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The Glycemic Index of Amaranth Seeds

Amaranth Seeds: Glycemic Index Amaranth seeds’ glycemic index is 35. Amaranth Seeds Glycemic Load Amaranth seeds’ glycemic load is 19.9. Calories and Nutrition Amaranth seeds (100 g.) contains 370 kcal, 14.0 g. protein, 57.0 g. carbs, and 6.0 grams of fat.

The Glycemic Index of Almond Milk

Almond Milk: Glycemic Index Almond milk’s GI is 30. Almond Milk Glycemic Load Almond milk’s glycemic load is 3.9. Calories and Nutrition Almond milk (100 g.) contains 51 kcal, 18.6 g. protein, 13 g. carbs, and 53.7 g. fat.

The Glycemic Index of Almonds

Almonds: Glycemic Index The GI of an almond is 15. Almond Glycemic Load The glycemic load of almonds is 1.9. Calories and Nutrition Almonds (100 g.) contains 609 kcal, 18.6 g. protein, 13.0 g. carbs, and 53.7 g. fat.

Glycemic Index of Agave Syrup

Agave: Glycemic Index The GI of agave syrup is 15. Agave: Glycemic Load Agave syrup’s glycemic load is 11.4. Calories and Nutrition Agave syrup (100 g.) contains 310 kcal, 0 g. protein, 76 g. carbs, and .5 g. of fat.

Glycemic Index of Squash

Squash: Glycemic Index Squash’s GI is 15. Squash: Glycemic Load Squash’s glycemic load is 0.7. Calories and Nutrition Squash (100 g.) contains 24 kcal, 0.6 g. protein, 4.6 g. carbs, and 0.3 g. fat.

Dry Fasting: Advantages

Dry fasting is an increasingly popular practice with many touted benefits, such as slimming your figure and extending youthfulness. By abstaining from liquids during a fast, the body taps into its fat reserves for energy instead of relying on food consumption. This contributes to substantial weight loss in little time! Additionally, dry fasting can help… Read More »

How Does a Low-Carb Diet Help Diabetes?

Though low-carb diets may seem like a recent trend, they have actually been around for centuries. Originally, the low-carb diet was used to treat people with diabetes. Today, doctors are beginning to prescribe low-carb diets to their patients more often because of the many benefits they offer. How does a low-carb diet help to manage… Read More »

Do Low Carb Diets Stunt Growth?

A low-carb diet is a popular lifestyle choice that involves restricting carbs to less than 130g per day. While research has found this type of food plan can help people with type 2 diabetes manage their weight and health, it’s important to note the risks for children as well as those with Type 1 Diabetes;… Read More »

Brussels Sprouts: Glycemic Index

Brussels Sprouts: Glycemic Index Brussels sprouts’ GI is 15. Brussels Sprouts Glycemic Load Brussels sprouts’ glycemic load is 0.3. Calories and Nutritional info for Brussels Sprouts Brussels sprouts (100 grams) contains 46 kcal, 3.6 g. protein, 2.3 g. carbs, 2.4 g. fat.

Corn Chips: Glycemic Index

Corn Chips: Glycemic Index Corn chips’ glycemic index is 63. Corn Chips: Glycemic Load Con chips’ glycemic load is 28.8. Calories and Nutritional info for Corn Chips Corn chips (100 grams) contain 373 kcal, 5.2 g. protein, 45.7 g. carbs, and 18.7 g. fat.