My Take on “All Natural” Weight Loss Products?

When you are contemplating your dieting plan, how vital do those two little words, “All Natural” become to you? To many people, this is an instant guarantee, and now they can rest assured that all of their weight loss dreams will miraculously become realities and there will not be any adverse side effects of hurting them physically or even emotionally.

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All Natural

“All Natural” seems to imply to many people that everything else is okay as long as what they are taking is all natural. Not only is assuming that just because something is all natural that it is healthy foolish, but it can also be very hazardous to your health.

One all natural substance is frequently used as an anesthetic and also to kill people and used as a tool for hunting because of its unique ability to almost instantly paralyze the nervous system of whatever living flesh it comes into contact with.


While that may be an extreme case, does that sound in any way beneficial or healthy to you? Does it sound like something that you would want to have a class of, or even take a pill with your morning coffee? It is after all, all natural, so it has to be okay and also good for you right?

Now that may be an extreme example, but it should point out the folly and irrational belief that just because something is all natural that it is right for you.

Nothing could be further from the truth and this holds only as true with many of those “all natural weight loss cures” that can be purchased in almost any corner store.

Before You Begin Any Weight Loss Plan

While it is indeed advisable to consult a licensed and certified medical professional before you begin any carbs diet or weight loss plan, we both know that not very many people are going to do that no matter how strongly it is recommended to them and often for a good reason.

Weight Loss Goals

Such a visit to dietitians and personal physicians can often reveal things that you did not know that can have a severe impact on your weight loss goals and the diet plan that you intend to use to get there.

Many times, physical problems are just as much to blame for excess weight gain as personal circumstances and psychological reasons are. Still, the fact remains that not many people are going to go to all of the expense and trouble of consulting with their physician or finding a licensed and certified dietitian.

So what is the alternative?

Reading Labels

The very least that you should do is to read the label of any product before you consume it. You need to be sure that there is not going to be anything in there that will artificially alter your metabolism or have any very un-natural effects, no matter how natural the product itself may be.

Apart from that, it is always a good idea to gain information regarding what you are trying to do. Finding a comprehensive guide to boosting metabolism that helps you to understand your personal needs is still going to be more beneficial than an all natural substance that you can pick up at any grocery store in the pharmaceutical section.