Changing The Way We Relate To Food (Proper Dieting)

By | February 21, 2020


How To Stop Using Food As Entertainment▼

Hey folks is Ryan Adams here from natural weight loss mastery com allow me to ask you a quick question do you use food as entertainment do you use food as something to do something to look forward to something to spice up your daily or weekly routine have you placed it on a pedestal of importance in your mind as something to keep you entertained I’m gonna read a brief excerpt here from mind not my mastery for weight loss actually it’s my first book natural foods the only diet you need which you can if you not got a copy you can get over at natural weight loss mastery calm so I’m just gonna read a little excerpt they’re using food as entertainment is this obsession very often people find themselves continuously hanging after food no matter how full they are it’s on their mind every waking hour of the day they fantasize over what they’re going to eat for dinner or about what they’ll choose at their favorite restaurant at the weekend we’ve all done it we’ve all looked at the menu before haven’t we we’ve all done that culturally we seem to have placed food on such a huge pedestal it’s now used as much for entertainment as it is for function and I would argue actually if I wrote this again if not more so in many cases nowadays to break free from this not only do we need to change the way in which we relate to food but we also need to realize how many of our bad food choices are habitually ingrained you’re always hearing me talk about habits on this channel here’s an example when most people sit down to watch a movie they reach for potato chips popcorn or a glass of wine they’ve developed this habit of turning to food each time they sit down to watch a movie some people can’t make it through five minutes of a movie or TV show without snacking on something don’t believe me look around the next time you go to the theater I bet you can only spot a handful of people who aren’t snacking on something and this example food is part of the event itself and part of the entertainment we condition ourselves to reach for food when doing certain activities we tend to be more likely to have a dessert when eating out versus at home we hanker after junk food following a night out and we opted for so-called healthy protein bars after the gym these urges become habitual as we attach them to different events and activities in time with repetition we become powerless to resist them that’s right ladies and gents what I often talk about habits people immediately think I’m talking about healthy habits like green smoothies running in the morning doing yoga meditation so on and so forth know many habits are very bad many habits that we have a quite the opposite very very negative indeed and it doesn’t take long to ingrain one of these bad behaviors and make it a bitch’ll and these are just a slew of examples here so that’s what’s really interesting a lot of our bad poor you’ll notice actually I’m sure in your own life a lot of your bad really poor food choices that are holding you back from weight loss and health success right now they’re actually attached to different events relationship or activities you’re doing and that’s really interesting to kind of be become rather aware of in the first instance most people aren’t even analyzing at this level and I don’t think this is even that far below surface level but most people this isn’t even on their radar so if you’re resonating with what I’m saying you’re already one step ahead so to speak anyway we continue to escape prompted cravings you need to begin breaking or replacing these bad habits one technique that works well for many of my clients is food substitutions try snacking on some fruit or some rice cakes the next time you watch a movie you can even prepare some oil free potato wedges in the oven amazing make your own healthy dessert home after eating out consider eating a proper natural foods meal after the gym and not a processed protein bar some of those protein bars have better than others but generally speaking they are filled with absolute rubbish it must be said alongside food swaps start a journal where you write down any observations about when or why cravings occur think about what sort of activities cue them this will allow you to become develop rather more awareness of your vulnerabilities which will serve you well in preparing for and preventing cravings in the future so this is a huge issue the way in which we now relate to food has completely changed and one of the pieces advice I give to my coaching clients recently was well I asked them this one question in in one of my presentations have you forgotten why you eat have you forgotten why you eat we have such luxury nowadays it’s very likely if you have an internet connection here and you can check out this video and you know you can afford to you know have the Internet in the first instance have an Apple Mac and whatnot like I’m sure many of my audience have such luxuries in their lives not everyone but it’s extremely likely that now that it’s extremely likely rather that if you’re in that situation you’re not struggling as much as as many other people unfortunately are in many parts of the world and so it’s food scarce for you like it is for others likely not likely not and I’m sorry for making assumptions but I very well logically speaking this is the case for the vast majority of my audience here and so you know it’s easy to forget why we eat isn’t it when you have it in luxury when it’s accessible when it’s well within your budget and so rather than you know eating food solely for function because we’re ravenously hungry we’re also doing it for taste if it was the other way around would we give such a care in the world would we care care and IO to really about the taste of it versus just getting the calories in and getting the nutrition that we require after a period the way we’ve been very hungry no no we wouldn’t be so bothered about taste would we and many of us have never experienced that so yeah the way in which we now relate to food is either a completely change maybe for me as an individual it’s never changed I’ve always had these luxuries and so yeah very easy to take it for granted absolutely and so just worthwhile remembering why we actually eat in the first instance but yeah using food as entertainment this really big thing these are really it’s huge here in the UK you engage in a conversation with someone here and it’s not long before they mentioned what an amazing cheesecake they had last week what a great burger they had at so-and-so restaurant or how they can’t wait for a couple of beers on Friday night it is just food now is just so built into routines tradition day to day life and of course food needs to be built into day to day life but there’s a difference between as I say eating for function and then putting it up on some stall feeling the need to constantly talk about it and making it like a pick-me-up in your day for when you’re feeling low there’s a huge difference there between eating food for function eating food for entertainment so quite important we’re extremely invaluable rather to make a clear distinction between the two and start recognizing when you’re doing that in your life and as I shared in the book there listen get substitutions for your big kind of food addictions and weaknesses right now that’s a good plan of action start journaling and becoming aware of these issues you’re gonna go to the next level once these things are on your radar you actually have a chance to fix them so that’s really important so yeah you can check out natural fizzy only diet you need I’ll link it down below and actually there’s a whole miniseries that I’m working on in the natural way course mastery Academy on the topic of emotional eating with using food as entertainment just warm sort of strand of the emotional eating sphere if you will so if you’re more interested in that get yourself in the natural weightless mastery Academy. I’ll stick a link to it also down below see in the next video.