Easy Ways To Lose Weight- Cooking With Sweet Potatoes

From the Fun Foods to Lose Weight Files

I’ve always considered sweet potatoes a fun food. Growing up, they just seemed more like a “dessert”. Way tastier than white potatoes and different nutrient profile. That orange color is awesome- it comes from Beta Carotene (great for your eyes).

Video Transcript

Today we are going to cook with a sweet potato I love sweet potatoes because it’s filled with beta-carotene which is in this beautiful orange color and the fiber on the skin is really really great for your health waste management and for cholesterol so the best thing to do is to keep it on I’m going to start to cut my sweet potato or a yam in about I would say half an inch round I think of all people we think so they can cook evenly on our sheet pan one of the other ingredients very very simple but fresh ingredients and I’m gonna cook which today is a ruinous matter which is an herb that is very very indigenous to the Mediterranean I remember walking down the Palazzo of my aunt in Naples and read near her rose bushes were this rosemary and it was amazing I remember picking some and taking them come to New York with me and drying them so I can use them all year long this is a great great great herb and as soon as it is activated by cutting edge it releases the enzymes are so potently filled with antioxidants of the anti inflammatory there right add this to our pleas potatoes today we’re going to go ahead and put up sheet pan down and we’re going to go ahead and forth our extra virgin olive oil and the extra virgin olive oil is or to allow the absorption that a fat-soluble vitamins in the sweet potato which is a vitamin A and we’re going to put a bit of sea salt just for its overt like Josh and we’re going to get our fresh rosemary somebody’s gonna put it into the potato sheet pan like this and then what it is kind of just melding together there was a foolish us standards of all of the olive oil and everything can mix together there we are we’re going to set our oven to 400 degrees for about 15 minutes and then these dyes are going to be done all right so our lease potatoes are done and the entire apartment is lofting with the smell a road married so aromatic we’re going to go ahead and fold out our sweet potatoes look at that gorgeous and I’m just going to be a wonderful wonderful healthy side you can also meet these to go in a lovely Nicoise salad it until you Nicoise salad I’m you can actually find that recipe on my website oh you just want one guy there and let me just put these together here you know if you actually cook these just a tad bit longer you can turn them into three potato chips which is going to be a great snack to any time so there we are many of my clients left me what is a good portion of two potatoes on the side and I think this we got it right here so this is beautiful aromatic full of fiber full of beta-carotene gorgeous for your skin anti-inflammatory with the rosemary and there we are a beautiful healthy sweet potato with rosemary side go ahead try it at home.