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Learn How To Make Coconut Flakes at Home

 Coconut flakes are a great sweet-treat to eat as a snack on a diet, or any other time! You can purchase pre-made coconut flakes from the store, or make them at home with recipes using fresh coconut. I typically keep a bag of dried coconut chips with me to eat in between meals if… Read More »

Can You Eat Sushi On A Diet?

 Check this out as well: The 3 sacred medicinal mushrooms used for centuries as “food for the brain and body”. Healthy Sushi Choices: Dining Debunked! Mind Over Munch Sushi, Food, Eating behaviors of humans, Food and drink preparation, Cooking, Cuisine, Foods, Food and drink, Dieting. Asian cuisine, Carbohydrate. Health, Vegetable, Healthy diet, Nutrition, Salad,… Read More »

Why You REALLY Want To Use a Weight Loss Journal

 My Weekly Weight Loss Journal Tour | Planning Out The Week The weight literary journal, cute weight loss tracker, how much does a journal weigh, journaling while dieting, bullet journal ideas diet. Diy bullet journal weight loss, weight loss journal target, weight loss food journal, mindful eating bullet journal, weight loss journal ideas pinterest.… Read More »

How To Master The Mental Game of Dieting

 How To Get Healthy Without Dieting How to lose weight in 7 days, how to lose weight fast with exercise, weight loss friendly foods, medical ways to lose weight. How to lose weight when nothing works, how to reduce belly fat without exercise, lose weight without diet just exercise, why am I losing weight… Read More »

What Are The Best Food Subscription Boxes?

 A selection of full-sized vegan snacks that have passed Urthbox’s strict nutrition, sourcing and ingredient standards. Urthbox pride themselves on packing your box only with a wide variety of only healthy, organic, natural, GMO-free snacks. So, whether you’re after healthy snacks to stay on track or delicious treats to indulge in, you’ll find the… Read More »

Keto Lunch Ideas

Who doesn’t like food? Not only is it something you need to stay alive, but it’s also a way for us to bond and express ourselves with others.  When you’re doing the ketogenic diet, though, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to packing your own lunch. Today we’re going to… Read More »

Keto Dinner- Meal Prep for Weight Loss

 Even though you’re ditching carbs, you still get to indulge in some of your favorite high-fat foods. Keto Dinner Recipes are quick, easy, healthy low-carb meals perfect for the keto-diet. The recipes include keto dinner ideas and menus for what to eat for dinner. The way the keto diet works is by depriving your… Read More »

Low Carb Lunch Ideas

 4 LOW CARB Meal Prep Recipes Lunch, Low-carbohydrate diet, Food, Dieting, Salad, Ketogenic diet, Meal, Healthy diet. Did chopped cheddar and why regular bread thrown on top delightful summer taste you can include and drink, Foods, long without using pair it with than twenty delicious or tea on cheese in this of sugar. “When… Read More »