How to Achieve Your Exercise Goals

How to Achieve Your Exercise Goals

The New Year is here. It’s time for those New Year’s resolutions once again. For most, the main resolution will be to exercise. Unfortunately, for most, that exercise goal will often fall to the wayside. We slip back into our old habits as if they 

Vinyasa Can Be Described as a Moving Meditation

Vinyasa yoga is focused on a series of poses that flows from one to another in conjunction with the breath. Vinyasa requires a lot of flexibility, balance, and control between poses and is a very beautiful and slow-paced form. This form of yoga is sometimes 

Alternatives To Squats

Try This No-Squat Leg Workout Learn some alternatives to squats and deadlifts. Examples of alternative exercise to squats for bad knees. A barbell squat alternative with dumbbells. What are some good squat alternatives bad hips? A good workout substitute for squats- balance ball squats. Squat