Avocado Oil

Uses of Avocado Oil for Skin and Hair Benefits

Along with coconut oil, fish and olive oil, avocado oil is one of my favorite nutritional oils. Not only do they help you lose weight when introduced in a proper diet, but they’re great for your skin hair and nails.

Video Transcript

I want to introduce you today to a friend of mine now I seen you in front of me I have a little bottle of growth and color now ever color opens oil made from avocados actually in fact we’ve got about 16 to 18 avocados and everything oh and the reason why I’m particularly fond of this the style or at the moment is number one avocado oil is high in vitamins and nutrients and all the one more antioxidants that make make up quite a healthy diet but as well as being very very good for you this avocado oil is also exceptionally versatile and what’s more they’re in a kitchen in something that’s versatile so i can use this avocado oil firstly as a drizzle on salad so i can just basically put straight over a lovely mixed leaf sell Christmas mix leaf salad and there will be a fantastic dressing salad dressing because number one tastes amazing it’s awesome most fantastic green enough you can get this from a try this is fantastic green color as you ever begin that but that’s fantastic so you can simply drizzle over a sound and what I gots amazing little surgeries and going on there and it doesn’t you can literally drink it so the flavor here is not overpowering that avocados it’s actually a very light and rather enjoyable palate sensation where you’re getting just a hint of avocado but also the creaminess that you know comes along with other partners so it’s fantastic just drove ourselves but where this all becomes an amazingly versatile is you can use it also for high temperature cooking which makes it quite exceptional unlike old wall well I’ll go I love our warm i love available but i’m not going to pour all of all over my steaks and then thrown onto a bar with you because what’s going to happen to that olive oil is going to burn really really easily because I’ll gold has what we call in very low smoke point so it burns in a very low temperature this guy here you could deepthroat that if you want to another I suggest that you deep fry and waste your beautiful avocado oil but you can use it for high to what you’re cooking so I could slather some amazing states with this ever cutter oil and then throw up directly onto the BBQ and have no fear that that ever cut it all is going to burn I could put it into a pan and cook a steak in a pan or you know I think I could stir fry with you and I could put it into a walk so I’m I’m eat my vegetables and have this most amazing stir-fry and what am i what I’m getting is flavor why I’m getting us all those wonderful vitamins and nutrients that we know are already available avocados and I’m getting it in one bottle it’s fantastic so this little ball it’s not going to set you back a huge fortune either it’s really bad price and believe it on what you can pick it up in any if you’re honest read anymore woolworths from bullies or getting cold stores comes in a couple of flavors at the moment we’ve got the natural just straight ever color war but also that’s amazing one that’s infused with lime which is quite spectacular if you’re doing a bit of sea food cooking so in Australia’s available water please and holes and you Zealand as well this is where its strongly like myself it’s a bit of a new zealand book it’s available in new zealand also as well and it’s going to be one of the best oils that you can have in your kitchen that’s a real go to thank you you.