messed up my knees it’s all these years of just classic jazz dance so I do not run and also I feel like running to me is just a little bit boring I don’t like I don’t miss running like it really never was something that I liked doing how often do you do a cheat day I shouldn’t be saying this but whenever I feel like I try to have one cheat meal a week and then sometimes I have two or three cheat meal but I have cheat meals I don’t have cheat days so again they can have three cheap meals instead of one cheat day in a week know what I mean do you count calories no I don’t do your workout fasted I think she means do you workout on an empty stomach that’s a good question because I prefer to work out on not like fully empty stomach but on when I’m like a little like I know that in an hour so I’ll be hungry because I feel like I just have a lot more energy when I work out on an empty empty stomach rather than like when I just when I have food like you can’t get me to work out like no can I purchase a voice trainer from grace I love you I love you too yes we ship internationally so anywhere that you are in the world you can purchase my waist trainers how much do you eat in a day do you eat often but small meals how much should I eat in a day that really depends I eat like four or five small meals a day that’s like what I find works best for me rather than eating like big portions what is your favorite food again I shouldn’t be saying this but probably pizza just can’t say no to pizza like in summer when it’s hot I really like fruits like papaya mangoes yeah how do you keep having a healthy lifestyle even when you are super busy love you love you too that’s a really good question because I know it can be so hard to eat well when you are super busy the thing is I’m really lucky to be able to work from home so I’m home a lot and I cook my own food I do not buy processed foods I eat a lot of vegetables a lot of rice a lot of fruits and I stay away from my processed foods and when I travel I find it so hard to eat healthy every time it amazes me how much crap there is out there depending on what country you’re in I feel like it’s so hard to eat healthy what supplements do you eat I drink a vegan protein shake daily and I mix it with rice milk and a banana so that’s for my protein intake and that’s a supplement I also take BCAAs if you want to put on muscle girl you need to take BCAAs because they are the building blocks for a protein your body really needs amino acids because they’re the building blocks for your muscle they also prevent your body from breaking down muscle when you’re resting so you can also take these before you go to sleep the main times that I take mine BCAAs is before and/or after a workout and before I go to sleep that way your body doesn’t break down too much muscle and it also helped to prevent muscle soreness what are the best exercises to deal with a flat booty I would say squats lunges sidekicks I don’t know like the names of all of the exercises in English I’d leg lifts with like bands you know those weight bands those really help I really also like squat junk question hey girl do you and your bailar got together or do you prefer to work out a little honesty largely prefer to work out alone ah not that I don’t like working out with him but it’s like working out it’s like your time I know a lot of people like to have a workout buddy but for me it’s like my time to de-stress and I really like you better not be disturbing me because like I’m really like I’m really in my zone when I work out another question is can you some day talk about the French diet please girl I don’t know what the French diet is like someone tell me what this is is it like having wine and fish and Mediterranean vegetables like I don’t know olive oil maybe another question is how long did it take to build up your body I guess this question asks a lot like how long does it take to see results I think for me it took like to really see my body transform because you can see results in like a week or a few days but to really like try form your body took me like a year or so it also depends like where you start off everyone’s different it depends on your lifestyle it depends on what you eat but for me it was like a year or so another question is is it healthy if I work at every day or should I give myself a break a break a break girl definitely give your body some rest days because on those rest days your body is actually building muscle your body also needs to heal in between sessions because what you’re basically doing when you workout is you tear your muscle I cannot stress that enough rest days are as important as workout days if you workout too much you don’t give your body a break you will plateau and you will not make any progress any more I can promise you dad been there done that you will start to get really tired you will start to be irritated you just won’t feel it and that’s not the point of working out and most of all you have higher risk of injuring yourself so definitely take those rest days what do you eat in a day what is your typical food dye we like I think I want to do a separate video on what I eat in a day it hasn’t changed much I’m gonna like insert one of my latest what I eat in a day videos right here but I eat a lot of salad a lot of fruits a lot of tofu a lot of rice I really like vegan sushi like avocado sushi and cucumber sushi I really love fries I know I shouldn’t be telling you that but I like fries I like vegan mayonnaise I discovered a vegan mayonnaise that it’s so so good I love guacamole I make my own homemade guac and I can make it in like 10 minutes and it’s so good if you watch my videos you should be having my guacamole recipe because I gave it to you guys in a vlog I know you’re loyal if you have my Glock recipe how often do you eat carbs I find it hard to see AB definition as good as yours when I eat them too often maybe the reason why you don’t see your abs definition with carbs is because of the gluten in carbs which can make people bloat it and a lot of people don’t digest gluten really well so you can still eat carbs but I prefer to eat like non gluten carbs such as rice I like to eat a lot of potatoes Nolan’s always making fun of me because you know potatoes aren’t very glam and I just love my potatoes I eat a lot of potatoes and you can eat sweet potatoes those are also full of carbs and I do not like I definitely do not limit myself on carbs what do you do when you crave sugary and fast food and how many days per week do you wear your waist trainer amazing body by the way so I actually don’t really crave sugar I used to crave sugar a lot like years and years ago but I actually like I don’t my body doesn’t crave sugar anymore which is great sugar is a drug so if you can get off sugar usually your body won’t crave it anymore it sounds easier than it is but trust me if you really are committed to you know cleansing your body from the inside your body will not crave sugar anymore I promise you how many days per week to you weigh a waist trainer I probably wear it like 3 to 4 days a week I wear it every time I work out do you work out with music and if so what is your favorite workout music and need some inspiration love you yes I work out with music good music is my number one motivation it really depends on the day lately I’ve been listening a lot to Foxy Brown while working out and she is savage okay like she’s the 90s Nicki Minaj and I love her music let me [Music] I usually listen to a lot of rap and this is just what I’ve been listening to you lately and then when I want more chill music I just go on to Apple music and I am just checking out their playlist this is on a recently discovered and really like [Music] yeah what was that called because I know people are gonna ask me songs called ghost face killers and it’s by 21 Savage featuring Travis Scott and then the other one what was the other one make me wonder by kll oh I don’t know this brand but Brad I don’t know this band but I really like it so somebody asked is Nolan vegan – he is not vegan but he actually stopped eating meat since we were together he very very rarely usually before he used to be like a big carnivore and now like he barely eats meat anymore and when he does he always has a bad conscience after he’s not vegan but he’s definitely eating a lot healthier with me and if I click if I’m cooking and it’s vegan he’ll eat it – and he loves it he loves my tofu and my cuacamole so maybe one day he’ll be vegan that’s his choice like I’m not like telling anyone they should like how they should eat another good question is it got like 15 likes how to maintain your healthy lifestyle eating choices when the people around you don’t understand or put you down for it and she meant that while like being vegan do you boo eat what you want and if anyone tells you what you should eat eat them too like seriously people that are like you should eat this you should eat that like stop like it gets on my nerves so much especially since the type of people that put you down for being healthy are usually the people that are really really unhealthy and that in 20 years or so have regular appointments to the doctor because they’re just really unhealthy my point is people that put you down I think are people that are jealous or would like to maybe be healthy and feel healthier in their bodies but don’t have that courage to take to stop like let them talk and do your thing just know that in 20 30 40 years you’ll be popping and they’ll be unhealthy are you gluten-free or dairy-free I am completely dairy-free because I have an intolerance to lactose and the only time I do consume dairy is when I eat pizza but cheese for me is fine like my body handle handles it well I didn’t friends it’s like impossible to find vegan pizza and gluten-free I’m not 100% gluten-free but I do a void pasta and I try to avoid gluten how do you get a small waist our guy shape I done so many videos on this and I’m not saying this because it’s my brand but waist training really really helps it helps with your posture I have a friend that always had back problems and it really helped her with her back and honestly like just eat healthy and if you really want that hourglass shape you can try waist trainers so there’s a girl asking in French I’m gonna answer the question in French I’ve already answered it before it was like how many times a week do I work are no days of seminary no question en Frodo’s de la rioja Mira speak French so I’m gonna speak French Trudeau hey connections po f de Mai de novo do science etc sqn Francis Harper Syria ingress biz MRC Porto departed Rocephin Santa Teresa hoese por lo que trabajan en de fer persimmon mountain may face in favor semen means do if you like a dream for analysis with yoga Swanson campus potential or dukkha shadow Sal yoga products how to eliminate hip tips and get rounder looking that question got asked so many times I think any exercise that lets you work out the sides of your booty or anything that’s like a side leg extension obviously with weights because if you do them without weights you’re not gonna see many results I can’t show you the exercises right now and I don’t have the names but I definitely suggest you check out my last workout video I’ll link it right here and you can see like all the exercises that I do and there are a lot of them that like tackle the sides so I’m gonna stop right here because I’ve been talking like for an hour and I’m gonna hungry I tried to answer as many questions as possible and I hope your question got answered and I hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to share your experiences your tips and anything you’d like to say down below I love you guys to the moon and back thank you for watching and I will see you in my next video.

Lose Food Cravings

Leptin and Weight Loss- What You Need to Know

 *quick scribbled notes Low Carb Diet Plan and Leptin In the event you go on a rigid low-carb diet plan, you’ll reduce your triglycerides significantly lengthy prior to you shed a lot weight. How rapidly does human physiology react towards the low carb diet […]

Making Low Carb Granola- Homemade Crunch Recipe

How to Make Bring coconut oil, honey, salt, and cinnamon to the same dish and blend until eventually all nuts/seeds are coated with the honey/oil blend. With the granola, I blended a few mixed nuts and seeds using a a little honey (maple syrup would […]

Video Guide: What is Coconut Oil Good For?

What is Coconut Oil?

Cooking with: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a very stable, wholesome, naturally saturated fat that is devoid of trans-fatty acids. Fat is a valuable part of a nutritious, balanced diet – it can be a way to obtain efa’s and enables your body soak up fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Everybody is starting to recognize the possibility of coconut oil being a wholesome alternative to other unhealthy fats like butter or margarine in countless amounts of dishes.

  • Even though research evaluating the health advantages of ingesting coconut oil over different fatty acids are rare, coconut oil has one particular significant distinction. Limiting carbohydrates and increasing coconut oil in the diet has brought about quite a few to report reducing weight using coconut oil.
  • Candida affected individuals additionally report health improvements with coconut oil as analysis now verifies, and people struggling with a variety of skin ailments are also discovering great health improvements by utilizing coconut oil right on the skin.

Benefits of.

The advantages of coconut oil for healthful hair are also popular, along with other healthy benefits of coconut oil involved combating bacterial infections and viruses.

  • Coconut oil is likewise increasingly being observed to aid runners and fitness trainers offering them an edge in preserving stamina longer without the need of drugs or stimulants.
  • Folks who make coconut a significant portion of their diet plan are astonishingly healthy with low frequency of heart problems, many forms of cancer, as well as other significant medical ailments.

Cardiovascular disease and MCT’s.

For many years, coconut oil was regarded as a bad fat that blocked arteries and induced cardiovascular disease. Lots of people believe so. A quirk of MCTs just like the ones in coconut oil is that the system processes them a little bit differently than other dietary fats.

  • For those who have dry skin or dry hair, coconut oil has got the ideal fatty acids to help enhance these problems.

Types of fat.

Coconut oil is One hundred percent fat, but the composition of fat in coconut oil is different from the saturated fats present in lots of animal products, that are mainly made up of long-chain fatty acids.The existence of medium chain triglycerides and efas in coconut oil can be useful for protecting against liver diseases.

  • Coconut oil also has other sets of valuable acids which have been recognized to possess a number of possible health benefits. It has medium-chain fatty acids, such as lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid, that are readily transformed into energy by the body.
Video Transcript

I am so excited to be here at market kitchen table with Amanda Chevy thank you so much for having me in your beautiful space thank you so much for coming Ally the other awesome cafe we are here in this gorgeous setting to talk about coconut oil which is something that people love or they want to hate or they don’t understand first of all what is coconut oil and how does it differ from other derivatives of coconut well it is actually one of the like healthy fats it’s a saturated fat which already sort of sends these negative practices but accentuated found essentially is just something that you can easily digest especially cochineal is something that your body has you know can easily work with but also because of its properties it is a liquid and when it’s warm past sixty degrees and then it becomes a little more solid so that just means that it’s more of a stable oil thing that’s going to be stable is gonna be used like has a good like high heat temperature so that you can use it in a saute pan and you can kind of bring it up to like a smoke point and that’s one point goes up a little bit higher right so for people thinking of oils when they say oh well like I’ve heard olive oils so healthy like you can’t fry in olive oils but do you think of coconut oil is kind of being the best for frying the the best well it is yes it’s sort of the all-inclusive oil so here in our kitchen we have we use olive oil we also use a large amount of coconut oil because we can uses something that’s a baked treat and this is like an example of our like rub brownie right here but so it’s something that you can use in treats because it gives it with that stable solid form it can give things like a nice flaky texture it gives um you know if you like other baked treats it has that nice like subtle coconut flavor and scent so that’s really great and then something also savory but yeah unlike a in a sub saute pan it’s really great in that form as well and so what are the uses where you would use coconut oil and then what are some of the areas where you say like it does not work for everything you know it’s not like oh it’s perfect for every single thing like where do you say like okay try it here versus somewhere else um well in things like maybe you’re gonna making like a an egg in a pan or something like that coconut oil is not gonna give you the like stick free you’re gonna be scraping that guy off the pan in dressings as well olive oil is probably a nice option because coconut oil again when it becomes you know a little bit cooler will solidify terribly that the flavor of coconut oil and kind of where you can taste it and where you can yeah well there’s also different grades of coconut oil so something that’s going to be refined and you know have gone through many purifying stages the the flavoring of that is gonna be a little bit less so yeah canola oil is a favorite in terms of like it’s very standard kitchens because it does bring no flavor but it gives you that nice golden brown so you can still achieve that with different you know so with coconut oils are not all created equal but with that you know you’re also going to be taking out some of like the goodness of coconut oil so how do you purchase coconut oil get it and do you buy different coconut oil for different reasons okay well we here in the kitchen we like to buy an organic unfiltered like unprocessed overly processed coconut oil you’ve got the refining process you know with with other oils so something that’s been overly processed is gonna be losing a little bit of that nutrient density are there certain words that people should look for on the packaging sort of about the refinement of it or about the processing to kind of steer them towards the better oils yes the cold processing just means that it’s it’s processed but under certain temperature regulations so that the the heating the refinement of that is gonna sort of take away some of those nutrients so in order to maintain that you know the the good integrity of the cochineal that you’re buying and to have it have still maintained all of like the health properties of it then you definitely want something that’s unrefined and cold-pressed so it’s totally worth the extra dollar let’s talk about the health benefits because I think as with anything that is healthy there are good parts of it and bad parts of it and there’s a lot of information out there on the news or Google coconut oils so it kind of break down sort of when to use it and kind of why it’s healthy for ya so the health benefits of coconut oil are because it’s gone and you know that saturated fat content of it makes it highly absorbent in your bodies and the fear of when people hear the word fat they’re like why do I want fat and so if we hear like the words good fats and bad fats but kind of explain that because I think that’s the sort of thing that is confusing yeah so you know the industrial fats are the ones that were sort of the you know are the facts you want to steer clear of and that’s just because those have been highly refined and they are not heat stable or they’re actually been overly refined and can use in like a sellout safflower oil soybean oil so things if you’re gonna go to a place where there’s a lot of fried foods typically you’re gonna find something that’s like a corn oil base so again there’s no nutritional value and that that fat when you eat it is gonna immediately be stored as fat because your body can’t actually access it so something like coconut oil because it has that saturated fat quality it’s you know it is a fat so you don’t want to again go overboard with in it right but it has tons of like immune benefits it’s got an antifungal and antibacterial sort of properties and so let’s talk about sort of where to use coconut oil you talked about baking I think baking is a big place yes what are some of the other places that might surprise people and how do you replace it with other things yeah see it in a recipe yeah well it’s definitely something again because of the the heat point where it kind of gets to that point where it turns into a liquid something that’s gonna be adding to like a cold liquid it is gonna start to seize up and sort of become a little more solid so in so we have here a like roasted apple with cinnamon and roasted equipped oxidant like a little bit of liquid cochineal that we sort of melt it down over that over the stovetop but you could always sort of do a like a half-and-half or sort of experiment something that’s going to be more savoury I would you know start with like a few dishes that maybe something like a stir fry or something that sort of has an Asian sort of coconutty undertone or bass exactly the things where we sort of added it into our sort of healthy fat take on like a bulletproof coffee is the turmeric coffee so again turmeric is a you know a really high potent awesome ingredients and your body can absorb it better when it kind of has that fat going on with it so we steep coconut milk with coconut yogurt fresh grated turmeric and ground turmeric and a little maple syrup for a little sweetness and thank you so much for sharing your tips on coconut oil and if you want to try some of the treats that she was talking about that sound pretty irresistible you can always come into market kitchen table thank you [Music] you

solid ball of coconut oil

Video Guide: A Great Home Workout for Women

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The Best Diet Plan- I Looked Tighter Through My Waist

 Not a Specific Diet But My Way to Avoid the Crash Dieting Mindset Today we’re gonna talk about the best and worst ways that you can diet to lose weight. When I started I saw there were small changes in shape, I looked tighter […]

Leggings, Sports Bras and Tops: Women’s Workout Gear Review

Women’s Workout Gear Review

I really love when active wear companies do stuff like this because is it just me or are they starting to make products that look exactly the same? Today I have a very highly requested review for you and that is the brand Workout Empire. This is not a sponsored video- I’ve actually purchased from them a couple times myself. I don’t love elastic waistbands generally there’s a few brands that are exceptions that for me, but for the most part they just stick right into your hips and unless you have 10% body fat or lower it just doesn’t look right and it doesn’t feel good.

Video Transcript

I’ve hired welcome back to block miss don’t forget about those beats back there clothesyou see em yes see young all you have to do is keep on keepin on with being really active with vlogmas today I have a very highly requested review for you and that is the brand workout Empire this is not a sponsored video I’ve actually purchased from them a couple times myself that aesthetic though hello Christmas for those of you that have not heard of workout Empire they are a European company they shipped lots of places though to the US in particular it’s $10 shipping unless you spend over 75 and then it’s free everything on their website comes in sizes extra small extra large I got a size small and everything that I’m about to show you I do have all of my measurements down below in this crib Shin for reference also this site has a bomb outlet section like run don’t walk because they have a bunch of things for like under ten dollars the first item that I wanted to show you is called the insignia tank this is one of their newer releases it is.    best workout leggings that aren't see through    $30 it comes in black and white but I got it in the color obsidian I love that word it is the best possible name for black like if I were a bad guy starring in a movie I would want that name thunder wonder rise of obsidian I don’t generally like to wear loose-fitting tank tops to the gym just get up in my business but I actually don’t mind this one I absolutely love the drop arm holes that this one has with this cute little strappy detail these are elastics or anything fancy it’s just strappy fabric it’s made from a polyester spandex material and it is so soft and it’s very moisture wicking I have already worn and washed this a few times and run it through the dryer and it has held up amazingly well a plus for the Obsidian tank here we have I don’t know how to say this word regalia thank you google I hbest leggingsave the tights in the crimson color which is absolutely gorgeous these are $65 they fit pretty true to size a little bit snug but I’d say true to size these have a good two high-rise waistband there is no elastic built into the waste bin but it does have a seam up here at the very top they got the booty pop and curve bum someone really needs to come up with a technical name for this or else I’m just gonna keep making up different names for it every single video they’re made from a polyester elastic material they’re very thick and plushy with a moderate stretch to them they have this ribbed paneling on the calf and on the thigh which is a nice added detail and they happen in our pocket no one cares literally no one uses those you know what out of all the comments I receive on all of my videos never once have I had anyone ask is it have a waistband pocket yes it does have the extra from be bumpy extra fabric these do have a nice crotch gusset this little guy right here which helps with the camel toe you’re not gonna get it unless you’re really hiking I’m up to match with that because I as is the entire Instagram community I’m obsessed with matching sets lately this is already for obviously this is the bra in crimson this set also comes in black navy white and khaki I would say that this is a medium support sports bra it doesn’t come with padquality of old navy activewears but it is double lined the material that it’s made out of is the same leggings are made out of it’s very thick and has a little bit of a slick texture to it it has this unique pintuck material on the back the same as the leggings do a little bit snug is this elastic band on the bottom the second outfit that I have is my favorite one it’s the Insignia outfit so this tank top actually goes with this outfit but I like this sports bra so much that I don’t like to cover it with the tank top the Insignia sports bra comes in this Kian black and then it also comes in a white and black this fabric is very similar to the regalia fabric this is another medium support sports bra it also doesn’t come with cups but itbest workout clothes brands is double lined I love the contrast of the black straps and then it has a really pretty open back with some crisscross detailing and the little logo on the back as well as on the front even though there’s a lot happening with the sports bra it’s actually very comfortable the matching leggings are $69 these come in this khaki color and black they have this really pretty caged detailing on the calf and these leggings have a really nice compression to them overall they do have that seam at the top so I would say it’s moderate tummy control the last outfit that I have is the high performance outfit we’re just gonna get the bra out of the way I got it in a small I couldn’t even fit it over my head so I highly suggest sizing up with this one this one does have removable cut pads it’s really cute it has a really pretcompression pants vs lululemonty design on the back it’s just way too small so that’s really all I can tell you about it oh it was $35 but it is on sale for 17 the matching leggings you have two options for these ones they are the exact same legging however one of them is a low-cut with an elastic waistband and one of them has the high waistband they’re both $65 and they both have a black mesh and a solid white panel on the lake I’m not much for patterns on my active wear but I actually like this pattern they have the logo on the lower leg and then then the one with the elastic waist mint also has the local on the waistband the high waisted leggings don’t let them fool you there actually is an elastic in the waistband it does come up about two or three inches higher than these ones but it’s not just one solid thick compression waistband it does have a little elastic at the top activewear reviewin the description for the high waisted ones it says perfect for all body types like they’re basically admitting that this one is not perfect for all body types  I do prefer the fabric that these leggings are made out of over these two it’s a little bit thinner inch stretch here overall I really do like this brand I would say it’s very similar to something like Nike or Jim shark I like that they’re coming out with pretty unique designs I hope that this video was helpful like I said I was getting lots and lots of requests for it and as always if you have any other brands that you would love to see me review make sure to tell me down below and Leo and I will see you tomorrow as vlogmas continues say bye vlogmas hi you look so handsome like a workout Empire he hates what I do that voice [Music] was that trans-siberian Orchestra in blue you let me down and Spotify you let me down all I wanted was to add that song to my workout playlist nobody.

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