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Video Guide: What is Coconut Oil Good For?

What is Coconut Oil?

Cooking with: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a very stable, wholesome, naturally saturated fat that is devoid of trans-fatty acids. Fat is a valuable part of a nutritious, balanced diet – it can be a way to obtain efa’s and enables your body soak up fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Everybody is starting to recognize the possibility of coconut oil being a wholesome alternative to other unhealthy fats like butter or margarine in countless amounts of dishes.

  • Even though research evaluating the health advantages of ingesting coconut oil over different fatty acids are rare, coconut oil has one particular significant distinction. Limiting carbohydrates and increasing coconut oil in the diet has brought about quite a few to report reducing weight using coconut oil.
  • Candida affected individuals additionally report health improvements with coconut oil as analysis now verifies, and people struggling with a variety of skin ailments are also discovering great health improvements by utilizing coconut oil right on the skin.

Benefits of.

The advantages of coconut oil for healthful hair are also popular, along with other healthy benefits of coconut oil involved combating bacterial infections and viruses.

  • Coconut oil is likewise increasingly being observed to aid runners and fitness trainers offering them an edge in preserving stamina longer without the need of drugs or stimulants.
  • Folks who make coconut a significant portion of their diet plan are astonishingly healthy with low frequency of heart problems, many forms of cancer, as well as other significant medical ailments.

Cardiovascular disease and MCT’s.

For many years, coconut oil was regarded as a bad fat that blocked arteries and induced cardiovascular disease. Lots of people believe so. A quirk of MCTs just like the ones in coconut oil is that the system processes them a little bit differently than other dietary fats.

  • For those who have dry skin or dry hair, coconut oil has got the ideal fatty acids to help enhance these problems.

Types of fat.

Coconut oil is One hundred percent fat, but the composition of fat in coconut oil is different from the saturated fats present in lots of animal products, that are mainly made up of long-chain fatty acids.The existence of medium chain triglycerides and efas in coconut oil can be useful for protecting against liver diseases.

  • Coconut oil also has other sets of valuable acids which have been recognized to possess a number of possible health benefits. It has medium-chain fatty acids, such as lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid, that are readily transformed into energy by the body.
Video Transcript

I am so excited to be here at market kitchen table with Amanda Chevy thank you so much for having me in your beautiful space thank you so much for coming Ally the other awesome cafe we are here in this gorgeous setting to talk about coconut oil which is something that people love or they want to hate or they don’t understand first of all what is coconut oil and how does it differ from other derivatives of coconut well it is actually one of the like healthy fats it’s a saturated fat which already sort of sends these negative practices but accentuated found essentially is just something that you can easily digest especially cochineal is something that your body has you know can easily work with but also because of its properties it is a liquid and when it’s warm past sixty degrees and then it becomes a little more solid so that just means that it’s more of a stable oil thing that’s going to be stable is gonna be used like has a good like high heat temperature so that you can use it in a saute pan and you can kind of bring it up to like a smoke point and that’s one point goes up a little bit higher right so for people thinking of oils when they say oh well like I’ve heard olive oils so healthy like you can’t fry in olive oils but do you think of coconut oil is kind of being the best for frying the the best well it is yes it’s sort of the all-inclusive oil so here in our kitchen we have we use olive oil we also use a large amount of coconut oil because we can uses something that’s a baked treat and this is like an example of our like rub brownie right here but so it’s something that you can use in treats because it gives it with that stable solid form it can give things like a nice flaky texture it gives um you know if you like other baked treats it has that nice like subtle coconut flavor and scent so that’s really great and then something also savory but yeah unlike a in a sub saute pan it’s really great in that form as well and so what are the uses where you would use coconut oil and then what are some of the areas where you say like it does not work for everything you know it’s not like oh it’s perfect for every single thing like where do you say like okay try it here versus somewhere else um well in things like maybe you’re gonna making like a an egg in a pan or something like that coconut oil is not gonna give you the like stick free you’re gonna be scraping that guy off the pan in dressings as well olive oil is probably a nice option because coconut oil again when it becomes you know a little bit cooler will solidify terribly that the flavor of coconut oil and kind of where you can taste it and where you can yeah well there’s also different grades of coconut oil so something that’s going to be refined and you know have gone through many purifying stages the the flavoring of that is gonna be a little bit less so yeah canola oil is a favorite in terms of like it’s very standard kitchens because it does bring no flavor but it gives you that nice golden brown so you can still achieve that with different you know so with coconut oils are not all created equal but with that you know you’re also going to be taking out some of like the goodness of coconut oil so how do you purchase coconut oil get it and do you buy different coconut oil for different reasons okay well we here in the kitchen we like to buy an organic unfiltered like unprocessed overly processed coconut oil you’ve got the refining process you know with with other oils so something that’s been overly processed is gonna be losing a little bit of that nutrient density are there certain words that people should look for on the packaging sort of about the refinement of it or about the processing to kind of steer them towards the better oils yes the cold processing just means that it’s it’s processed but under certain temperature regulations so that the the heating the refinement of that is gonna sort of take away some of those nutrients so in order to maintain that you know the the good integrity of the cochineal that you’re buying and to have it have still maintained all of like the health properties of it then you definitely want something that’s unrefined and cold-pressed so it’s totally worth the extra dollar let’s talk about the health benefits because I think as with anything that is healthy there are good parts of it and bad parts of it and there’s a lot of information out there on the news or Google coconut oils so it kind of break down sort of when to use it and kind of why it’s healthy for ya so the health benefits of coconut oil are because it’s gone and you know that saturated fat content of it makes it highly absorbent in your bodies and the fear of when people hear the word fat they’re like why do I want fat and so if we hear like the words good fats and bad fats but kind of explain that because I think that’s the sort of thing that is confusing yeah so you know the industrial fats are the ones that were sort of the you know are the facts you want to steer clear of and that’s just because those have been highly refined and they are not heat stable or they’re actually been overly refined and can use in like a sellout safflower oil soybean oil so things if you’re gonna go to a place where there’s a lot of fried foods typically you’re gonna find something that’s like a corn oil base so again there’s no nutritional value and that that fat when you eat it is gonna immediately be stored as fat because your body can’t actually access it so something like coconut oil because it has that saturated fat quality it’s you know it is a fat so you don’t want to again go overboard with in it right but it has tons of like immune benefits it’s got an antifungal and antibacterial sort of properties and so let’s talk about sort of where to use coconut oil you talked about baking I think baking is a big place yes what are some of the other places that might surprise people and how do you replace it with other things yeah see it in a recipe yeah well it’s definitely something again because of the the heat point where it kind of gets to that point where it turns into a liquid something that’s gonna be adding to like a cold liquid it is gonna start to seize up and sort of become a little more solid so in so we have here a like roasted apple with cinnamon and roasted equipped oxidant like a little bit of liquid cochineal that we sort of melt it down over that over the stovetop but you could always sort of do a like a half-and-half or sort of experiment something that’s going to be more savoury I would you know start with like a few dishes that maybe something like a stir fry or something that sort of has an Asian sort of coconutty undertone or bass exactly the things where we sort of added it into our sort of healthy fat take on like a bulletproof coffee is the turmeric coffee so again turmeric is a you know a really high potent awesome ingredients and your body can absorb it better when it kind of has that fat going on with it so we steep coconut milk with coconut yogurt fresh grated turmeric and ground turmeric and a little maple syrup for a little sweetness and thank you so much for sharing your tips on coconut oil and if you want to try some of the treats that she was talking about that sound pretty irresistible you can always come into market kitchen table thank you [Music] you

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