12 Week Beginner’s Exercise Program

By | February 5, 2020

Are you a beginner to exercise? Are you worried that you’ll look silly if you go to a gym or fitness center? Are you unsure how far you can walk or run?
If you’re an exercise newbie, you should start with a workout program that’s specifically designed for those who are just beginning their exercise plan. Beginners, especially, need to start slow.

  • Eventually, you’ll progress so that you can exercise five days a week!
  • But it would be best if you initially began at a pace and time limit that’s comfortable for you.
  • This easy plan will turn you into a fitness buff in just 12 weeks, even if you can only exercise for five or ten minutes right now.
  • Just follow this week-by-week guide, and you’ll be slimmer and fitter in three months:

[NOTE: If the first week seems too easy for you, start at the second or third week. If, at any time, a week in the plan seems too challenging, repeat that week until it’s comfortable.]

Week 1: Three days this week, walk for ten minutes. You can do this any way you find comfortable. Some people prefer to walk all ten minutes at once. Others may choose to walk for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening. Choose a pace that’s easy for you. You should be able to carry a conversation while you walk. HOW I STAY MOTIVATED TO EXERCISE.

Week 2: Three days this week, walk for ten minutes. But walk for ten minutes all at one time! Again, your pace should be comfortable. If you feel you’re exerting yourself too much, don’t be afraid to slow your speed or even stop until you’re rested. If you must, repeat this week until you can comfortably walk ten consecutive minutes.

Week 3: Four days this week, walk for ten minutes. Like last week, you’ll be walking consecutive minutes. However, this time you’ll be adding a fourth day. It’s best to avoid successive days–Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday–for your exercise. Get in the habit now of adding a rest day to your schedule. You may decide to walk on Sunday and Monday, then rest on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then walk again on Thursday and Friday.

Week 4: Increase the amount of time you spend walking by two minutes. So four days this week you’ll be walking twelve minutes instead of ten. Feel free to add some light stretching at the end of your walks. HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR EXERCISE GOALS.

Week 5: You’ll again increase the amount of time you spend walking. For four days this week, walk for fifteen minutes. You’re now exercising for an hour each week!

Week 6: By this time you should be feeling pretty confident, so we’re going to boost your walking time again. Four days this week, walk for eighteen minutes. Add three minutes of light stretching to the end of two of your walks.

Congratulations! You’re halfway through the program!

Week 7: Four days this week, walk for twenty minutes. One day this week, do five minutes of light strength training. This could be leg lifts, pushups off a wall, bicep curls (use soup cans as weights), or stomach crunches. It’s best to purchase a book or video to show you how to perform these exercises correctly.

Week 8: Three days this week, walk for twenty-five minutes. You’ve dropped back on the number of days you’re walking, but you’ve increased the time by five minutes instead of two or three. Two days this week, do five minutes of light strength training. Don’t forget to do your light stretching after two of your walks.

Week 9: Three days this week, walk for thirty minutes. Congratulations! You’ve completed a full thirty minutes of activity! Two days this week, do ten minutes of light strength training. Take plenty of breaks if needed to keep your workout from being too strenuous. Start stretching after each of your walks.

Week 10: Three days this week, walk for thirty minutes. Again, pick up the pace if you feel comfortable. Two days this week, do twelve minutes of light strength training. 9 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT- WHAT’S WORKED FOR ME.

Week 11: This is the week to increase intensity slightly. If you haven’t picked up the pace yet during your walks, try walking just a bit quicker this week. If that isn’t comfortable, however, trying walking briskly only during the first five minutes of your turn. Then you can settle back to your average pace. Two days this week, do fifteen minutes of strength training. And don’t forget to stretch after your walks!

Week 12: This is your final week! Celebrate your success by walking briskly for thirty minutes, three days this week. Do two days of light strength training and stretch after your walks.

read + video beginner workout program

Congratulations! You now engage in cardio exercise three days each week for thirty minutes, plus you do thirty minutes of strength training each week.

  1. As you progress, you can continue to increase the time you spend exercising, or you can increase the intensity at which you exercise.
  2. Do not increase both time and intensity in one week, however. Just pick one or the other.
  3. Remember: Always exercise at a pace and intensity level that’s comfortable for you. Do not try to push yourself too hard during the beginning stages.

Also, always check with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Let your doctor know your intended exercise plan so he/she can determine if you’re physically able to start the program.