An Easy Mediterranean Keto Meal- Low Carb With Healthy Fats

By | March 3, 2020

Easy Mediterranean Keto Meal, Low Carb With Healthy Fats!

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What’s up guys welcome back to my channel it is dinnertime I am gonna be sharing with you guys tonight how I make a Mediterranean keto style dinner for me in my family my son is here in the background saying cheese mama has the camera out so this is the only time I have right now to make a video for you guys and I really want to show you this is a style food that I make quite a bit because a couple months ago I think it was like a few months ago now actually because it was still warm outside I didn’t mean that video on Mediterranean keto and why I shifted my keto lifestyle more towards that was eating and I’ll link that video above if you missed it alright so there have been a lot of studies recently that have shown that there may be links and whole benefits to eating like your ancestors which for me someone is cutting a lot of molars and she’s really cranky and 1/2 hours all day long and for me that is mostly Sicilian and Eastern European so that makes sense why I Mediterranean keto is perfect for me why I feel so good on it so tonight I wanted to show you a super easy meal that you can grab on the go or make homemade and today we were short on time which is why I grabbed it when we’re at Costco and but it’s so simple you can make it at home to two things salmon and pesto butter easy easy peasy lemon squeezy this is called salmon Milano from Costco and it is so good so it only has one gram of net carbs and the top of it is just pesto butter so you can easily whip that up at home if you have butter and pesto and a little bit of dill that’s all it has you guys on top of a salmon fillet so I cooked it for 25 minutes at 400 degrees and this is the trick to know if your salmon is done take it out and push your finger on the salmon you want it to bounce back towards you a little bit do you see how that bounce back at me a little bit if it doesn’t you know you overcooked it so I eat mine with a couple of these colossal olives stuffed with garlic and jalapeno that I also grabbed at Costco I was gonna have them over a salad but I forgot my shopping list at home yes I still write mine out old-school style on a piece of paper it’s just easier for me and I forgot it so instead of having it over a salad I just had some olives I’m gonna have to go back to the store tomorrow and get some lettuce for us but this was an amazing dinner I’ll post the macros here for you as well and this was our dinner tonight so if the Mediterranean keto lifestyle is a newer to you this is a really easy dinner to start with and if you don’t cook a whole lot or if you don’t know a whole lot of time this is a really easy meal that you can grab that’s just already done for you or if you didn’t plan and you just forgot didn’t defrost something that happens to me sometimes I I totally get it if you’re a busy parent like me that’s really easy I think Costco has that prepared most of the time I can just run out there and grab it come home I’ll be done in 30 minutes make a salad on the side or just whatever so that’s a really easy go-to meal I’ll link my video below on how to get started on the Mediterranean keto diet and what is the Mediterranean keto diet what kind of foods are you going to be eating can you drink red wine should you be drinking white wine because I know in the Mediterranean diet the traditional Mediterranean diet that’s talked about a lot so I go over all that stuff in my other video that I posted it was a few months ago it was still warm outside it was summertime so and whenever I just looked at that video guys I noticed that I was heavier I can see a difference so let me know in the comments below if you can tell a difference in my face so thank you guys so much for watching this video if you haven’t subscribed yet go ahead and hit that button down below and hit the bell to get notified when I post new videos I’ll see you guys in the next one wherever you’re at in your keto journey keep going.

It Only Has One Gram of Net Carbs