3 Reasons Aging Women Should Fast

By | January 1, 2020

Intermittent Fasting for Today’s Aging Woman

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newspaper - 3 Reasons Aging Women Should Fast

Aging Women Should Be Fasting To Reduce Inflammation

Here in this community we are doing that through the process of intermittent fasting we have created and cultivated an amazing community of aging women who are really going through some of the changes that we tend to go through as we age and not really understand a lot of the reasons why these things are happening to us and we are finding some relief and a new sense of a way of living as we age through this process of intermittent fasting so welcome if you’re joining us for the first time please take a second to hit that subscribe button on YouTube and that little bell icon so you’ll be notified when we go live and for those of us joining us on Facebook welcome again thank you for your patience today make sure you hit that like button and also make sure that you’re set up for notifications so we go live or upload new content so specifically today I’m gonna give you three reasons why I think intermittent fasting is so beneficial to us as aging women I’m going to share a few tips of tricks and I’m gonna give you guys the updates that are going on in our community so so number one reason why a lot of today’s aging women are benefiting from fasting more specifically intermittent fasting is the benefits that it provides to us as a hormone balancing opportunity as we go through the aging process and remember I really do like to define aging as any stage of change that we go through as women so it happens to us as early as our you know adolescence and what we’re going through as far as those hormonal changes it happens again as we get into those childbearing years post child situation so having a baby nursing and then going through Perry mental and then Meno not mental and post-menopause all aging processes how intermittent fasting really does allow our bodies to balance out hormonal II is that we’re just giving it a break everything that we do or everything that we expose ourselves to everything that we put into our body causes some sort of chemical reaction that chemical reaction does cause our harming hormones to fluctuate and oftentimes change if we’re doing everything we’ve always done in a changing body of course things are gonna become out of balance. How can I control my weight without dieting? We can no longer do the things we were doing in our teens our 20s our 30s our 40s for some of us our 50s or 60s our body is just not working the same way that it was we have very specific changes that are going on you can call them good bad or indifferent it doesn’t matter how you define them the reality is they are changes and if you’re not open to facilitating some of that change and you’re not open to adjusting the lifestyle that you have for yourself to accommodate the changes and you’re constantly trying to fight them or holding on to the way you did things. HOW TO GET STARTED ON A KETO DIET NOW. You are going to be out of balance what intermittent fasting does is it creates an opportunity for you to have some change happen the first and foremost thing that we do in a fasted state is absolutely nothing we cause no interference and what our body is designed to do naturally we just give it a break we give it a break from having to digest we give it a break from having to store and we give it a break from having those chemical reactions so we’re just giving it a break when that break is occurring if you do it correctly then your body will start to get itself back into balance it will allow your body to start to operate in the season that it is in not the season you want it to begin but the season that it actually is in based on you or chronological age we are going through seasons so fasting will allow your body to have that balance because you’re not causing interruption and you’re allowing your body to adjust to the season that it’s in by giving it a chance to do nothing the second reason why aging women should be fasting is to reduce inflammation inflammation is the root cause for so many of the health situations that we find ourselves in as we go through the aging process so many women today are suffering from autoimmune disorders. WHAT CAN YOU EAT ON THE KETO DIET? Insulin resistance now transitioning into diabetes were suffering from you know heart disease we’re suffering from you know so many new cases of Bryn’s breast cancer coming up on the surface and in our society of aging women and why is that well do we know that the one common thing that so many people today are suffering from is inflammation. REVERSE DIETING PLAN RESULTS. We often mask that or explain that away as bloating or water retention or just the inability to lose weight remember water is weight if you are holding on to weight that you can’t understand why it’s stinging on your body it’s usually because of some inflammatory reason oftentimes that comes from what we’re putting into our body or what we’re surrounding our body with if you create that opportunity for your body to have to do nothing meaning you’re not creating a new opportunity for some inflammatory response then what your body starts to do is self correct and it starts letting go a lot of that inflammation the first thing that happens when you start fasting correctly as an aging woman is a sudden decrease in weight it’s almost like an overnight sensation where you’ll just wake up one day and you won’t believe the body that you’re living in. HERE ARE THE TOP 10 KETO FOODS. You’ll wonder where all of that that all of that sloughing this went and all that bloat went well it went away with inflammation the inflammation is being pulled out of your body and it’s being released and you’ll have an amazing little drop in weight and you’ll start to feel and look a lot better it’s because of the reduction of inflammation again giving your body the opportunity to do nothing meaning you’re not creating a new inflammatory response so that second reason that all of us should be fasting is the opportunity to reduce inflammation and then the third thing which I know is a lot to wrap our head around is the opportunity to reset our metabolism yes our metabolism naturally slows down as we age it actually starts in our 20s so when you’re like me and you hit that 50-year mark it is very discouraging when you’re exercising your heart out and you’re starving yourself to death and you’re doing all the things that we’ve been told to do to actually get our metabolism to Rev back up and it’s not working it’s because those things that we were told in the past were just not true it just so happens that when your body’s metabolism is naturally working well for you it seems like exercising yourself into the ground. DIETING WEIGHT LOSS TIPS- FLEXIBLE DIETING LIFESTYLE. Dieting things away is what’s working but it’s just that you’re still being able to rely on a very fast metabolism as that naturally starts to decline creating a fasting opportunity will actually help your metabolism reset you actually have the opportunity to reset your metabolic burn rate that happens in a fasted state and more specifically in a clean fasted state and that can be done very easily by intermittent fasting correctly meaning you have a set period of hours in your day that you do nothing to upset that fasting opportunity and that will allow your body to burn through a lot of that insulin resistance that we have backed up and built into our body and allows your body to become a fat-burning machine which then in turns helps you reset your own metabolism so your burn rate becomes a lot higher because you’ve revved up the ability to burn off that stored energy so every woman in my opinion especially if you consider yourself aging should be practicing some form of intermittent fasting again the intermittent fasting protocol or schedule that you set up for yourself is always dependent the lifestyle that you’re choosing for yourself and some of the things that you really want to have the opportunity to heal or correct in your own body the younger you are in my opinion the less I see whatever I don’t want to say that. HOW I INCREASED MY METABOLISM. I think that the the more you can play around with your fasting window and as you age I think it is important for us to realize that we have a lot of things that we need to correct and a lot of things that we need to reset and the best way to do those things is by sticking to a consistent fasting schedule that’s long enough in duration to allow your body to actually get into that self-healing mode and that self-correcting mode or we can reverse some of the damage that we’ve done in the past these are all the things that I teach you and share with you and let you experiment with and really create a foundation for yourself in my intermittent fasting for today’s aging woman course we have had an abundance of new subscribers to our community in the past month or two want to make sure that you all are aware that we do have classes every month for the intermittent fasting beginner aging woman there are three week courses one is launching this Saturday it is really a great opportunity for you to experiment close out all of the misinformation that we are hearing about intermittent fasting because it is such a buzzword these days and really allow you the opportunity to practice some time and consistency for yourself to try to figure out what it is that will work best for you in the lifestyle that you want to create for yourself so like I said we have a course starting on Saturday I would love to have some of our new community members jump in with us so really quickly I’m just gonna recap the three reasons why I think every aging woman should fast one is balance out your hormones two is reduce inflammation and three is the opportunity for your body to reset its metabolism it will slow down naturally on its own but there’s no reason why we should accept that and fasting really has proven to be that thing that really allows us to reset the metabolism back to the way we used to really be able to benefit from it so I’m gonna go ahead and welcome everyone please take a second if you haven’t done so yet to leave me a comment in the comment section if you are a past student of mine let me know which month and year you participated we just passed our two-year anniversary here in this community. FAST METABOLISM DIET- RESULTS AND WHAT HAPPENED? So we have many students who have taken our course and if you are new to the community please take a second to say hello and introduce yourself I would love to formally welcome you to our community on today’s live broadcast and always my rebroadcast members please feel free to also I’m gonna do sir self I do go back through and answer all questions and comments so you are definitely welcome and noticed in this community whether you catch us live or on the rebroadcast okay so Linda sign up for April looking forward to learning Linda I’m super excited to be able to spend some time with you in April so thank you for trusting me with you merrily I send up for April – awesome you guys gonna be friends in the April course I’m super excited for you Laurie signing up for the May course fantastic as soon as our April course starts our registration form a will be open that’s my birthday month so you’ll get to spend May with me I’m super excited about that Rita from North Carolina we are freezing in North Carolina tomorrow I’ll be 39 girlfriend we had a cold front move through here – was it like in the 30s this morning Michael it’s been cold here too so we had a little teaser of spring and now we’re back to cold as well 61 so we’re not gonna complain too much Maria from Chicago nice and sunny congratulations Maria enjoy that for sure um little chilly in Central Florida today what is it with the cold coming through maybe that means we’ll have a nice nice subtle summer time to look forward to Sofia from. TRYING THE KETO DIET? HERE’S HOW TO GET STARTED. Texas welcome girlfriend saloon I think it is thanks for responding to my email of everything you’re doing I’m looking forward to the course awesome girlfriend can’t wait to hang out with you as well and then Tina from Washington State completed my course in February awesome Tina thanks for jumping on live with us for sure are you still offering 250 discount trying to decide no that was something we did last year we’re not doing any discounts on the course in any foreseeable future so definitely don’t hesitate if you think you’re ready just jump on in with us Jodi’s here Ingrid is here Cynthia thanks for jumping on Patti good to have you with us she’s a February graduate for sure Cynthia slowly I don’t know it slowly means hopefully slowly everything’s coming back to normal for you Donna I’ve been watching binge watching your videos on YouTube thanks for all the help and support Oh Donna you’re welcome and thanks for hanging out with us on YouTube I always appreciate you guys hanging out with this there Kristi hello Koshka I think it is she tagged a friend thank you for sharing that with your girlfriend Laura Laura from San Diego I was sick with the stomach virus and now I’m struggling getting back to if’ ok so Laura what are you struggling with I’m just creating a new fasting window and remember anything that you’re suffering from is always cured with a good fasting opportunity so I would say just look at your calendar and pick a night a time tonight that you’re gonna start a new fast and then count how many hours that you want to have a fasting opportunity for yourself to do some deeper healing pick a time tomorrow and then don’t break your fast oh you hit that time it is that simple I always say there’s two questions that you need to ask yourself every single day to be successful in this lifestyle the first one is how long will I fast and the second one is how well will I feast keep it that simple how long will you fast Laura to get yourself back into the if’ a way of living though first fast is the the one that’s gonna take you to the rest of your fasting day so just get that first one under your belt and before you know it you’ll be back in Michelle from Bloomington. DIET FOR WEIGHT LOSS. We welcome our girlfriend October 2018 grad thanks for hanging with us Amy took course last year maybe in July I can’t remember exactly well awesome thanks for hanging out and coming back we always love having our course members still in our community we appreciate you guys and let’s see Amy Ohio is cold and 2018 June and July think awesome girlfriend Michelle my 16 year old daughter struggles with her weights not sure why very active I don’t want her to jump on the diet train and I don’t discuss it try to be a help damn boy yeah what she is is she what she is okay to start I asked yeah so intermittent fasting is that thing that I believe as long as we’re not forcing our children you stick to some specific protocol in my opinion I don’t think fasting is a bad thing one thing that we really realized in our own home about fasting and what we’re doing with our own kids is that we stopped shoving food down their throat so we asked our kids just like I say we asked you know those two questions every day what do you want for breakfast are you feeling hungry and if they say no we no longer shove breakfast down their throat as we push them out the door to go to school we just pack a few extra snacks in their lunch so I would say just don’t force her to eat and let her learn how to be intuitive about what her body needs and then like always you just want to make sure you have really good quality food around and don’t you know exist and like you’re you’re living a good example for her is you know don’t use food as a source of entertainment. HEALTHY METABOLISM BOOSTERS. Away from curing boredom or some sort of reward or punishment system in your house and then I think she’ll probably end up being very healthy around food I mean it’s all those things that we kind of picked up as habits from our past because our parents didn’t know any better so we can’t really blame them for that all we can do is move forward with what we know works for us and what’s sensible for us and what really helps us be healthy mentally emotionally and physically around food so just let her be intuitive don’t shove breakfast down our throat and don’t design your life around food as far as emotional type of satisfactions for that I think she’ll end up being okay but don’t label it either just let her skip a meal if she feels like skipping a meal Amy nice to have you here my friend um let’s see Alison how long does it take before you start seeing results inflammation and weight reduction Alison it all depends on how you’re fasting in your fasting window and what you’re doing in your feasting window and if you’ve identified things that are the root cause of inflammation I was really sick when I started and I didn’t fast correctly so it took me longer than most of the women who take my course so I’ve really been able to kind of like simplify things and cut things down to pretty specific plans of attack to get yourself back into that place of reducing inflammation so it all really depends on what your personal starting point is and what you’re willing to do to get to the result and then all the other variables that go with that will really be whether you do it successfully right away or if it’s gonna take you a little while to justify some of the things you have to let go of Laura you’re welcome for sure and the Linda haven’t been in months ready to get myself together Diane you look different but great thank you I look different I cut my hair maybe that’s it I don’t know um see Shawn girlfriend haven’t seen you for a while still going strong since June 2017 anyone on the fence jump off and into the if’ lifestyle I won’t ever dye it again and just embrace doing nothing yeah Shawn thank you for saying that yeah we you know we do that a lot here too we just say you know let’s do nothing you embrace everything the lack of meal prep the lack of you know packing food to go not having to stop every two hours to eat all of those things really do help you just open up to having a really plentiful and abundant life with things other than food and I think that that’s a really uh ha moment that we all have is that not not everything in life has to be centered around an eating experience there’s a lot of other things that we can really benefit from and really open ourselves up to enjoying if we take food out of the equation and now we know that we can go several hours without having to eat something and we’re gonna be perfectly okay if not even better but it’s that emotional fear of being hungry that really stops us from participating in a fasting opportunity and that’s why we say in this community as well that hungry is where the magic happens and being hungry is not a bad thing being hungry is not a punishment being hungry doesn’t mean you have a lack of hungry is an opportunity for your body to really tap into its resources and heal itself so thank you Shawn for bringing that up I agree with you 100% Brenda from South Africa plagued with UTIs what is the cost of the April course I’m Brenda we have a link in the comment section and you can go to any description in any of my YouTube videos and there’s a link that you can click on and all the information about the course is there and available to you we have lots of ladies from South Africa who have taken our course so all designed that you can do it on your own pace and in your own time zone so we would love to have you for sure it starts on April 6th and then Michelle from Tampa Florida I’m excited for the April course Michelle I’m super excited for you as well Deanna from Colorado and then Jeannie from what time do you start your programs in the mornings for the class um everything every new lesson on a new day is released at 1:00 a.m. Central Standard Time to accommodate our international community of course members so you can do it at your own pace knowing that every single day there’s going to be a new lesson for you to check into and then from that point on it’s pretty much a self-paced course so I have designed it so that you have every opportunity to be successful once you get yourself registered so I’d love to have you as well and I think that’s everyone who’s left to comment I love it when you guys are so eager to share with us Amy this adding collagen powder to black coffee break your fast yes it definitely does anything that you put into your body that is going to cause some sort of response other than healing will break your fast so those are those little things those little pieces of information that are floating out there that have really kept women in that space of lingo of lingo not lingo limbo limbo of getting the the best healing opportunity possible and so you have to ask yourself like what is that about collagen powder in my coffee that is so important to me that I can’t just forgo it and get a clean fasting opportunity and those are those aha moments that a lot of us have when they’re when we’re inside the course that really make us get that feeling of what the energized sense of calm is and then we just put our collagen protein into another opportunity throughout our 24-hour period of each day to benefit from the collagen but not take ourselves out of that fasting opportunity that is going to get you to that deep healing point which will balance out your hormones reduce inflammation and reset your metabolism Gloria is it better to vary your fasting window from day to day yes and no so yes when you’re at the point that you’re completely healed and you are emotionally able to jump in and out of different fasting protocols without messing with your head and a big part of our intimate fasting for today’s aging woman course is the emotional healing aspect and letting go of a lot of past things that we believed about food or past habits that we have ingrained in us on how we utilize food within our day when you get healed then I say yeah if you can handle you know fluctuating your fasting protocol and you’re not gonna freak out if something doesn’t go perfectly yeah absolutely in the beginning when you really have some things that you’re trying to heal or balance out I strongly suggest time and consistency within the same fasting window so that your body can actually get into that deep fasted state without having to go into some prolonged or extended fasting and that’s really where we focus the most opportunity within the course is that extended amount of time within 24 hours that’s gonna maximize your healing opportunity and really get you into that fat adaptive state without having to go into anything that’s gonna go outside of what we call intermittent fasting which is that 24 hour window and then Maria confessing me part of one’s life or when we get healed we need to stop no you should fast forever and ever and ever and just build in flexibility so we AB and Flo are fasting now depending on like what we’re doing in our life we don’t fast as as consistently when we’re on vacation because we’re on vacation we fast really consistently at home because it makes us feel so good and the way we used to live our life wasn’t making us feel as optimized as we feel today so fasting isn’t a diet it’s not a time you know expiration date type of thing it’s not something you’re trying to get to a specific goal it’s something that we really believe that you should do with the end in mind meaning like there’s no end date to it you’re gonna keep doing it to just keep your body healthy and keep yourself energized and to really take advantage of some of the anti-aging properties and benefits that fasting do for your body in your body chemistry so yeah you should be able to fast for however many years or decades or lifetime that you want to it all is just dependent on the lifestyle that you want to create for yourself for sure Denise exactly if’ is best for those of us who like no fuss easy peasy yeah for sure it is the simplest way to live your life around food without having to live your life without food which I know seems a little bit strange to think about when you think about fasting and the opportunity that we create in our day to do nothing with you know so we don’t have food in that window but what it does is it really opens up an opportunity for so many different experiences and so many different opportunities to be involved in your life and so what I really realized when I first started fasting my little aha moment was when I was able to eat dinner with my family and as a chronic dieter and someone whose dieted my whole life and taught dieting techniques by the time you get to dinner you’re usually out of your calorie count or you know you’ve maxed yourself out for the day and I can remember sitting pouting with my family because I didn’t have any calories left that I could consume in my 1200 calories per day and so I would often prepare a dinner and not participate in dinner and what I’ve really loved about the intermittent fasting lifestyle that I’ve created for myself is that I fast when my family is busy doing their life and when we all come together for dinner and have our family time that’s when my feasting window is open and I can actively and consciously and mindfully participate with my family in exactly what they’re doing I no longer count calories I don’t count macros I am just very conscious and aware of the foods that I consume and how they look how they make me look and feel and I happily live around food despite the fact that the majority of my day is spent in a fasted state and I think that’s another one of those big aha moments and sort of a freeing experience that we all realize is that you can be happy around food and you can take the I’m not allowed and I can’t have statements out of your life because you now have an opportunity to choose to include whatever it is that’s gonna make you happy and whatever it is is gonna make you look and feel your best so it does allow you the opportunity to really create some true authenticity for how you want to live and it’s very freeing it’s very opening and it’s a lot of fun once you really start to grab a hold of all of those things that you really enjoy that do allow you to UM to look and feel your best patty tried MTT oil how did it go for you creamer it was powdered form I didn’t like it yeah we don’t like it either the thing that freaked us out about MCT oil is we were drinking it out of a starbucks cup right and the lid to the Starbucks cup melted because of the MCT oil we were like that seems scary and then Michael and I both got like a really weird like allergic reaction to it almost like an intolerance to it so we ditched it um it wasn’t for us I know a lot of people who really benefit from it and I say hey go for it if that’s you but for us we couldn’t do it at all does MCT oil break your fast yes it does mm-hmm and again there’s varying levels and depths of fasting in this community the way I teach it here is anything except water will break your fast for everyone some people can tolerate coffee and tea some people cannot that’s where you have to do your own personal inventory and evaluation and the experimentation of coffee works for you and it isn’t a tool that you can utilize definitely do it but it has to be black same thing with tea and then for some people coffee and tea just doesn’t work for them it doesn’t get them into that deep I’m healing level of fasting and so if you’re that person you just gotta ditch it until you get your body healed and then you can reevaluate some things Laurie when fasting schedule does everyone do each day um again that’s a personal thing I teach for healing purposes and the three reasons we discussed today so balancing hormones reducing inflammation and resetting your metabolism I highly recommend a 20 hour clean fast with the for our feast with Aikido like life style is how we define it here in this commune for healing purposes but again you have to experiment and figure out what it is that you want for yourself Denise what if you have hypoglycemia any advice fasting is the cure-all for hypoglycemia hypoglycemia is a sugar addiction and dependency problem that your body chemistry has so it’s used to eating every couple of hours and being able to utilize and count on that new source of calorie intake and glycogen glucose all the stuff that your body wants to easily burn off and use as energy and it doesn’t want to have to work to get into those fat stores and so that’s where we get the eat hunger eat hunger eat hunger type of feeling I used to be a total hypoglycemic person I would be in tears literally had to take food everywhere I went it was horrible fasting has eliminated all of that but you have to go through that first week of really getting your body not not dependent on that new caloric intake and get it fat adaptive and working to find it’s stored energy to to utilize for an energy source so once you get there you’re home free in your hypoglycemia will no longer be something that you have to define yourself by so it definitely works for sure Roberta can you join the master class at any time or are there certain dates for enrollment we usually have the enrollment open the week or so between a class ending so graduates and a new class starting so our master class big lesson which is the master class will be on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Central Standard Time it will be recorded we will close registration for the master class on the 2nd of April so that is tomorrow so if you want to get into the master class which is for our graduates only you have to register by tomorrow I want everyone in and in place for the 3rd and then our subject of discussion for April will be extended fasting different types of extended fasting how you can support extended fast and how you can start practicing increasing your fasting window to get yourself to some of those longer fast if you like and we’re going to do some mind set train toward that as well so if there’s gonna be a big month for us but you want to make sure you’re registered by tomorrow for sure let’s see let’s see Sean every day but flexible ok thanks ok thanks Sean for commenting to her on that one and then our M on third week and my fasting have not lost any if you’re in are intermittent fasting course and you haven’t lost any weight by the third week that I usually like to ask you what it is you’re doing in your fasting in your feasting window if you’re not in my course I can’t help you because I don’t know exactly what you’re doing I have a very specific way of teaching you how to fast and most women in the course do you see something within the first week or so so I would suggest jumping in the course if you want to see some changes for sure ok I think that’s it we are gonna jump out of here and go pick up our little daughter from school I’m wearing my Kentucky shirt today to represent our poor UK team who fell out of the March Madness yesterday and didn’t make it to the final floor we were heartbroken that they fell out of the competition yesterday so I’m wearing my Kentucky shirt to show my my my new team of my love for sure is it better to fast without coffee Suzanne is asking yes and no it’s all dependent on you if you can metabolize coffee well I would say utilize that it’s a great tool it’s a great way to get a little boost of energy it’s a great way to offset some appetite type of feelings that you might have so it helps your hunger hormones balance out a little quicker but if you can’t metabolize coffee don’t pick up a habit that you don’t need to to have and so we have done both we’ve done fasting with coffee we’ve done fasting without coffee and I just kind of go with how my day is feeling anymore these days and if I feel like coffee more for the warmth and like the comfort feeling of it then I’ll have a cup of coffee and it’s black if I feel like it’s a day I just don’t want to bother with coffee then I just drink my water and I do just as well so it all really depends on how you are emotionally and mentally handling and physically handling your fasting and what you feel like doing in any you know in any part of your day or your season of fasting for sure I probably won’t do coffee as much when it gets warmer I’ll probably stick to my on to my cold water and that’s fine too so it’s not necessary it’s just a choice Linda is I am dangerous if you have insulin resistance high you know everyone pretty much has insulin resistance it’s something that builds up slowly over time and is the precursor to diabetes so insulin resistance can actually be balanced out and corrected with intermittent fasting so remember insulin resistance is a is when your cells are kind of clogged up and backed up from what we’ve done over time where we haven’t had the opportunity to deplete them and fasting is what depletes your cells and gets rid of insulin resistance so it is the cure for insulin resistance for sure so if you’re feeling like your insulin resistant I would jump into intermittent fasting before you become pre-diabetic and I was insulin resistance and that insulin resistant and that led to me becoming diabetic a couple of years ago so it will help for sure we get over there mm-hmm okay so we’re gonna close it out for today three reasons why I think every aging woman should practice fasting more specifically intermittent fasting again our course is starting on April the 6th if you’re a beginner we would love to have you with us I answer a lot of your questions in there and really do give you some time to practice what will work for you as far as intermittent fasting goes if you’ve been struggling don’t hesitate jump in with us we would love to have you and then you could be part of our graduate community as well for my graduate community our master class does start on the 3rd I will go live inside of there and teach you guys a little bit about extended fasting and some pros and cons what we can do to mentally prepare ourselves for some extended fasting and how you can ease your body into extended fasting to really benefit from some of the deep on cellular and DNA repair that can occur when you really start getting into some of those longer fast so hopefully you will join us if you are a graduate check your email an email went out about how to register and if you need information always feel free to email me and I’ll give you that as well Wednesday we will be joining you live and we’ll be discussing another intermittent fasting for today’s aging woman topic that will hopefully help you understand a little bit more about intermittent fasting and help you create a lifestyle that will allow you to look and feel your best and live your most authentic life as we go through this aging process thanks for joining us today I’ll see you guys on Wednesday.

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