Best Vegetables for Dieting Series- Artichokes

Vegetables are a Godsend when it comes to losing weight.

Dieters can rejoice when they find some low-carb, high fiber and tasty vegetable recipes because it makes the weight loss process so much easier. No cravings, no hunger. You can focus on enjoying life instead of “what am I going to eat today?”

Video Transcript

Alright we are making artichokes today so don’t get intimidated by this little guy it seems like it’s quite a hassle to prepare and cook and most people don’t like to do or don’t know how but it is really quite easy really quite easy in Italy this is the king of all vegetables that you know like I say treat your vegetables well and they’ll treat you well you have to give a lot of love and preparation for them not just soon as they come out well but because you will enjoy even more so today we’re going to make them stuff and it’s every Italian Norma’s way of doing these and this is the way you prepare them so what you want to do is not take off this stock okay a lot of people do do that but there’s a lot of primer here so you want to leave them on what you do want to just kind of slice off these thorny parts here right now just do that like this even at all okay then some of the leaves on the bottom here you just want to kind of check out so it gives you a nice they just do it like this show how people connect with your hands applying why do the other way you can do this is not cut them in half like I’m about to show you how but you can just kind of steam them and what you would do at this point you a chronic thing to open up the leaves and then you would stuff these stuffing inside the leads but today for the do a different way I’m going to continue to take these off of this year and water is boiling and brought to open a branch fees and there’s also lemon juice in the water so that it keeps the artichoke green so it doesn’t oxidize as you’re cooking so so we’re going to do here is when we put these guys in half these are medium-sized I would say you can get a chance to get large for stuffing those are there is just more room to put the stuffing in and you open it up like this and you want to court the center here just this kind of hairy part right there you can pour a little bit with a knife little melon baller or you can pull it out with your hands and this is basically after we blanch it is where the stuffing is going to go okay so you just pour this like this all right and follow that out these are filled with fiber soluble it’s article there’s natural diuretic for your body but would be by this fall late potassium is really really really good healthy vegetable for you so you can go ahead and continue to be part of chocolate on the walk to make them less thorny and then we’re going to go and check these leaves off here yet again and then move on over to our passion water so now we’re going to go to dip just in there for just about five minutes or so maybe five to eight depending you could get a fork and just kind of poke at the center the part of the furniture is asleep it’s often there you can just pull them out so we pulled out our our troops that have been blanched about five to eight minutes and their court already so now we’re going to make our stuffing now to rule from of cooking everything is follow the colors of the Italian flag and you won’t go wrong okay so what you want to do is you want to start with a crab base okay Hannah crap base and we’re going to put some ricotta cheese in it which I’ve already mix those two together now really the stuffing does anything you want to do and anything that you want to make today I’m going you multiple cheese is some breadcrumbs crab meat and a little bit of prosciutto to add some savory touches to it so we have the crab and the ricotta going right now I’m going to go ahead put that right into our Bowl there we are that ant add a little more tangy pneus of different types of cheeses I’m going to put some better in it as well it’s lentes more of that and of course some parmigiano-reggiano cheese which is going to make it miss and golden and crispy over the top once it melts and just over together you don’t want to use your high quality of you caught by here that’s more fraternity or giorgetti because you can get the taste of it you can get store-bought and caught up in this type of recipe and we have our prosciutto here we’re going to kind of just chop up really fast and this is going to give us the red in the Italian flag of our recipe there we are just to make it nice and savory chocolate as much as you want use your hands here which is partially you’re releasing all of the enzymes as you’re cutting it more the aromatics and the antioxidants are being our activated as your target then here we are the Italian flag’s II told you you wouldn’t go wrong here okay you can just scoop this out into the artist ships that are ready for you okay so now i’m going to do just a little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil just kind of set everything in place here quick drizzle a little bit of sea salt over it and you want to start stripping these guys out here we are we’re not Martha Stewart here we don’t have to see five knives and spoons and use pretty program here we go just stick this guy right in there bring it with my hands if I was really doing this car play everything about this okay we already correctly here all right here we go see it’s kind of getting stupid right back make sure the mounds are nice and voluminous there okay you can keep stuffing in that way and remember this creates a little boat kind of a little dipping both at once you check out the leaves off of this artichoke you’ll dip them right into the center of the stuffing I was really kind of a point clear okay here we are and what we’re going to do we’ll should get you off script in this remember they don’t have to be perfect they just have to be delicious okay and putting one of you is you want to get a little bit more sprinkle of the Parmesan cheese or top because you want to create that little golden crust the star students and the other thing you’re going to do is do the same with the bread crumbs you see I didn’t add it into the mixture for the really do want a breading mixture and it keeps everything kind of low carb and high fiber which is what we’re looking for here and high protein okay there we are just a little on the top just to give it a little bit of a crust then you can use home any crumbs if you like shoot all right and they’re all drugs are ready to go I’m ready to be set into the other our artichoke and our eggplant and then perfect and solvent and ready to go for our dinner table more over top.