What To Eat To Lose Weight- Mediterranean Salad

Mediterranean salads are another great option for a light lunch or dinner as they’re light on overall carbs and contain soluble and insoluble fiber, protein and plenty of antioxidants. Who said ever said making your skin glow couldn’t be delicious?

Video Transcript

Today is back to showing you how to use oregano when you’re cooking and the antioxidant power of this little herb it’s indigenous to the Mediterranean region and really used all across the different cuisines of the Mediterranean including Italian cuisine and you can bring this into form to comply them in the dry form or the fresh form and what I love about the fresh form is that it is very enzymatic and as soon as you begin to pinch saline or couple leaves a bit it will release its aromatic which is slightly better but also kinda from the mint family as well so it blends really really well and subtly to a lot of your proteins or vegetable today I’m going to show you how to make it any very very interesting and traditional heads is Italian way I’m going to combine it with tomato this is a very classic way of combining it and I’m going to talk a little bit also about the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of this herb as a matter of fact if you make a marinade that include some of these are like a regular or even rosemary it actually reduces the risk of food borne illnesses in the protein and you’re making with a marinade so that’s been shown in studies also it’s excellent for your skin it lowers cholesterol it has calcium magnesium and beef sticks and tiny little herb not so wonderful and we’re going to go ahead and just cross this tomato opposite plum tomato nice and flush industry and tomatoes are a classic combination for the oregano whether you’re making marinara sauce or whether you’re making a cold tomato salad like this this is what the excellence also if you’re making a Campanella salad as a matter of fact today this is kind of take on the pounds of mo salad in that we are using will just tomatoes and we’re going to do is just chop those guys up and put them in a bowl and then this what we’re going to put a bit of sea salt there we go and some extra virgin olive oil so that this will blend with the antimicrobial properties and divided in B and fat-soluble vitamins in the oregano so they can better enhance each other and a sword in your body and we’re going to go ahead and just put the lead right into the tomato and you’re not going to have to worry about using the stocks just the herb is fine and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to get some be tested it be salted which are dry crackers type things it reminds me as a panna cotta and you for today that I’m using my other recipes this is it for very quick comes aurilla and this reason why this is so hard it’s so that it absorbs the juices of the ingredients in this dish I’m just going to go ahead and finish out like this is my pants very a Chinese out wrong hands in your food so this wonderful little side salad with a fresh oregano and tomato and some of expected it is salted that is reminiscent of a bond vanilla salad can be used as a nice valley or a whole salad where you asking for Chilean tuna there we are and you are living an Italian just try them.