Dangers of Diet Soda: When it Comes to Calories, Less Can Lead to More

My consumption of diet soda began in the 80’s with diet Tab. Over the years, my loyalties swayed back and forth from Diet Coke to Diet Pepsi. The last decade, my cravings had been strictly for Diet Dr. Pepper.

The thought of drinking regular soda loaded with sugar was repulsive, not to mention fattening. I justified drinking three to five cans of diet soda every day because there were no calories involved. What I didn’t realize all along was that my calorie-free drinks were probably causing me to eat more.

After consuming way too many diet sodas this summer during vacation, I decided to quit cold turkey. I was prepared for withdrawals and the first few days were not easy. I kept telling myself it would be worth it; my body would be healthier and my pocketbook would be fatter.

By the time day four rolled around, thoughts of my favorite drink dwindled. I found myself actually craving fruits and vegetables rather than salty snacks and ice cream.

I suddenly realized that all these years the calories I saved by drinking diet sodas were completely outweighed by the junk food calories that went with them.

Days passed and eventually five weeks came and went. My craving for soda had disappeared. In that period of time, I had less than 10 sodas in comparison to over a 100 I would have previously had. My body felt cleansed.

In giving up diet sodas, I discovered the enjoyment of healthier foods. I also learned that just because something is calorie-free doesn’t mean it is better for you.