Core Exercises for Beginners To Do At Home (Tighten Your Midsection)

By | February 20, 2020

Easy Core Exercises for Beginners Home Routine

  1. How to do core exercises.
  2. How to exercise your core muscles and midsection at home.
  3. You won’t need any equipment other than a mat or somewhere to lie down.
  4. You could even do the exercises in bed if you choose to.
  5. These are exercises to train your deep core muscles, so if you’re looking for exercises to build up your six-pack abs, this isn’t the video for you.

Easy Core Exercises for Beginners Home Routine

Tightening Up Your Abs And Midsection▼

Welcome to today’s video on how to do core exercises. If you’re a beginner now this exercise video is one that you can work along with at home. You won’t need any equipment other than a mat or somewhere to lie down. You could even do the exercises in bed if you choose to. It’s provided you’ve got a firm mattress with these exercises there exercises to train your deep core muscles so if you’re looking for exercises to build up your six-pack this isn’t the video for you. This is about retraining your deep abdominal muscles- your core muscles. Your muscles working with your pelvic floor and also the deep muscles in your lower back and these muscles work with your breathing as well so as I take you through and we’re going to be doing some exercise it’s lying on the ground and then also some exercises in kneeling and we’re going to be talking about breathing because when you breathe well your core muscles work well so that’s why I’m going to be talking a little bit about breathing as well as I move along so let’s get started we’re going to start on the ground or on the on the mat if you’ve got your mat at home set yourself up and I’ll just guide you through how to activate these muscles and then how to exercise them with a nice little routine you can do at home okay so we’re going to start off with our heel slide I’m wearing socks so my feet can slide and Britany hands up onto your lower abdomen you want to keep hold of this series so you can feel the space in your lower back and feel that your pelvic bones aren’t rolling forward and back as you start this first exercise called our slide what you’re going to do is with your left leg slide the leg slide the heel along the ground and extend out and then once you feel the pelvis start to tilt bring the leg back in so when you’re starting out with this exercise at home you might find that you can only just move the leg a little way before the pelvis starts to tilt so what I mean is doing that and back so that’s exactly what we don’t want it would it keep control and just slide as far as you can control that pelvis before the back starts to arch and bring it back in so a lot of control involved in this exercise taking it out Bay and just repeat the number that you can do well you can keep your tummy controlled I’ll do one more this side and back and relax we’re going to move to the other side so let’s just do a couple of reps we’re sliding down again keeping that neutral position my tummy muscles are activated I’m ideally looking up towards the ceiling and sliding the leg down and back and you might find when you’re starting out that you can only slide the heel a little way and back and as you get better you might find that you can slide the foot further away from the bottom and taking it back let’s do another couple on this side taking it down and back and once more I can really feel my tummy muscles fatigue I don’t know how you’re also going at home but mine are getting tired and let’s relax take a nice big breath in and out and just roll your back flatten out gently and roll back through and one more time flattening out and back alright let’s move on now some of you might stay with your heel slides and do another set if you feel like you’d like to regress a little bit we’re going to do a little tummy muscle activation here and little lift of the leg up and take the leg down towards the ground and again you know that we’re trying to focus on keeping the back arch the same so try to Everest a really stable through that pelvis and really stable through the core not allowing your back to arch excessively like that keeping it stable let’s do a couple more on this side feel the tummy muscles working and one more time and taking it down and relaxing and when you start out you might find that you can only do a couple of times that is too fine you just do what you can do when you’re starting out let’s move to the other side a little lift and down keeping the tummy muscles on and I’m trying to keep my pelvis really stable I like to use my hand see if I can feel what my pelvis is doing if you’re feeling really confident at home or as you improve with your your core strength and control you might be able to bring your hands to the side and down and let’s take a break pelvic tilt taking it down and back and once more down and back we’ve got one more exercise to do lying on the mat this is our last one and it’s called bent knee fall outs now with our bent knee fall out again I’ve got my hands on my tummy so bring your hands under your tummy at home draw in through your lower abdomen try to breathe regularly a lot to remember isn’t there and let’s take the leg down to the side and bring it back now you find when you’re first starting out here but you can’t move the leg a long way down you’ll find that it’s a really small movement until the pelvis starts to roll and your core muscles control that movement so you want to just start with a tiny movement out to the side and back and I imagine I’ve got a ruler or something flat imagine that balanced across my pelvic bones and I’m trying to keep that really flat and bringing the leg back up so I’m gonna take the leg down to one side and I’m not lifting my the other Bozo as I’m lying my left leg my right pelvic bone isn’t rolling and that’s what your feeling for through your abdomen and taking it down and bringing it back and then relax he’s our last set are you ready let’s go tummy muscles on either leg down to the side control it and back and you might find a difference in control from side to side as you’re doing this keeping your breathing steady bringing the leg back up couple more taking it down try and keep it smooth don’t get any food that further than your range of control and one more time taking it down and bringing it back and it’s fish off there and roll your back out if you’re able to at home couple of tilts and then you might feel like you’d like to bring one knee up and then the other knee up just to stretch out your back gently do whatever feels comfortable for your back and then though legs down alright we’re going to move into nearly now okay such a free shot we’re going to be amazing now if you lose a service sister you could do the exercises lying down because they’re kind of take your time and it completely Prime in this position that position means any mouth lips and once again when teeth in the in would clean out our bathroom ever I talked about that before with lying down they definitely important in this position to so you’re not large enough like that you’ve got that what excessive just midway between that it’s standard position and Flex position all right so Minister in this position lower abdomen just drawing in a little bit Cecily doing they support buses are inanimate sort of just a couple of breaths keep it to the muscles on your breath in breath and out breath and when would Tyler come on breathing in and out and relax your tummy down now let’s increase the challenge a little bit going in and you can progress as you feel comfortable doing so many muscles all right I’m going to leave it and this looks like a shoulder it’s I don’t know but it’s actually I’m keeping this muscle these muscles and active the whole time and reach them so you’ve got to stand it I mean this is and use those losses the wrath brought around to the back my ectopic realistic support [Music] wait it’s coming outside yeah and try to keep down down 20 [Music] reaching up to my cellphone just freaking out through the back all right to progress’ that we’re going to take the pig out before I do that once I activate engage about that gang at heart take the right they have to me say that D and and again and Becky can you keep your tummy muscles on breathing [Music] anymore like to release her and Greg rest [Music] it’ll be like a battle each year and it’s to take the pressure out of my shoulders it’s just a nice position not at welcome yawns and put it over right from my shoulders like a shock absorber so I suggest [Music] so how did you know that exercise at the time that’s a real nice beginners quarantine you could choose to do what to allows exercise of the day or you might like to do the whole original and spread it out over the course of the day so I really like those exercises help you get started to understand available to your muscles and just starting to get some control back in that core area thank you so much for watching today.