Benefits Of Running As An Exercise Program

By | February 6, 2020

I know not everyone is a runner, and I don’t think everyone SHOULD be a runner. Maybe you have bad knees, or maybe the thought of a mile run brings back frightening memories of junior high PE class. Yet, there are several reasons running is an ideal form of exercise for so many individuals.

Running For Exercise

1. You can do it just about anywhere. Running, like walking, does not require special equipment. You don’t have to go to a gym. Going on a business trip? Throw in your running shoes. It’s a great way to see a nice city. You can run from your home, from your workplace, from your grandma’s house after eating Thanksgiving dinner. HOW TO ADD SIMPLE EXERCISES TO YOUR DAILY LIFE (YOU HAVEN’T THOUGHT OF THESE BEFORE).

2. You can do it just about anytime. Step aerobics might be from 5:30 to 6:15 in the morning. Circuit weight training might meet over the noon hour. But running is there for you whenever you need it. Do you have a meeting that’s going to keep you at work later at night? Get that run in before work in the morning, or even over your lunch hour.

3. It’s cheap. I will admit that I do spend a decent chunk of change on gear for running, but it’s still less expensive than gym memberships, fitness classes, and many other sports. The most necessary cost, of course, is a good pair of shoes that work for you. Beyond that, your financial investment is up to you.

4. It can be a solo activity. Need to blow off some steam? Don’t want to talk to someone? Go for a run. You can go at your own pace. You can have some time to yourself. You can think about the day’s events—or try to forget them. I have a friend who enjoys running because it’s the only time during the day that one of her kids is not asking her for something!

running for exercise

5. It can be a social activity. If you choose, you can run with others. You may enjoy running with friends, co-workers, or family members. If you have trouble motivating yourself for a run, schedule a run with someone else. You won’t want to stand them up. Many friends have been built through running. If you are thinking about training for a marathon, find a buddy. It makes all the difference. 5 FUN EXERCISES FOR FLAT, TONED ABS.

6. You can be competitive. There are plenty of races to enter. From the Boston Marathon to your local charity 5K, if you’re looking for competition, you can find it. Many runners thrive on this competitive spirit. There are opportunities to rack up medals and trophies galore.

7. You don’t have to be competitive. You can run for the fun of it, without thought of entering races. You don’t have to time yourself. You don’t even need to keep track of how far you run.

8. You are a member of a special club. Even if you’re a flat-footed, slow runner like myself, you’re still a runner. You can talk with other runners about topics that no one else would find interesting, such as thigh chafing and how to grab water cups during races.

Building Jogging Endurance

Admittedly, running is not for everyone. However, if you can safely run, and it’s enjoyable for you, the advantages of taking up running as a form of exercise are tremendous. 12 WEEK BEGINNER’S EXERCISE PROGRAM.