Cooking Foods That Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Looking for some foods to kickstart your metabolism but still keeping it tasty? Look no further. Vegetables and spices are two of my favorite secret ingredients to use when I need to slim down quick.

Video Transcript

I grew up in Italy and watched my band and mother getting dressed to go to the market in their cookies eels they chose fresh seasonal ingredients and for all the ingredients to make a meal as a registered dietitian I know that true Italian food is the healthiest but I also know is how to lift and how they eat their food too how can a busy New Yorker lid and Italian i will show you how and i’ll show you how to all in style this is living an Italian LMK we’re living an Italian and today we’re going to make some extra roll okay that’ll mean money we’re not going to make a little show we’re going to make some of this really really green peasant green from Italy that I used to be a lot as a youngster so what we’re going to do is we’re going to rip this apart and we’re going to kind of cut it a bit in a bit until the fiber and folate and vitamin K and riding in eight and we’re going to go and get that all prepared for ourselves while I put some extra virgin olive oil into our pan now we’re going to cook it fairly quickly because we don’t want to have any of the vitamins escape from that escarole in the meantime we’re going to put some of these scallions which is from the onion family and we’re going to put that in there like that and we’re going to go ahead and have those feet up just a little bit in the meantime I’m also going to get some reserve stock of clam juice that I need from one of my quigg sauces and we’re going to add this to the bottom of this pan as well ordinarily I’d like to use a sardine page source our game with this particular sperl but today I’m going to use the clam juices just to give that very very savory feel as you talk to you we’re going to go and grab our at all and we’re just going to put it right into our pan and it is going to absorb this favorite juices from the clam juice and also the scallion we’re also going to put a little peaceful in here as well and not just enhancement the flavors of the greens and you give it a really savory feel and then of course more traditionally and was different peperoncino some red pepper flakes the absence teeth into this recipe the attendant love to use a lot of the pepperoni she know with the leafy greens and being a very really great mix to the palate and alter the thermogenic effect that the tap states in in the ocean off has the boost to the metabolism when you’re having it this is a super super healthy meal so again we want to do this is a very very result a justin option is to pick up the flavors of the evolution on the scallions the olive oil and sea salt and some of that you all right there we are and just before tons to all of the dreams and go ahead and take it out and we’re going to go put it on to our place now this could be the start of a warm salad it can be its size to an entree and it can be actually expressing in a savory pie at Easter time you can also do here is you can add some kalamata olives if you have fun and some of this chunky scallion on top which is going to give it that favorite channel now this is going to be delicious and this is healthy and this is living an Italian you soon. foods jumpstart metabolism
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