Discussion On Intermittent Fasting

By | February 20, 2020

What Kind Of Fasting Is Best For YOU?

  • One of the best diets that will keep us healthy, feeling younger, and more confident.
  • If we have dinner at 6 p.m. and don’t eat anything until 6 a.m. the next day we’re naturally intermittent fasting for 12 hours.
  • Breakfast is called breakfast because you don’t eat all night long, and then you break the fast.
  • If you can go for 24 hours without any food at all, that is actually more in tune with how our body has evolved over millions of years.
  • Our ancestors did not have the luxury of opening a refrigerator and having 24/7 access to food. DEFINITION OF INTERMITTENT FASTING- FULL GUIDE AND BENEFITS.

Intermittent Fasting Is Good For Your Brain and Body▼

Good morning and welcome to radio friends on Friday January the 25th is good to have you with us and we have a wonderful Doctor with us today an on chuckled Lingam good to have you here yes mu health care and your cardiologist we have talked many times about how to keep our ticker running in good health and I know you have told me three or four times what smile how many times isn’t over how many times 20 times an hour smile 20 times an hour so I got five or six of them in there right now but you know it’s true if you even if you’re feeling bad right doctor even if you’re feeling bad and down if you smile it makes you feel better why is that why I think we are social creatures if somebody yawns we also feel like yawning right so when somebody smiles intuitively the correct changes happen that it gives us more confidence to relate to that person and to ourself better okay now we’re in a new year this is a January of 2019 what are some of the things that we should keep in mind to keep our heart healthy they shouldn’t so every time I come here I bring something new to the table yeah so today I thought I’ll bring a simple thing to think about one of the best diets that will keep us healthy feeling younger more confident you want to hear about it yes I do it’s a diet which I would say is no diet no die so what I’m talking about is when I went to the dentist ten years ago I asked doc I don’t enjoy brushing my teeth is that a must that I should brush twice a day every day the dentist said no no you don’t have to brush on days that you don’t eat so the data store you are days you don’t eat you don’t have to bro but I didn’t take up the challenge for ten years so now in the last six months what I’m doing is intermittent fasting you’re doing, and what it is as any period beyond 12 hours that we don’t get any calorie intake we can safely say we are fasting so many of us if we have dinner at 6 p.m. and don’t eat anything until 6 a.m. the next day we’re fasting fasting for 12 is that what breakfast means breaking the family that’s why breakfast is called breakfast because you don’t eat all night long but are you advocating that we do intermittent fasting we have been doing it much before we became civilized much before our religions much before we started agriculture 10,000 20,000 years ago we’ve been doing this as part of nature throughout our existence you can say for millions of years the reason is there is a difference between starving and fasting starving is seeking food going after it but not succeeding still anxious waiting hoping the next meal will come after the drought or after the famine or after the flooding or whatever challenges that our natural world through a task throughout our history but now this fasting is slightly different the food is right there on the table we may be even helping cook it but we are not eating it and we are putting it away for 2 more hours for more over 6 more hours today for instance I am trying to stay without food all day until maybe 7 p.m. that would make it 24 hours for me so I’m drinking only water so there’s no cost actually I’m saving a couple of hours of time that I would have spent in cooking or setting up their food and eating so I can use towards my academic world got to chat with you today is that healthful though is it healthy all my life I thought it was not even possible and it’s unhealthy we needed three meals a day but now that I’ve started this six months ago I can tell you it’s not hurt my health in any way but if somebody is thinking about fasting should they not see their doctor first Orland excellent question see many people think we need three meals a day at least unfortunately in the last 15 to 20 years because of more and more marketing head to us we started having closer to four or even five years if you count the snacking that we do yeah we overeat only now it is throughout the world people are overeating so three meals is reasonable and in a week if you can go for 24 hours without any food at all that actually is more physiological and more in tune with how our body has been designed over millions of years so you’re saying that the body was designed evolved into going once a week without food for a whole day yes this once a week is a construct to help us in this modern day in age but what I’m trying to say is our ancestors did not have the luxury of opening a refrigerator right and having 24/7 access to food but if you fast for a day once a week is it not throwing your body rhythm off it is and that is the idea it has to throw it if it is the idea is to catch the body off balance so that the body is not prepared to be without food but we are forcing it to be for a whole day without food so there are numerous health benefits to it like what first we improve the brain connections brain-derived neurotrophic factor B and that’s a BDNF is a brain factor that increases and it is like a growth hormone connects the brain cells much better so over years over decades we’ll have much lesser chance of neural degenerative diseases like dementia then come to the heart chance of lowering blood pressure cholesterol is so much better when we do intermittent fasting once a week the effect lasts throughout the week same thing with the inflammation arthritis goes done if you look if you fast one day a week yes throughout the week the benefit will be there okay now your your a heart specialist today a new healthcare yes what are you saying that anyone could do this or should they check with their dog that question I haven’t answered yet there are a few of us who are insulin requiring diabetics so when we are on insulin injections then the sugar levels can drop significantly and be life-threatening but that’s a very small portion of us those of us who are diabetic should definitely check with our doctors and if they are on insulin you may have to cut the dose in half on days that you’re fasting but check with your doctor first but most other oral pills we can safely postpone them on days that we are fasting even if you’re a diabetic but those of us who are not diabetic we can very safely from the age of 18 onwards throughout our lifetime we can safely fast it doesn’t have to be 24 hours even 12 hours is good 14 is better 18 is excellent because beyond 14 hours that is not enough glycogen stores in the liver so we have to start over again fat so it’s the simplest way to take care of excess fat so basically I’m actually giving you a little opportunity to feast thank you so much doctor and on chuckle dynam from MU healthcare it’s always a pleasure to have you here please come back again thank you alright alright Monday love Inc we’ll see you then bye-bye.


Discussion On Intermittent Fasting