Delicious Keto Spice Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

By | March 3, 2020

Low Carb Spice Cake

Bake For 30 Minutes▼

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Today I’m making a low-carb spice cake in one of my casserole dishes that it’s like a 2 quart casserole dish with 8×8 size and so it’s not a whole lot of cake to be sitting around but anyways I have all the windows open it’s gonna be in this 60s today it’s beautiful the dogs are outside playing so they won’t be you know in the kitchen begging thinking I’m making something for them but I thought you might like to come along I’m getting close to a thousand subscribers so I so appreciate everyone that has subscribed to me you know new subscribers and the ones have stayed with me I hope to get a lot more videos you know in the future going it just seems like life gets in the way sometimes and I have all these plans of doing you know two or three videos a week but then things happen and I just can’t do that so hopefully in the future it’ll be more consistent and so yeah so I thought you might to come along and see this recipe and it looks delicious it’s off a Pinterest it’s not my recipe but it looks really good and I’m gonna be using you know almond flour the swerve sweetener replacement for regular sugar so I hope you stay with me and let’s get the recipe going okay so now we’re gonna blend we’re gonna start by blending the wet ingredients first so right here I have four tablespoons of melted butter and I’ll let it cool a little bit cuz you didn’t want it you know really really lock it up and eggs in here you don’t want to scramble your eggs so there’s our butter and then a third cup of sugar and now I’m using the swerve brown sugar you can also use the swerve regular granulated sugar but all I don’t have any the regular kinda just have the brown so we’re gonna try the brown so 1/3 cup of that it’s nice and moist just kind of break it up a little bit okay then we’re gonna add four ounces of cream cheese which is room temperature so let it sit out actually let it settle overnight so it really got to room temperature there’s that now we’re gonna add two beaten eggs and they’re room temperature also there’s that and one teaspoon put that spoon in there one teaspoon of pure vanilla extract go ahead measure it out normally I just kind of eyeball it that so teaspoon of that okay and now we’re going to mix it with my mixer scrape this spatula off a minute here it’s at that aside okay and to get me a new mixer because my old one we’re gonna make it about a minute and will be the driver okay now we’re going to do the dry ingredients in my bowl here I have two and a half cups of bob’s red mill superfine almond flour and my spices I have one teaspoon of cinnamon right here one teaspoon of allspice 1/4 teaspoon of cloves and then my baking soda is I lost my place here hold on them Oh half a teaspoon of baking soda and then sea salt I’m using pink sea salt it’s a quarter teaspoon of pink sea salt so we’re gonna add all that okay we’re gonna take our whisk just blend this up I love fall baking spices so good I like spice cookie spice cake feisty anything that’s spices like that okay okay now we’re gonna take our wet ingredients and mix that all in and then we’re just gonna use our probably our little spoon here as soon as I get to scraped out just add all this together all at one time now I’ve never tried this recipe before so we’re gonna find out together if it’s good or not looks really good okay now we’re gonna get my winning spin and we’re just gonna start mixing this up let me think better okay all right I want to overmix it okay now we’re gonna scrape it into our pan I’ve buttered my 8 by 8 glass dish we scrape off the spoon here yeah I’m gonna add some toasted pecans on the top when I do the frosting but that’ll be after its baked so let’s get all this scraped out of here kind of batter I didn’t think it would be thick but we’re gonna go with it it’s not like a you know box cake mix so okay then we’re gonna spread this out like I said I’ve buttered my dish a lot easier just spread it out with there we go yeah that’s a lot better to turn our dish cuz I want to get it as even as possible on this side okay it looks pretty darn good now my oven has been preheating and it’s kind of I’ve never seen a recipe that’s 310 degrees but we’re gonna go with it so it’s been preheating at 310 degrees and we’re gonna bake it it says for 30 minutes but I’ll probably check it at like 28 minutes with the toothpick in the center just like a regular cake okay all right I will bring you back when it’s all baked okay while our spice cake is cooling off we’re gonna go ahead and make some cream cheese frosting and with that we’re gonna use do the sugar again I’m going to use the swerve confectioner sugar which is powdered sugar and it’s a my ball here I have one 8 ounce package of cream cheese in it’s room temperature I’ll let it set overnight so it’s pretty soft and then to this we’re gonna add we’re gonna mix this up first and then we’ll add our sugar let’s get our mixer in there okay this down a second to this we’re gonna add four tablespoons and I’ve got it sitting here of heavy cream so there’s one two three and four then I have a little bit left just in case we need some extra and then we’re gonna add where’s miss measuring cup here a quarter cup have the swerve confectioner sugar here I’m going to go ahead and start mixing this up [Music] [Music] although okay here we go I’m gonna cut just a little piece out of the corner oh it’s moist it’s cutting perfect always it’s usually the first piece of pie or cake is kind of getting out miss stop it look at that you came out beautiful what don’t drop it [Music] that’s it this is sign and we’re gonna try put this down a little bit there it is cuts good with the fork there’s a lovely lovely piece with the frosting in the mmm oh my goodness that is delicious its moist it’s not dry now I did bake it for 30 or for 28 minutes instead of 30 which is about to be called for a my oven gets really really hot that frosting is delicious say you can actually make something really really good for you that tastes delicious without using all the you know bad stuff white sugar hmm okay that’s it that’s a keeper recipe okay so coming up close to 1,000 subscribers and I’m so thankful and happy that y’all have subscribed to my channel and you enjoy watching my recipes and I really do appreciate all of you and so when I reach a thousand which is not far off I’m doing a giveaway and that’ll be coming up pretty soon and yeah I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun so I appreciate you watching I hope you come back it’s for my next video and everyone has a great weekend and definitely by this recipe I’ll leave a link in my description box or not a link but the recipe where you can write it down and but that’s going to be one of my giveaways it’s gonna be for the giveaway package I’m going to do a bunch of my recipes on some recipe cards and do a little booklet so that’ll be part of the giveaway so mmm so delicious okay I love you everybody oh my god hope everyone has a great weekend and I will catch you in my next video.