Diet Salad Dressing Recipe- Light and Delicious!

Video Transcript

I’m going to show you today how to make a very very basic Italian salad dressing that my mother dressed all of her salads with very very simple three ingredients full of vitamin C and amazing so what we’re going to do is we’re going to grab our olive oil and we’re going to go ahead and start with our base now the olive oil has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids in it so it’s going to be gorgeous for your skin and it’s going to be really beautiful what the fat contents of the dressing also adds to your salads and or vegetables in your adding the dressing too is the ability to absorb the fat soluble vitamins in your vegetables so if you’re eating spinach and you’re trying to absorb the vitamin a or the vitamin K and spinach it’s great to use the olive oil which has some fat don’t use low-fat dressings that’s pretty much nutritionally useless so you’re going to go ahead and put some extra virgin olive oil and they’re the best quality that you can find all the authentic Italian products and cut a gorgeous lemon ok Amalfi Coast is known for its eleven groves and it’s lemon trees and they make amazing desserts and meanwhile cello and renita from Capri when with their gorgeous lemons and they smell amazing and what we’re going to do is just add it to our dressing just squeeze about a whole lemon in there for about trusting serving for about two people and we’re leaving some of the pits in their little rustic style don’t worry about that you can also drain them later and add a little bit of sea salt okay as well and what you wanted you would do with the Italians do when making anything is just taste as you go okay when you taste as you go you know how much more to add ok so I’m going for a little bit more seats out there and that’s why every recipe does not have to be perfect it just has to be the way you want it so go ahead and taste it all smells great actually I would even steep some basil in this too just to give it more of a lively kick but this is an authentic very simple very healthy way to dress your salad in your vegetables this is living in a town.