Drop Pounds Quick on the 17-Day Diet

Yes, a new diet again that seems to be attracting fans and media attention lately. The 17-day diet is gaining praises by many but some are ranking it as another fad diet that you must stay on for life.

17 Day Cycle of Foods

This new diet is developed by Dr. Michael Moreno, a family practitioner in San Diego, California. Dr. Moreno strongly advocates that his diet are not like a lot of the fad diets we have seen. This diet does give substantial results.

This diet is founded on a 17 day cycle of various foods which lets dieters to change their carbs, proteins and fruits to boost metabolism and improve your digestion.

Clean Eating

According to Dr. Moreno who had talked with Good Morning America this diet keeps the body’s metabolism high as it can be. He remarks that his diet does advocate what he calls “clean” eating that includes avoidance of sugars and processed foods.

Others see this diet as just another fad diet not much different from the other current diets which are available.

Fox News contributor and registered dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot remarked that the total message of “clean” eating such as reducing calories and placing limits on sugar and alcohol along with refined carbohydrates and exercising is the same basis that numerous fad diets contain, concentrating on fast weight loss.

She goes on to note that it is basically just a quick fix. According to Zuckerbrot this diet does not teach proper eating habits that are required to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Low Carb?

However, on the other side of the coin is Dr. Moreno’s followers who swear by this new diet. One such advocate for this new diet is Rachel Wilcox, mother to three children who had spoke with Good Morning America and revealing to them that she had tried countless diets including low-carb Atkins.

Wilcox mentions she had fast weight loss in just seventeen days. She had stuck with Dr. Moreno’s program for four months and it totally had changed her lifestyle. She comments the weight has stayed off.

In the 17-day diet cycle you are altering your calorie count and foods in which you are consuming.

There are Four Cycles to this Diet in Brief

  • Cycle 1: Advocates burning fat, cleansing and fast weight loss without storing fat.
  • Cycle 2: Is said to reset the bodies metabolism.
  • Cycle 3: Is stated to teach good eating habits.
  • Cycle 4: Combines the first three cycles and allows those cravings to be indulged upon during the weekend.

The book also includes a seventeen minute workout. A short cardio based routine whose goal is to promote fat burning.

According to Dr. Moreno anyone can do this diet.

There are a few downsides to this diet:

  • It is not good for diabetics to be on.
  • If you are physically active the calorie intake could be too low.
  • It has been noted that irregular eating patterns could possibly set off eating disorders in some people.
  • It does not properly address the psychological factors that are needed for successful weight loss over the long term.