Bacon and Broccoli Recipe- Video Guide

Sweet and Creamy Bacon and Broccoli Recipe

Hey everybody, this isn’t just broccoli and some dressing. It’s got some bacon, it’s got some fruit (but low-carb), it’s nice and sweet and creamy you’re gonna like it. Hang in there, let’s get chopped up. You start by frying a pound of bacon, and cut it up into little pieces- or get it nice and crispy. All right that bacon’s frying we’re gonna cut up the broccoli.

Video Transcript

Break it up mostly if it comes up a little we’re gonna get them into little florets about this size here I’ll show you okay the broccoli is all broken up that was three pounds of broccoli for healthy eating. It’s a little less now because I didn’t use the big stems now I have finely diced a medium red onion and if you’re thinking that looks like a lot of onion you’re right it is I don’t know how but it works in this salad so add the onions and we’ll move on to the next step okay now we’ve got about 3/4 of a cup of raisins and three-quarters of a cup of sliced almonds that goes right in the salad baking is done we’ll throw that in in a second and let’s start the dressing all right moving on to the dressing very important part here’s a salad looking pretty good still gonna put the bacon on I’m letting it cool and kind of dry a little bit more dressing time white wine vinegar and do two tablespoons okay he’s cake white sugar half a cup maybe a little more maybe a little less up to you yeah one cup of mayo it seems like a lot it is a lot of salad but it is a lot of dress on – I’m not going to get myself I’m using store-bought because that’s just the way it is alright one cup of mayo alright let me give that a whisk and then we’re gonna add it to the salad with the bacon give that a stir and we’ll see what that looks like okay that’s the dressing done I did add a pinch of salt to it because the Bacon’s not that salty that’s up to you judge that off of you know what you need for your dressing in your bacon in your salad I also put a little bit of black pepper in mine optional I like it okay so salads all put together Bacon’s cool and dry got the fruit the nuts the onion the broccoli there goes the dressing now there’s dressing if it lightly coats it it kind of makes a kind of like a milk after a couple of hours really nice you’ll want to stir this salad before each time you serve it okay this is gonna take a minute I’ll be right back all right it’s all mixed up put it in a nicer bowl cuz I’m anal like that that all the toppings that are on the bottom are now on the top alright so I cover this with plastic wrap or if they have a bolt the lids that’d be great and put it in the fridge it’s good now it slowly gets better over the course of the next three days then after that it quickly gets worse so I’d say you have about four nights max the first three are the best the third is the absolute best and that’s about it. Low-carb, fat burning broccoli salad with bacon by to the birds hope you try it and hope you like it see you in the next one