Dieting That Works (Video + Read)

By | January 24, 2020

Dieting that Works- Maintain a Healthy Active Lifestyle

dieting that works- intermittent fasting

Very interesting thoughts on how and why dieting works, and maintaining an active healthy lifestyle. Keto, Paleo and all popular diets are covered in this great video.

Video Transcript

Diet or indeed dieting as in the process of actively trying to either reduce your weight to get to a healthy level or to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. What are the benefits of intermittent fasting for women? That doesn’t endanger your health it’s obviously a very serious topic and it’s an issue that many struggle with and I myself at certain times in my life have struggle with although admittedly you may not notice it as much due to the fact I have a long tall frame means that in theory I can carry weight a little bit easier and it won’t look quite as bad when I’m at my Peaks but there’s certainly been times where I was over the kind of weight I probably should be or weight that felt right to me and yet despite it being such a serious topic it’s actually dealt with pretty frivolously you know in our culture like people just sold like fairly idiotic fad diets or the notion that you can you drop weight and then go back to what you’re doing before and then that’s fine and then you keep doing that cycle over and over again and that’s in any way a healthy people also generally even when it’s loved ones that have in their family it’s a very awkward topic to bring up you don’t really want to tell someone that they’re killing this off by food that they’re essentially an addict to a type of drug it’s having an effect in their blood stream on their body on their mind the reward system we don’t really want to have these discussions and so there’s actually not that much great info widely spread throughout the mainstream I would say generally we’ve have seen a change over the last few years of people starting to do our tools about the keto diet paleo diet etc but a lot of the information are there is the fluff the garbage that’s in marie claire’ and women’s magazines that absolutely toys with and Laughton is just selling products for how you can incorporate intermittent fasting for women and a lot of the things that actually I’ve found useful my own life never really were outlined in any obvious place I had to go and search for them myself and then through trial and error tests what worked so what I would say is this first of all as a general note generally the basis that you’re going to use to do any successful diet in my opinion is quite simply CI Co calories in calories out check how many calories you put into your body each day check how many calories are being going out in terms of being burned you can find this online there are many different things where you put in your height your weight your age and it’ll tell you roughly how many calories you should consume a day just to stay at whatever normal weight you would be a maintenance way eat slightly less 100-200 ideally maybe 300 400 less than us you got some wiggle room in case you fudged numbers a bit and you are going to lose weight now then with that said when we say that approach calories in calories out it’s not just about calories and I could to be real eating a reasonable amount of calories but of terrible foods to lose weight in 8 weeks that are all sugary and crap and not have any nutrients in yeah that’s not in any way equivalent to eating the same amount of calories of healthy food so in that sense you could actually not be losing weight but eating healthy food and it probably wouldn’t be as bad for you as if you were slightly losing a bit weight but in pure I mean what’s your body gonna make all the different parts of needs for itself and to maintain your general level of health and weight loss transformation story also there’s there is the factor that all foods are not equal just in as much as some foods make it easier to lose weight they make it easier to maintain the lifestyle to not make bad decisions to not put your body and light rather than the day and later on in time in a position where you then it’s easier to make those bad decisions so all foods aren’t equal in that kind of sense and so yes if you want to succeed at dieting sure some people might have not done this some people might just live their life in a different manner and succeed it anyway but if you want to ensure you succeed you must count the calories that you consume each day and know what your amount is that you so maintenance amount and stay under it with regularity on and you will absolutely lose weight unless you have some extremely special medical condition and I can tell you from the majority of people I have known who claimed to have those they did not and these were excuses for things like not counting calories not knowing how many calories were in certain foods thinking fruits are just healthy and therefore you can eat as many as you want thinking that they have a fast metabolism when actually they do eat way too much never exercise and have ridiculous lifestyles there are very very very rare examples of people who really do have these metabolism issues and therefore overweight due to that and not due to their diet so first and foremost you’re gonna say it’s a hassle like I don’t know how many calories are out well first and foremost one of the ways I always go over that is whenever I started out a diet I would find things that I absolutely can measure you can find simple guesstimates for everything online for a certain weight of chicken breast is worth so I would start with that and I would start with I would have TV dinners that had the exact amount of calories written on them and by doing this I could start out from a good place where I knew how many calories then over time as I cook things myself as I got foods with even half the calories written on them I would then start to estimate and guess what if I found those days I was over I’d start to look online for other second opinions on this am i I try to figure out or maybe I’ve overshot it here maybe I’ll put a little bit too little about of too few calories for that thing and so I would op it up a little bit until I get the balance right and I’m losing weight again so you might think to yourself is too much work to do that no that is the basis to stop food cravings that is the fundamental first one foot in front the other of losing weight because it’s going to be the process by which you then improve what the things you’re eating for so you have to know what you’re eating and exactly how much and what the effect is then you’re going to improve the things you’re eating and improve the overall diet and the amount and that’s what’s gonna ensure you succeed them purely mathematical formulaic element and I can say after you get used to having a little notepad and writing the amount next to each other first of all a lot of those will be used in future days you know up now I know how much that bowl of cereal with that much more kin now you could keep using that day after day secondly it just becomes a habit it becomes very easy any a secret to succeeding in any area in life is to find negative habits and find ways that short-circuit them no I didn’t say just quit those negative habits that’s incredibly hard but to short-circuit different parts of the habit so any part of it happens or part of it is cut off and more important in that to build up good habits so they’re not gonna be things like dry fasting benefits you do initially they’re gonna be hard to do initially but after you’ve done them a while at certain times each day it’ll become second nature will become the robot element of your body as Colin Wilson would say will take over and do these things for you and it’ll become very easy if I could be easier to do them than to not do them because you’ll feel of a kind of compulsion because you’ll have the reward circuit set up now first and foremost I would say before I recommend any type of diet this should be a diet that is a lifestyle not a fad you’re not doing this just to lose X amount of weigh X losing X amount of way is a byproduct of applying this as a healthy lifestyle that you are gonna maintain going forward from here on out for the foreseeable future you were going to be doing one of these diets and therefore you will get to where you want to succeed and then at that point in time you can just maintain and you will ensure you don’t put back on again it’s not about you can quit and then do it anytime no how about don’t put it back on again how about have a healthy lifestyle so first of all commit to doing this for a long time don’t think I’m gonna do it facts of our time I lost why I’m out of wait no you’re just gonna do this this is your life now and you even think to yourself it’s something I learned from Robert Anton Wilson you changed the one from Chaos magic interesting enough with incredible results from intermittent fasting when you’re making signals you changed the way you think you don’t think I am going to do this or I would like to do this or it’s my desire to do this what you do is you start saying I am this type of person or I’m a type of person who does this type of diet Oh a piece of cake I mainly don’t eat carbohydrate oh I used to be someone who loved candy and sweets yeah and just not someone who eats them very often no you make that your mentality this is the this is the the way you talk to yourself and you think inside your own mind and it will change all the time so that becomes your reality that is the way you think and therefore when you’re in these positions and you don’t feel a massive craving you overcome it you know I’m not the sort of person who does I could do that on my cheat day in your dieting plans to lose weight in a week and a half it’s not something that I have to do because I’m not the type of person who eats that sort of stuff and in general this is are you gonna build up your mental state piece by piece brick by brick til it gets to become strong hence why I also always built in some days where you do have other things that aren’t as part of your diet because first of all they make it manageable it means you know at some point in time you will have days we have those things in fact you can have literally any type of food you want any the worst type that you can imagine the most ridiculous sugary candy or savory anything you want as long as you only do it a few times a month as long as you do it say once a week in terms of overall the things you don’t you enjoy you can I do it once a week as long as you keep the other a sponsor who can’t just chill out for six days and then have something once a week great at least every week I can have exactly the thing that I think I want in that sense eventually you will get this sense that success this is the four I used to have run through my brain and always have when I get success and I think to myself by not doing this I’m continuing my success I’m maintaining my streak and what I would think of myself is success feels right now actually better than this food would taste and you might not believe that right now where you are but I can just tell you it sounds brainwashed but you are positively brainwashing yourself and eventually the feeling of success the delayed gratification of that element of reward that becomes each time you turn down these things becomes a success you want to maintain this as a building block of your self-esteem because once you start to figure out how to lose and you start to see how you build up your willpower to turn over willpower is not something people just born I don’t wear this notions come from this guy can just do X Y & Z I’d fall apart yeah he’s built it up it’s like being a bodybuilder you start with the small weights you keep going you could healthfully build yourself up you don’t go too much and break yourself and over time you’re gradually able to do more and more and more it’s the same with anything same with memory same with language skills the same with willpower your willpower builds on time we all start with nothing especially what we’re giving in all the time but as you gradually say no and as you gradually start to guard yourself in a better direction your willpower builds up and then you get more self-esteem hey I can do this and you know what if you can do something like dieting you can do literally anything in life to a degree yes that doesn’t mean you can do some far-fetched accomplishment like become the president no but you know what you could probably get into politics you could probably run a campaign you could probably be some low-level politician or you could work for a politician you could do something in your life to enhance it in any area pretty much if you can take this approach because it’s a piece by piece day by day approach which literally just puts you on a track where you’re heading somewhere where you want to be headed and not somewhere that you don’t want ahead and just hoping that you don’t go towards that so first and foremost it might sound extreme but a method I would actually recommend especially to people a very old way is to try a ketogenic diet. Joan the keto diet go on our slash keto on subreddit on reddit I listen I won’t claim to know all the science behind it I do think some of the science behind it now that not someone who knows how to interpret a lot of scientific papers but the articles and papers I read some of it sounded plausible especially because I’ve had some of the physical effects some of it sounded like there was a little bit of fuckery going on but all the matters is this so the idea that eating fat is what makes you fat quite clearly to me at least seems to be bullshit and if you look at the history of it seems to have being pushed as an agenda and programmed into society by people involved in the grain and agriculture business basically the people where they want you I don’t eat fight you should eat healthy grains enough Oh wonder why that could be it’s the same way as people who were behind smoking and drinking were the people who wanted cannabis made illegal and and secretive shut down lots of natural remedies and cures it’s the same sort of fuckery going on now the logic goes that normally your brain initially burns off any fat or sugar essentially and changes it in the glucose it goes to your brain and this powers your brain ok but the key thing is when you cut off this glucose you can have a small amount with still a very small amount maybe 10% in your diet through carbs you’re still gonna get your brain powerd big is gonna be powered by something called ketones which are produced by your liver when you eat a lot of fats so they do make your body feel different at least they’re made by and feel different when I had ketones running through my body I would have a different kind of energy first of all my brain just felt very clean secondly I had a kind of energy which was slow release which lasted hours and hours which wasn’t the hard spike of an glucose and then the glow that comes half an hour to an hour later it was the slow gradual build-up and then maintain plateau for a long time then gradually taper off and as it’s gradually tapering off I can think I’m a hungry has enough time plus now is it time for my next meal so being on a keto diet and eating 60% or whatever it is fat yes yeah absolutely was very very helpful for staving off hunger first of all because of the energy release but more so than that fat is the thing that for me at least and for a lot of people say she eats hunger like nothing else it’s why if you’ve ever felt super hungry and you order a ridiculously fatty meal sometimes you eat it and you got actually kind of full but there’s loads left I thought I was so hungry why I can’t eat more if there’s mayonnaises are too rich and there’s all sorts of fries and everything you know what if this was like a less fatty meal at you you’d eat way more bit like Korean barbecue I can go a fucking ham on that shit I can eat like four plates of that I find it hard to eat a whole burger and fries and onion rings that privates because I mean in this case there’s a lot of carbs there by the way but fat actually is fantastic for staving off hunger so when you’re only eating fat or primarily fat it’s really gonna get rid of your hunger so when you have it spaced out for a day you’re not gonna feel the same craving to have the sugary things because you’re not gonna feel hungry on the base level you might have boredom on them but you won’t feel it that way also by cutting out the carbs and the sugary things cravings to make weight loss enjoyable. Go away to eventually they become just mental like you’re thinking your brain are I see that like that I remember what I used to taste like but because it becomes mental it’s not a physical response anymore so you don’t feel like you have must do it for your body you can now use what I call the delay technique which is why I said before to always build in cheat days or I just call them days when I eat other than my diet because I want to make it something I’m cheating or I got a broken no I’m actually planning to do this it’s a pressure release and what I you do is I you I don’t use the day itself to help me I use the fact it exists tell me so when I did the key today I would have one day a week where out she and even then I wouldn’t cheat the whole day and go super ham but I would just have some things that I wouldn’t otherwise so what I would do is I would think to myself any time I saw something I wanted in a shop I thought about something I’d say you know what I could have it now I couldn’t stop right now I could bake today my cheat day you know what I’ve planned some a cheat day say be Saturday and you know what I can wait two to three days until solid agent have it then and first of all sometimes by doing that I just put it off and I don’t have a habit sometimes I put it off and then when I want a cheat day I have it that day so it’s actually a very good way to make it so that you rationally explain all natural weight loss products to your brain a way to put it off but still feel like you’re not denying something I’m not denying myself I’ll have it on Saturday I’m just looking either on Wednesday so having cheat days helped see you enable that mechanism and thus I think I maintain the approach it will also by the way once you get really into the keto diet show you how fucking overrated carbs are because actually you’ll feel quite sick when you eat them on that day won’t feel great because your brains not addicted to sugar in the same way you’re not getting the same sort of mad rush off here and it won’t feel very good now I admit me you would feel differently if you’re addicted to carbs because you get the withdrawal satiated you probably a lot of them on that point in time but that’s the point you’ve changed your battery or the way your brain operates now how to stay on this diet listen there are tons of recipes out there that’s why you go to like our slash keto your taquito recipes there are lots of recipes to try but I would say first and foremost start with some simple foods that you can easily make and repeat often and not get bored of so one of my favorites bacon and eggs I would have that for breakfast every day and I had it down so that that may be accounted for like 500 calories which if you three meals of 500 calories you got to 1500 there and you drinking water boom you’re well under your maintenance which for me is about two thousand two thousand one hundred and well under that and that’s if I choose not to have different things for other meals there so I start with that a good one for a dinner pork chop with some vegetable so you can have broccoli can have cauliflower now another thing I would say is don’t wait until you are super hungry to eat have some stuff that’s pre prepared have some like bacon that you’ve cooked already and put in the fridge have whatever it might be some other type of meat that you can eat cold some sort of harm or some sort of salami also if you want to have something that I’ll get you by when you need like a treat or something a little bit sweet or you want something to quickly tide you over for a few hours till your main meal try making something called fat bombs where basically they’re nearly all fat there’s lots of recipes out there for them and the fact is right even though you’re gonna use like cocoa and really dark chocolate type stuff in this you’re gonna think that tastes like shit because if you love sweet stuff that’s not great right but here’s the beauty of it once you aren’t addicted to sugar you don’t have it massively in your brain chemistry puzzle you don’t need as much to get a response to something sweet and therefore things like dark chocolate start to taste sweet if like they start to taste nice they taste pretty good actually so that’s a really good way to both forget your fat stave off some hunger and kind of get something that feels sweet to you you really want to just drink water when you’re on diet if you’re gonna have something else make it make it a diet or sugar free bring general you want a primarily drink water first of all it staves off fake hunger where your body’s just telling you I wanna eat now but you don’t know it’s actually thirst a lot of people don’t drink enough water they don’t know what real thirst is secondly it makes you feel really good when you have a lot of walk you feel like your brain really running well it feels like you’ve got petrol in the car and now you’re not just running on fumes anymore and I would say generally if you’re someone who isn’t feeling thirsty during the day I think you probably are eating a really shitty diet because you’re much not noticing that you’re incredibly thirsty if for some reason on the keto don’t you get cramps or you get some sort of toilet issues either lack of regularity or to regular first of all most make sure you’ve got enough magnesium and of potassium and enough fiber in your diet fiber to move along the dietary issues and not have any problems there magnesium and potassium you can take vitamins but it’s gonna be hard to get all those in your body ideally you want to just have some vegetables that other men or try doing these broths that doesn’t have much calories but has it got a higher amount of that in it’ll take care of any kind of cramps you get as a rule stay away from fruit like you can have berries of some type if you know the calories of them and you can make those all your carbs for a day like eight grams of carbs and have like some spray cream with it that’s sugar-free okay that’s that’s not gonna say terrible remember you can have things like double cream and that’s not gonna be a problem that’s not going to happen smelly ol fat but you just got to imbalance the calories out fruit is basically nature’s candy fuck anyone who told you that shit’s really helpful yes it can get vitamins and nutrients into you you can also get those elsewhere and it’s not some amazing superfood that by having it makes it that doesn’t like make you gain weight it’s having a big bowl of grapes is basically like eating a load of candy now here’s this funny thing he tells a very hardcore way to do it it’s a real lifestyle change but I’ve found my own way to consistently and gradually lose weight without actually not eating some of the meals I want what I’ve done instead I’ve got a hybrid version where basically first and foremost I cut out all sugar sodas I don’t drink any energy drinks or sodas that have full sugar in them I only drink sugar-free and even then I try to make it so that for every sugar-free drink I’m having two glasses of water and that doesn’t mean other than die of having too much water I’m trying to make as I only have one or two sugar-free things a day and having water primarily for what I drink because that way I’ve already cut out the calories that I drank let’s say I was adding 300-400 calories just from sodas that’s now gone from my diet I don’t even have to exercise you have chopped that off my diet Rd I drink water primarily as I said if you’re not feeling thirsty in the day you probably have a fucked up diet so your brains not telling you correctly that you’re thirsty once you cut out the sweets etcetera and you have your normal meals you’ll start to notice you are thirsty quite a lot there you’re gonna drink and it’s gonna put off some of the fake hunger then personally for an energy drink I actually stopped you having all sugar free energy drinks what I do primarily is I’d look G fuel as explained in like a separate video where it’s sugar free or as 25 calories ago I only need what are the most stays in terms of the long energy actually reminds me of ketone energy in that sense and it’s like I’ll has a way less PD drop off if I really need to get a lot of worked in a day I might have to but even then not of not if there’s only a couple of hours before I’m gonna go to and generally only when I’m really going home on work I won’t ever waste that on just something else cuz I want to try not to have too much in that sense it’s also great in that that’s portable because it’s a powder so you can get a little bag of it so you can put it in a little container you just put it into water you don’t have to have the shaker cup put it in your bottle of water drink like that much more put it in and shake it up a bit and then drink it there you go it’s very portable there’s no excuse at Arden Avenue when I was out buy it in the big tubs and you can go and take as much as you want I have no desserts and no candy now again people are gonna say the air but I couldn’t do that sell off candies and sweets right I’ve never met anyone who liked candy and sweets and solders more than I did I act out of my own choice and drink him all the time I would only drink soda I wouldn’t drink water I can be loads of it I would eat bags and banks of it I would prefer even giving up some of a meal to have candy I love that shit but I can tell you that it made it incredibly hard to do any kind of diet because I would be so tempted and if I satiate it it a little bit that whole moderation is key it doesn’t work for me to really love the shit a little bit is then the doorway to a bit more is then a doorway to a fuck I’ve done out I’m starting to make mistakes I’ve done too much I’ve done it all now having a we know that’s with drug addicts it’s the same with people who love candy people don’t realize food is an addiction in the same sense now I as I said I just caught out desserts I cut out candy now the way I balanced it in my diet in this sense is first of all by cutting them out over time the cravings go away once you totally cut off you don’t have the same craving as having a little bit which makes y’all need to officer more need a few bottles for me moderation just doesn’t work but more importantly the reason I got this to work is I said I’m going to cut out the candies and stuff the things I think I really want and crave for the things that I don’t even really want that much but will seem like a reward like I can have any evening meal I want and so I designed a system which I’ll get into in a minute where basically I built up to a big meal of anything I want at the end of the day so first and foremost I only have in my diet full meals and a breakfast which is either cereal or some type of fruit so what I did is I always set my schedule up to succeed but so I feel like it has a reward element you know where I’m actually benefiting from the system so what I did is I would make it so my breakfast is always something like it’s with milk 200 250 calories or it’s berries with milk or some sort of cream again 200 300 calories that’s my breakfast now a few hours later for lunch I’m gonna have something like again TV dinner that’s 400 calories something simple to make and cook bean sprouts and some and some pork or something again 400 500 calories I’m only up to 800 calories or so at this point in the day I have my water Amagi whew I’ve got hot I’ve gone through half the day at this point in time a couple of hours after my lunch I’ve got all my work done now for my evening meal I’m gonna feel pretty hungry right what a big meal now now can I have anything I want as long as it’s only savory I don’t have anything sweet involved there it’s a burger and fries or its ribs or it’s an Indian meal whatever it might be that big meal is gonna set me up to finish me off for the whole day and the key thing is first of all I have gotten a meal I always want each day if I really want to go home but secondly I’m setting myself up to succeed I’m setting myself up so when I splurge it’s at the end of the day once I’ve already succeeded for the rest of the day I spend my calories late in the day you fail when you spend them early and think no I’m definitely gonna keep to it I love a bit something now but that’s okay I’ll have something small later at the end of the day you’re super hungry cut off very much you can’t figure out a good meal that’s when you splurge that’s when you go overboard that’s when you fuck up the diet instead set yourself up to succeed get what you’d want done early in the day and then the end of the day can be played so same with games if I ever start playing fun online games with people at 2 p.m. I’m not gonna get much work done at the end of the day I’m not gonna be as motivated to if I say now I can’t play with you guys till 8:00 and then I spend those hours do my work then I get all my work done I’m totally free and then I can play and have as much fun as I want and again it’s not moderation people say that as a cliche true isn’t moderation and all things I don’t know people where it works for them if there are people who can just eat a can one cookie and not have any more fucking good on you but it’s not me and people I know and people in my life put that way so I think it’s a load of bullshit the whole moderation idea I say do the things you think are reasonable to do don’t do the things that are unreasonable not have hot well moderately do the things you think are good and – moderately doing things that are bad for you no that wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever would it so one last thing I want to bring up is notice I’ve at no point in time listed exercise you don’t need it you do any of those diets I’ve just explained follow them like I’ve described here and keep your duck calories under the maintenance amount this ideally two or three hundred under and you stick to that religiously you will lose weight now if you exercise first of all you don’t even have to be strict on those other diets but if you do those diets the same way and exercise you’ll lose weight even faster more in a more healthy manner you also build up obviously the health of your body and as such obviously you don’t have to do it but it’s good to do it and that’s also gonna help your life so I would say to add in some like first of all never use the excuse that you can’t go to the gym or you’re too tired to go no no you can do a lot of basic workouts just on the spot in front of your computer where you are right now so put on a documentary put on inspirational video I like to watch like Kobe Bryant videos or Jordan Pete’s and talks start doing some jumping jacks do some push-ups do some sit-ups don’t do too many the first day do like five do ten of each and then the next day do five and ten of each again and then three days later go up to twelve of each and then six four days after that go up to fifteen of each and see how you go and never just go too crazy but gradually build it up you know what how about run on the spot do sprints and then do long runs like you go on a marathon get an exercise bike if you want there you can sit and watch a fucking documentary the whole time while exercising while doing all the other shit conserve Twitter while exercising walk a lot just go for walks find a little route that you can go on you take the same route each time so your brain kind of zones out you go in a trance-like state you listen to podcasts interesting ones Jordan Peterson one Joe Rogan experience Duncan Trussell family hour if you’re a bit of a freak start listening to music listen to concept albums whole albums that all work together to lateralis Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon whatever it might be Boards of Canada a campfire head face listen to something where the whole album works together so you get lost in the music and you don’t know it’s you changing tracks and you’re thinking about other things that give you a lot of time to think about things be walking you’ll be healthy you’re beginning in yourself you come back you’re off some water you’ve done something in your day try doing yoga if you’re interested in life if you’re if you’re one of these people out there who enjoys drugs you enjoy hallucinogenics you know what if you get too advanced states in yoga you can trigger states within your brain endogenously without any drug from external sources that can be incredible you four magnificent hallucinogenic experiences you just have to put in the time and the effort the work and you will find not only will it enhance your life in my opinion but you can get to some pretty crazy spaces that they don’t tend to tell you outside of the mysticism of the Hindus and Buddhists which tends to sound like some bullshit because they’ll always go too far until you’re gonna start levitating everywhere and you can telepathically know everything around the world now whether you can or cannot you could have to get pretty far into it to get to that level so you don’t have to worry about that right now finally I’d say dance to your favorite album put on a good album that you like this dance music ideally just dance around for the whole album so forty minutes thirty minutes an hour whatever it might be personally that’s one of things I love drum and bass mixes for because they just feed one track into the next there’s no real break and so you can just go off on that and it’s really fun actually but you’re losing weight you’re getting moving etcetera so again I’m not preaching I’m not telling everyone they have to do these diet so this is the only way but these are things that I’ve tried they have consistently worked for me and I figured out a blueprint a formula for how I am able to use these things to lose weight consistently but crucially to make it a lifestyle make it a way to live my life and not just some fad or something where I don’t really understand how it’s working.

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