Can You Use Yacon Syrup While On a Keto Diet?

By | January 22, 2020

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newspaper- Can You Use Yacon Syrup While On a Keto Diet

Is Yacon Syrup OK on a Keto Diet?▼

A lot of you have asked about different sweeteners we’re always trying to find sweetener to use on a low-carb diet talk about that later but a number of you in the comments asked about yacon syrup it’s something that we hadn’t really heard too much about so yacon syrup comes from the yukon root which is grown in the Andes Mountains and in fact our our Yukon syrup is Peruvian natural so Peru where it comes from South America they’ve been using it for a long time down there is kind of a natural health benefit they’ve said that it works good for diabetes and kidney and issues and digestive issues right so so it has some soluble fiber in it so those are the fruit tans and also some inulin that’s what we get from onions and leeks and that kind of family but those types of fiber will make it past your digestive system into the lowest part of your your digestive system where they feed that good gut bacteria and when they do they actually will those bacteria will produce short chain fatty acids which we’ve talked about before they have a lot of benefits in combating obesity and the side effects of obesity so so they’re right there off the bat we’re getting some some good vibes from it there are also some sugars in it there’s fructose glucose and sucrose so so it’s not all non digested some of it is digested and that could influence your blood sugar it’s about a third of the calories of sugar just because 40 to 50 percent of it is the the fructooligosaccharides which are the fruit tans and the rest of it is the sugar right yeah and and some other claims of benefits for this syrup is that it has a anti-hunger component because I’m supposed to inhibit ghrelin which is if your belly’s growling it’s ghrelin right that your hunger hormone and also it is said to be good for combating constipation which is important for a lot of people that are switched to a low carb diet right so we thought it was worth taking a look at it was yeah so they actually did that the other important part of this is that they actually did a study they took 55 women so it wasn’t a small group hmm they split him into three groups one was a placebo group and the other two groups got one got a lower dose of the yacon syrup and one got a higher dose of the Yukons or the daily intake of your concert and they had them had them have it before their meals so breakfast lunch dinner ended up what they they end up with a decrease in body weight a decrease in waist circumference and a decrease in body mass index they also had a decrease in fasting insulin although there was no effect on fasting glucose so I thought that was kind of an interesting factor so and it wasn’t in significant weight loss so the the group with that that had this the actual syrup had 33 pounds lost over how long was the study the pounder kilograms 33 pounds 15 kilograms right over how long 20 days 120 days the placebo actually gained a little bit of weight it was like three three pounds like a kilogram and a half or something like that so it was it was pretty stunning results and the study was also it was very well put together right right so it was a double-blind placebo based study that is a that is a good design so double-blind means that both the the researchers giving the product and the people that are taking the product they have no idea which group they’re in they don’t know if they’re placebo over there the experimental so that’s a good design because you can’t you can’t fudge it right there’s no bias there nobody knows but here but here’s the thing so we got these great results in this study however this these women were on a low-fat this somewhat calorie restricted diet you are not following a low-fat diet so we are always on the lookout right for a sweetener that benefits a ketogenic lifestyle or a low carb lifestyle and I’m gonna say it now and I’ll say it again well so we decided to in our normal fashion go ahead and test our blood glucose and ketones after consuming yeah Hawkins yep yacon syrup and see what happens so here are the results so Becky’s ketones started at 0.9 at the zero mark and then 30 minutes later their 0.9 60 minutes later 0.9 one hundred twenty minutes later 0.8 so mine I had the usual miserable ketone numbers and started today started at 0.3 then I went down to point two and then I stayed at point two at sixteen 1:20 so I went to talked about that yeah we’ve talked about the dawn effect before and we have a video will will point to that yeah and I should say cuz I know you know somebody’s probably gonna ask but you know I typically check my ketones on when I’m checking them on a daily basis I checked them closer to like 11 o’clock in the morning and they’re usually just fine by then it’s just as first part of the day that I’m always low so that was okay we get into the blood glucose so Becky started 87 went up to 99 at 30 when was that 99 at 60 and and drop a little bit to 86 at the 120 mark so that was actually okay I don’t think it 99 number one we’re we’re playing with in a little bit of an you know plus/minus error factor of our meter possibly within there so it I’m gonna say that that’s a relatively insignificant you’ll climb 12 points like that and probably not enough to elicit much of an insulin response right now with with black coffee alone I did have a decrease in glucose so this did this hold my baby hold my goes up I really can’t say right yeah so my numbers I started 95 which is kind of a normal place for me to start in the morning and then my 30 minute mark I was at 128 not an insignificant right that was a surprising jump up very surprising jump up that is 33-point jump in half an hour at 60 minutes I dropped a 105 and then at 120 I was at 108 so it did drop back down a little bit but you know I’ve got it I’ve got it assumed that at 128 I’m getting an insulin response from yeah and I you know it just didn’t drop down it didn’t drop down a lot like I would have liked to seen it so you know we could we talked about this whole Hansen resistance thing you know I don’t know yeah I did get a drop from from 30 minutes to 60 minutes so maybe so my insulin sensitivities come back but man this really bumped up my glucose yeah and and I would I would also add that the taste when put in coffee was really not that sweet no I didn’t really taste anything in my coffee yeah it did have that molasses type of a feel to it and it also had maybe that quality or that extent of sweetness so it wasn’t like super it wasn’t super sweet and at the end of the day it is a sweetener and it didn’t have stellar results for me being on a low carb diet it didn’t seem to have like terribly terrible results for my blood glucose or ketones for you it did not have beneficial results for your blood glucose so the study was done on women who are following a low-fat somewhat calorie restricted diet we tested on a car a little car very low carb ketogenic Diane and we’re gonna we’re gonna say just based on our results we would not we would not be using this on a regular basis there are a couple things you know if if it’s something that if you’re very insulin sensitive or if you need to get some of these benefits if you want to use says you can’t cook with it it does not hold up to heat and also if your one of these people who’s got irritable bowel or Crohn’s or one of the conditions where you’ve got to be concerned with what’s called FODMAPs this is kind of on that list so you would want to avoid this as well so there you go obviously one scientific study and one study from us well I’m like oh so so okay I’m a DA yeah is is not a whole lot to go on but it’s a little bit better than what made hopefully you have before you watch this video thanks so much for watching we will try to keep bringing these these informative videos hopefully to you so please subscribe and we will be back soon with another video thanks see you later.

Is Yacon Syrup OK on a Keto Diet

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