Brain Boosting Diet Better Memory?

There may be some truth to that adage, “an apple-a-day keeps the doctor away.” Research completed at the University of Massachusetts, suggests that consuming apple juice protects brain cells against oxidative damage that contributes to age-related memory loss.

Better Memory?

The results from this study, published in a recent issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, suggest that eating and drinking apples in conjunction with a balanced diet can protect the brain from the effects of oxidative stress that leads to impaired mental function. The results also underline the importance of a diet rich in antioxidants to help stay mentally sharp throughout life.

This study used a well-established animal protocol and reported that apple juice provided a protective effect against oxidative brain damage in aging mice. Oxidative damage to cells is caused by free radical production that increases during the aging process. Brain cells are particularly sensitive to oxidative damage. These findings show that there is something in apples that protects brain cells in healthy aging.

brain boosting diet for women

Brain Boosting Diet

The dose that provided these benefits equated to the juice obtained from 2 large green apples. Green apples are bursting with fiber, low in calories and have a low GI. That means the calories from an apple probably won’t be stored as fat or inhibit the fat burning process. This information suggests that an apple-a-day maybe the perfect brain boosting diet snack for people that want to stay lean.