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10 Desk Exercises

Late-night office workers don’t get the chance to visit the gym. They might even go for weeks before getting a chance to do some healthful fitness activities. This article provides some desk exercises that can be done without leaving the office. These exercises won’t help you get those six-pack abs that everyone wants, but it… Read More »

Balance Ball (aka The Swiss Ball) Squats

There are those out there that feel that heavy squats are not only the cornerstone of any true leg workout but also that it is a necessity for any workout. Unfortunately, while there may be great benefits to squats, there are those of us that, for one reason or another, cannot do them. More alternatives… Read More »

Boxing Training- Cardio Kickboxing Programs

Boxing training workout programs can help improve your health and give you a physically fit body. Boxing training workout programs are one of the best ways to gain self-confidence and strengthen your body. Boxing workouts can also improve your fighting form. Boxing workouts can help you build well defined and stronger arms and legs. Boxing… Read More »

Pregnancy and Exercising

All women who have gone through pregnancy can attest to the mentality change surrounding exercising. In most cases, women stop exercising due to a lack of knowledge or due to the formation of new lazy habits. Being unaware of the benefits that exercising has on your mind and body is something all women should be… Read More »

Benefits Of Running As An Exercise Program

I know not everyone is a runner, and I don’t think everyone SHOULD be a runner. Maybe you have bad knees, or maybe the thought of a mile run brings back frightening memories of junior high PE class. Yet, there are several reasons running is an ideal form of exercise for so many individuals. Running… Read More »

5 Fun Exercises for Flat, Toned Abs

Spring is approaching, and we will be donning swimsuits soon! It’s time to think about toning your body. The Gut Buster, also known as the Ab Roller, was marketing as a way to do lower ab exercises. You were to lay on the ground, neck on the rest bar, hands on the side handles, and… Read More »

12 Week Beginner’s Exercise Program

Are you a beginner to exercise? Are you worried that you’ll look silly if you go to a gym or fitness center? Are you unsure how far you can walk or run? If you’re an exercise newbie, you should start with a workout program that’s specifically designed for those who are just beginning their exercise… Read More »