Burn Fat Off Inner & Outer Thighs (No Jumping)

Slim Thighs & Legs Workout that WORKS

  • This workout targets the inner thighs and the outer thighs.
  • Secondarily works out the back of the thighs.
  • There are no squats or jumping involved.
  • Not high intensity so don’t be afraid to get started.
  • This workout will not bulk up your legs.

Burn Fat Off Inner & Outer Thighs

Burn Inner & Outer Thighs Fat (No Jumping)▼

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Remember to take progress photos or videos and share the rest of the community. We’re here to support you so hit that like button subscribe, and also leave a comment down below with your progress. Let’s get at it. So, we’ve got 28 exercises today; 30 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off. Lay on the mat and we’re starting with some side leg raises sinusite flying with me resting on a mat and leave your left leg you should feel this on your inner thighs outer thighs by up it but your core and also you’re resting light this is such a good exercise [Music] now you can lie all the way down a match or rest on a forearm and while working the right leg with some necklace [Music] no arrests here while going straight into Lake circles so get up on your forearm and make some leg circles with your left leg remember to rest whenever you need to but also try to push yourself and know your limits [Music] stay where you are and we’re gonna work the right late by keeping it off the brow pressing it throw it with the foot flex and lifting it up I also press it slightly angle so away with my body if I feel it more on my inner thighs that way so remember to adjust it based on how you feel and don’t forget to lift your knee [Music] no rest here while going straight into me touch extensions have your left leg touch the brown and kick up backwards you’re doing well guys it is a nice workout for your inner thighs and your outsides [Music] now extend your left toes forward and touch the ground and you’re going to lift it up come back as if you’re drawing a mountain [Music] no rest here we’re going straight into triangle lake rice if you can’t hold your ankle or keep your legs straight that’s totally fine bend your knees and just hold your thigh as you raise your right leg this helps to work your core and abs as well and make sure you use your inner thighs to leave your leg up you wonder what’s happening why is it working for others but I’m really stuck in this juggling yeah where does it start and where does it end who is an enemy who is a friend what is the purpose of working to get great job everyone well one color through we’re going to flip around and we’re going to do the same seven exercises just be on the other side get on one knee and hand and we’re going to do cycling with late race again engage your core and lift your legs sideways [Music] now lay flat on the mat or on the forearms and we’re going to do something list with your next date [Music] I’ve got these people I’m taking them with me they gave me a reason to wake up I needed at night I’ve got all these people they’re listening when I was sitting with feelings if I couldn’t put out to the rest of the world they stuck by my side through the thick of it and you know who you are there’s no need to mention them I’ve been my worst fear from the moment no break here we’re going straight into late circles on the right page there ond everything’s so clear what I’m doing it’s coming to life I put a note working I’m sleeping at night I see how it goes and we’re doing it right [Music] [Music] what I bring to the table for me and the team what you sees only 1% go when it’s [Music] they put keep your left leg off the ground if it to us your waist and press forward so that your leg is straight with your foot flexed and then followed by a lip so when your foot is flexed it’s kind of like flat if you know what I mean so you can do this guy’s almost halfway there [Music] no arrests here guys have your right knee touch the mat and kick it upwards and backwards just too much sizes to go and we’re reaching the halfway mark stay strong guys [Music] they never saw me oh it feels so bad have you put extend that forward and touch the ground and draw an inverted u-shape or mountain shape as you bring it backwards [Music] no rest here we’re going straight into triangle late race similar to before if you can’t hold your ankle or keep your legs straight just bend your knees and hold you apply as you raise your left leg [Music] never [Music] great job everyone we’re more than halfway through is just another seven minutes or so and your be done get on all fours and we’re doing some sitelink raises this really burns the inner thighs to outer powerful glutes and your outer thighs [Music] changes with the minute and they never talk no ref you guys were going straight on to the other leg [Music] they on all fours extend the left leg out words like sir and draw us some rain birds this work salutes the sacrifice and also the back of the thighs keep pushing guys you’ve got this [Music] when not taking any breaks here we’re going straight on to the other night keep pushing three guys [Music] [Music] [Music] see how I made it stay in the same position and what’s gonna do some fire hydrants and race your left leg out words like sorry make sure you are focusing on the inner thighs when you do this move to work those no break here we’re going straight onto that early not long to go stay strong [Music] [Music] now get flat on the ground and raise our left knee and draw some circles doing both clockwise and anti-clockwise motion [Music] now during a lay in the opposite motion [Music] no rest you guys were going straight into the utterly [Music] now stand up and we’re going to do last exercises up right so lower down your body like so and we’re gonna lift our heels like so on our left side and it on our right side so just alternate it don’t worry about your car guys you’re not gonna bump them up that easily [Music] now have your hands on your hips and try to hold your balance as best as you can as you move your knees to the side and back you’re working on your core as you’re balancing and this exercise works the inner thighs see [Music] [Music] without any braids we are moving on to the other late [Music] so keeping your hands on your hips and we’re doing some leg sweeps you can hold on to a chair or wall for this exercise but try to use your core to keep yourself balanced just two exercises to go guys keep pushing through [Music] no arrests again move on to the other day you should feel the burn on your inner thighs and also your outer thighs [Music] the final exercise to end the workout guys let’s do some lunch tats let’s wrap this up. That’s it that’s the workout. If you’re trying to sleep and tone your legs stick to the schedule, and if you have any questions just hit that like button. Drop your questions down in the comments and I’ll see you in the next workout.