Nutrients List: Avocado

By | January 6, 2023
A table with an avocado on it and two of the fruits split open, revealing the buttery green flesh within

Ah, avocados! These most delightful of fruits have been called the “alligator pear” due to their shape, or simply the “butter fruit”. But did you know that these tasty gems are actually classified as a berry? Rich in nutrition and vitality, avocados boast more potassium than bananas – an excellent post-workout snack! Amazingly, some avocado trees can live up to 300 years – a long time indeed for one tree to bear fruit. So be sure to enjoy the deliciousness of avocados today!

NutrientAmount per Avocado (DV%)
Vitamin K:26.2 mcg/avocado (32% DV)
Vitamin C:10.1 mg/avocado (17% DV)
Folate:81 mcg/avocado (20% DV)
Vitamin B5:1.3mg/avocado (13% DV)
Potassium:485 mg/avocado (14% DV)
Vitamin B6:0.2mg/avocado (10% DV)
Vitamin E:2.7mg/avocado (18% DV)
Magnesium:58mg/avocado (15% DV)
Manganese:0.4mg/avocado (19%)
Copper:0.3 mg/ avocado(17%)
Vitamin B1:0.1mg/avocado (7% DV)
Dietary Fiber:6.7g/avocado (27% DV)
Phosphorus:57mg/avocado (6% DV)
Iron:0.3mg/avocado (2% DV).
Zinc:0.5mg/avocado (4% DV).
Vitamin A:75 mcg/avocado (8% DV)
Calcium:17mg/avocado (2% DV)
Sodium:11mg/avocado (1% DV)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin):0.1mg/avocado (7% DV)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin):1.5mg/avocado (8% DV)
Vitamin B9 (Folate):81 mcg/avocado (20% DV)
Vitamin B12:0.2 mcg/avocado (3% DV)
Vitamin D:0.3 mcg/avocado (1% DV)
Fat:15g/avocado, of which 8g are monounsaturated, 5g are polyunsaturated and 2g are saturated fatty acids.
Protein:2g per avocado.
Carbohydrates:9 g per avocado, mostly from fiber.