Alternatives To Squats

By | October 30, 2019

Try This No-Squat Leg Workout

  • Learn some alternatives to squats and deadlifts.
  • Examples of alternative exercise to squats for bad knees.
  • A barbell squat alternative with dumbbells.
  • What are some good squat alternatives bad hips?
  • A good workout substitute for squats- balance ball squats.
  • Squat alternatives for when you have a bad back.

What Alternatives To Squats Are There For Bum Or Butt?

This is the best substitute for squats! Good afternoon guys and welcome back to another video so today I wanted to number one let’s address the blackmail situation I am just back from shopping. I went shopping with my mom this morning and we went to TK Maxx. What are the benefits of intermittent fasting for women? so as you guys know my sister is in Dubai right now and she’s moved over there for two years to work and we were antiquey Max and then a happy news typical pound bond and Asda I am like their home section looking for things we can take over for her because use officer got an apartment but it’s very basic and and I’m going over there on the 18th so I’m just kind of trying to get some things like next tables and ornaments and candles and that kind of stuff to take over with me and I’ve got a bad case however some things I got were to Becca much we’ll show you in a second but I got but today’s video I didn’t want to do a feel by unity that do I cannot do them both the time but I thought I would do my no squats like workout and incorporate intermittent fasting so I’m doing likes today will train in like city but I didn’t want to do squats because I feel like I’ve been squatting a lot lately and I’m just wanting to kind of not do that today so I’ve already squatted the LA on and the week I think it was Sunday so I you know can have done that anyway so we’ll see I’m going to do it and no squat leg workout I think I’ll use a hack squat machine but just not any actual barbell squats and and just show you how to mix up your leg workouts if you’re kinda suck of doing the same compound movement all the time and I know math that’ll show you what a pre-workout and post-workout is well just to show you you know weight before and after the gym but okay going to some broken I’m like even cut and I I’m just about a hike up and oh wait I am yeah also that’s put your things happened to me today I don’t know what to s so I was on snapchat earlier and it’s gonna have me snapchat I will show you my name right now my snapchat is just Stephanie Moyer my name and I have 150,000 views on their normally average like 5,000 a day because I mean not everybody so you see snapchat that’s happened to me twice what happened about two weeks ago and it’s happened to today in every area check is higher and higher so I’ll check that’s about four or five hours ago and it was about 80,000 and it was half 133,000 so I also post probably more on snapchat story than I do it and stick story so go and follow me on there if you want it’s just Stephanie more I’ll make sure you spell it right because my name is spelt weird and I’m not going to show you what I got and what did I get the cushions from I think it was as though let me just let me see so our bathroom I’m trying to bring some pink into the house because I’m going to be redoing my office like I’ve told you before so I just got this I mean this is nothing fancy a really basic and a bath mat from an Asda and then I’ve got these nice tables from our set as well so everything it’s kind of pinky I also got the which vault that’s like a soap dispenser and a toothbrush holder also I need to clean my matter so let’s just not even go there but I’ve got these nice paint I mean these were 30 pound for pink pebbles but yet like I said I’m doing at my office right now so I really want to be banging and pink and two other videos off the house this is me packing for Dubai and these cushions I’ve got from a sister for heart loving room I mean these were from Asda Isobel are interest in intermittent fasting, yet the ouster yes as the home they were I’m gonna say like seven pound or ten pound one of the two but aren’t they just I’m using I am hold on no I am NOT a huge anteater like a MT do is not my forte just like fashion it’s not my forte and makeup not my forte and but so I then don’t spend like a lot of money on things I would spend good money on like a bed and a mattress and that kind of thing and like a couch something that you have comfort and but in terms of saline I don’t see the point in buying really really expensive cushions when you can literally get a nice pink fluffy one for six or seven or ten pound it’s not in a much better than 10 pound it’s ruined about their enemy and then she got as my mum got a heard this she got an HP bath mat actually I’m showing you all this their skin a bath mat from where is that from was a little I don’t know I can I want to see it was Tiki max Tiki Madison my favorite shop and a fly on it by the way but model the story I’m doing my office up and I’m doing it white paint as gold that kind of color so what we are going to be kind of bringing more pink into the house pink is I hate pink I hate I hate pink but pink is not my favorite color and honestly my whole weight and miss pink and all the stuff away from my house no pink I do like it and Houston I just don’t personally read it myself I’m bringing pension and terms off like can event a couple whole vape so I’m gonna show you my pen choice board actually for the house do they actually have one good question and because I very much do like that can a bull vibe and but house right now is very much more kind of like tropical velvet mixed with don’t actual in all so I do like I cannot ba ba faith and everything that’s kind of boho it does have touches of pink in it can you even see that kind of not really okay this camera doesn’t focus very well and so yeah there’s a lot of a lot there’s a lot of blue in this house already but you can’t but it’s old dark blue so we can bring in pink with dark blue and so obviously Bohol but it’s very much has that kind of kind of velvety kind of look but it’s terms of my office so for example that’s the color room’s kind of blue like that straight now and I want to obviously bring in the pink elements and try and just make it have a floor throughout the house that’s kind of what we’re trying to do here so and office and spore is definitely very much like this babe very like wait pink Gold’s you can’t even see that what is happening with this camera that’s kind of idea so that’s where I went to take him out to see what I could pick up and they didn’t get into TK Maxx clearly not I got this stuff of Asda and everything from Asda I got and I think I’ve spent like forty pound and so yeah that’s my interior designer haul for this video she also got these candles so Marco is a Gemini and main is over here and it says Libra honor and I believe let me just check these were also from Asda yep they were also asked and just something something specific what I mean by a room is very much blue and I’m wanting to you know just bring in our flames or empty bring in some pink and just kind of you’ve got a lot of red it’s a lot of blue and weird I want to get rid of the red replace it with the pink and get new bedding so our baton is honestly it’s I don’t like it I don’t like this major over Garron so we’re going to replace all this just nice and white with some paint cushions and it’ll hopefully go with the the blue vibe so it’s my office right now it does have a lot of pink in it but the issue don’t look at miss and the issue at hand is the fact that we have a bed here so I want to get rid of the bed and make this more of an office because right now it s just a bedroom and it really needs to be more of an office space yeah so no man Tito does a no husband so other to get myself unready I have actually eyelashes on today because why not and get myself unready and get myself changed for the gym like I said look be a leg workout so have my smoothie I’ll get some sausage for the gym and then work for like an hour and then I will head here donate to train some legs the agenda for this afternoon guys I cleared my cupboard this morning because there was just so much rubbish in it and I thought this organized and I found the veto bar how do you not know that you own of equal bar that kinda blew my mind but how organized is s no look I kind of like the top section the most s is like stuff with my finger stuff for baking and then there is like what’s the right policies beans and all that kind of stuff and it is two sauces Spacey’s then it isn’t like the bread and pastor taco shell section and then my breakfast section that’s a bit for section the snack covered at the bottom looks really sad but I’m really happy that we found the fecal bar so technically technically it’s not that sad but this is my cupboard first go over what weights up volumes good enough and has been exercised number [Music] [Music] baby [Music] oh it’s C deadlift us ie the professor nation [Music] No oh my god I don’t know they’ll I said let’s change back because I’ve not been doing those weights I’ve been chosen you wait [Music] but you see for some people that haven’t done it talk it’s for doctors to be okay [Music] so obviously yes so okay maybe like sex sex go quick fire onions peppers beans so pause Marco is going to be then obtained because it is currently seven o’clock I normally have my dinner by seven o’clock eight o’clock every night and Ted tends to be my hunger when doing it I would like to add a tip for those of you that either are bulking on a caloric surplus or just can’t meet your calories in general I know that a lot of you actually struggle with that it’s a lot as a really common question I get is how do you actually eat the amount of calories that you’re trying to eat so how do you meet your goals this is a nice home school smelly I don’t recommend from the gym I change into druggies so if I rotate leggings if you feel like you get filler quicker so I’ve baggy jockeys so that there are more lifts and my stomach can find more that sounds like one of those trucks used to be done tumbler years ago but like the opposite way it’s like with tight leggings so you eat less well actually we’re doggies so you eat more that and honestly I have to say I’m eating my den I’m wearing tight leggings I start to get uncomfortable because the band starts tugging in and you’re kind of like oh I feel a bit filled through a jockeys no problem and for dessert so I told you I’m going to be having tofu and Max beans with a bunch of vegetables and race and the teriyaki sauce I said then I make about four or five times a week it really is just simple it’s easy it takes me 10 15 minutes max buy a Mac so really hungry so mark was having burgers for his dinner and just picked up the bag of frozen sweet potato where G’s from taste for sixty two scoops little chips my friend not fries chips we’re in Scotland and he is having burgers and chips he just wanted something quick and easy he’s gone not he’s not going to be home till nine o’clock tonight so and just wanted something like that to eat so we got these from Tex called your sweet potato chips and what is that Oh sister Rock the label so I am actually just going for some of them on Israel just for me to have on the side aren’t gonna have this nor should you make your own yes do I normally make my own yes but am I being lazy and convenient and just add in an extra calories and easily yes yes I am so both having said also how do we feel about black nails so they’re black but they’re all mat apart from this one because it has a moon and stars on it as I’m gonna focus let me see it’s trying to focus on my eye II would on hold on I may get it we may get it no I don’t think it’s good work new from there maybe from there you can see it so just black nails basically I must be able to do some kind of flake teenage rebellion phase just like we don’t black wear black nails eat frozen sweet potato whoa whoa also I don’t know what exercise it was I want to say it was hamstring curl like vaginal camping as well I feel like just I’d leave to do certain exercises and it maybe uses a muscle you shouldn’t have I feel like that happened on the hamstring curl I kind of went about sideways my vagina was used and now it’s kind of is counter for me not you need to slow that butt keeping it real there could be opposite in the German regarding your private areas if you’re not careful so be careful when you have Shankar Allah or you mate rep or cool your batiti okay okay okay I’ll hold does anyone still watch kal-el I have watched her for literally years she’s just as an artist like her she’s just so normal left on a path toward a capacitor all the other current videos are like half an hour long there’s ones that are complete darkness and she’s talking I’m like I’m here I am up for that and but she didn’t do on weight loss right now so I wanna watch it see if I need to move to LA be our new best friend and you know be gym buddies that kind of thing Oh like I left my local oh please just enter there I’m Devlin orange about I mean I spend all day long and that type of behavior I study psychology I know that’s not the definition of an entry back sorry maybe I’m the introduction needs and her life why not all too much but please haha why does this just look so good I eat it nearly every single day and every day it just looks better and better also I never had sex vegetables I had three so that’s really sad [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so yes the know is very much a technical dinner for me and like I said I’ve had it like every single day and dailies between about 850 calories to thousands depends on one what’s also use and two and what races so I don’t judge me on the plastic but really just bought this whole green and quinoa race from tears for that you may crave that’s higher in calories than just regular brown rice so then it’s here on My Fitness Pal tofu obviously you can see that tofu broccoli speed baby corn carrots I use quite a lot of sauce and half a ton of beans I’m going to put link juice on top not even coats and and then that and we’ve got a thousand calories and for that that is 52 grams of protein 20 grams of fat 859 carbs so that is just the dinner and like you’ve seen in my last video I had two starter so know I start or some kind of sage so today we’re having the sweet potato fries which are probably I’m gonna get another at least 200 calories maybe and it doesn’t look like that many butts cause I picked the biggest ones I’ve alway them oh and tell you how much they are and but either and only have them or something like these ty cockers on the side or as restore and my last video I had like ready-mades nibbles a feel like from Marks and Spencers so here is complete meal stomach check the calories but I’m going to see it so roughly 1200 1300 for then I’m actually starving I’m still hungry at leg day I am always so much fun gear but I tend T it simpler for the anyways so it doesn’t be he I would just need to 0 that’s all so to finish off this video I am do is head your best and prep in my dessert so as you guys know I have a stash of chocolate and my freezer at all times every single day I have chocolate it’s just what makes my soul happy so I have it so I’m having I’ll get you off that a minute I’m having government team nothing fancy standard high school peppermint tea and I’ve also just completely took em scared and everything off because I’m going to do this and another do and then have a show up so one is ready for said sure but for the chocolate I will take you to my freezer if you have not hired you can’t believe for milk chocolate bottom jet new members have not experienced life as life is supposed to be experienced so that’s how I’m going to call that the video hope you guys enjoyed it give a thumbs up Mike’s afraid do all the fun stuff you’re supposed to do and I watch you guys but money for my next video.