Experimenting With Keto and Carnivore Diets

By | January 24, 2020

Testing Keto, Carnivore & OMAD – Video

Testing Keto, Carnivore & OMAD - Video

Very interesting discussing and experiment on the popular weight loss diets of today. Ketogenic, carnivore, and One Meal a Day are covered.

Video Transcript

in this video we’re gonna put the kids in a diet and the eating one meal a day fasting pattern to the test Deanna and I both get diffusion weight imaged full-body MRIs long story short this is an advanced Menendez enhance image of every tissue and organ in our body if I had no idea what your birthday is and actually I never even knew your birthday – you told me I would put you at a 60 girl female you know you’re like oh well these sirs muscle is they’re good muscle oh my god let me show you how much muscle we have all this dark grey here this is all muscle well what the percentage we can you tell that on there we could get an idea but but really the best quantitative test is is a Texas okay on that but like your percentage has to be like I know it’s pretty low yeah you know you could see for example badges in this end you see that white glare there they’d love me to cadaver lab right but that’s that’s all ii taneous guys she’s had which is paper-thin as well here and your visceral fat why i think there’s all these are so fat around the kidneys and you’d barely have any your kidney is wrap right up here against your liver I was right baby I’ve never seen this little bit of fact than anybody right and so that’s from one meal a day well it was a bit it’s about 1,600 calorie meal 1700 calories I’ve been doing for about seven months but I was intermittent fasting I lift a lot of weights so I’m still very strong ya know it’s it’s fascinating to me uh-huh yeah because you didn’t so that means Canton you haven’t seen some worthless little body fat without much muscle yeah with that much muscle on that amount of [Music] the points that we want to make here number one dismiss this myth that the key of jet died is somehow bad for your liver and it’s gonna cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease because a lot of people have this perception that if you eat fat it’s going to like clog your arteries and clog your liver and so we’re gonna cut to some multiple slices of both of our livers Deanna has been doing intermittent fasting nutritional ketosis you started in the winter I remember December of 2013 I didn’t start until 2015 it was May of 2015 when Alessandra Freddie kind of talked to me about it so long story short between the two of us it’s been combined over seven years yeah right dan has been following a more of a carnivorous one meal a day approach since January of 2019 so it’s been eight months okay so I don’t know that seems like a long enough time to see if like things were really regressing right if your health was regressing it would probably show up on a functional test like an MRI right so the liver yeah I mean I can show you actually that’s quite good so so what we actually have have our multiple different filters looking through the liver yeah so this set of images here so this is your right side hmm so we’ll start at the top so there’s the base of your lungs so like the air around you the lungs are full of air yeah so unless there’s a tumor mass we don’t see much which is good in your case and so when we look through the liver which sits right here right we’re looking to see if there’s any concerning lesions anywhere in the liver mmm and so we have you can see over here you’re gonna see all these different filters working at the same time and so on this one here if you had what’s called a hepatic adenomas it would actually have macroscopic fat which we would see hmm we’re not seeing any of that this routine – as well well I could actually see on this one oh that filter so this filter here is actually is looking for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or basically what we’re looking really for is fat mm-hmm for example you’ll see all all the organs you see how they are complying in this black I had a thick line so anywhere at a pixel level and a pixel here is about a millimeter or less hmm if it’s black that means there is fat mixed in with that pixel hmm if there’s microscopic fat which is what Nash or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is you’ll actually see the entire liver being dark Wow and you know you don’t have that about no liver fat from the high-fat diet curiously well there you go yeah oh yeah yeah in the filter so I can tell you that there’s no increased iron all right nice the other thing we’re gonna talk about is do high-protein diets rot your kidneys don’t you hear about that right yeah oh yeah I mean somehow high protein diets or meat is gonna rot your kidneys protein rots your kidneys so we should expect your kidneys will be allotted ready trash straight no nice bodies utilizing it Mike thank you there that’s your pancreatic duct come across to your pancreas another view of the pancreas when we talked about how we like to look at the multiple planes yeah and so the pancreas would look about four different ways across but you have so little fat it’s tough to find things Shh [Music] you know it’s calibrated just like in my 12-ounce i was i was interested to see because i have such a low body fat what is going on with my bones was there any sign of osteopenia or osteoporosis because i i have strong bones in my family and so you know it’s good to get this stuff on the videos of people mike’s followers can see kind of what is going on with my health as I go through this so probably the simplest thing is if I was to look at this if I had no idea what your birthday is and actually I never even knew your birthday – you told me I would put you at a sixty year old female 16 year old female did you guys hear about it we just ripped on me and Mike’s last post your bone mass it is quite impressive your spine is impressive but most importantly what actually happens with people who are younger and high-performance athletes is that their bone marrow expands and so if we look at here and I’ve chosen this out so they look at your you can see there there’s two different types of Meryl there’s red marrow which is red self producing Maryland yellow marrow which is fat marrow which is once the red marrow is replaced so high-performance athletes the reason praying at altitude is to increase their Meryl interesting are used to red marrow and when we look at your red marrow your red marrow is coming all the way down to your knees the average person their bone marrow ends at their pelvis so you’d say Lord in their forties in their forties so around like you’re saying 2030s attention decrease like that when you’re a child your red marrow is gonna be about here and then as you grow it’s gonna shrink up strict doctrine got about there well and then in some people when they get into their 60s and 70s it’ll shrink everywhere and they basically have you know like their they have nothing where’s your red marrow is like a teenager here’s the big thing we’re gonna talk about is the amount of body fat you’ve been able to lose and not that you had a lot beforehand but uh Raj the the owner of this proneural Ville medical test which is a DWI MRI which is the only what’s is the most advanced MRI of in the world right now I mean he said in his you know over 15 year career of being a radiologist What did he say about your body fat he said I had a very low low low body fat but a lot of lean muscle you know well Easter’s muscle is a good muscle my god let me show you how much muscle we have I can see see all this dark gray here this is all muscle well what the percentage we can you tell that on there look I kind of wanted to know cuz I’ve been doing we could get an idea but but really the best quantitative test is is a Texas okay but like your I know it’s pretty low you know you could see for example badges in this end you see that white layer there they’d let me at the cadaver lab right but that’s that’s all the same continuous guys she’s had which is visceral fat why like there’s always missile fat around the kidneys and you barely have any your kidney is wrap right up here against your liver Wow Wow that’s right so borderline and have you been like fasting to these doctors no no no I’ve been doing oh man so it’s just been kind of experiment so yeah it’s just one meal a day one meal a day but it’s a lot but I’m finding I have to probably increase my window because it’s I can just help it how being I am you know but the thing is I feel great that’s the problem is I feel so good and energetic but I don’t like the looks it’s just it’s more of an aesthetic thing as a woman you know and I mean and so I just want to make sure but I don’t have any fatigue like I feel like my brain is on fire and I feel like my energy is on fire it’s some more just kind of like I feel like I need to up it because you know and they don’t know but it’s like it’s amazing I’ve never seen this little amount of fact than anybody right and so that’s from one meal a day well it was a bit it’s about 1,600 calorie meal 1700 calories so I’ve been doing it for about seven months but I was intermittent fasting I lift a lot of weight so and I’m still very strong and this is the thing and so people have seen my body change interestingly enough on like we do a lot of social media and they’re like you know it’s almost too much like it can see every muscle in your body and I’m like I the problem is is that it just kind of happens you know when you’re when you’re intermittent fasting so now it’s just trying trying to tailor it to kind of soften the look the look and get some fat in areas that I probably would look better with so it’s been interesting it’s all I’m saying yeah yeah no it’s it’s it’s fascinating to me you know because you didn’t so that means Canton you haven’t seen some worthless little body fat no that much muscle you mean yeah well with that much muscle on that amount of a low fat hello I have could have seen many Peter ideas patients who are unbelievable because they’re very similar mmm Thank You Manny well I I’ve seen like you know I think the most amazing one there’s a gentleman in his early 50s and I swear like this guy looked like a 17 year old hockey player proxxon oh wow yeah you know cuz cuz we you know I work with the junior hockey team here and guys you’d have like you know thighs I don’t like this it’s like you know to see a 50 year old with that of my thoughts that’s my category I’m thinking wow what are you doing well we but my fat keeps burning and so this is why it’s scaring some people who see me because as such as a woman because they’re like you know it’s different because it’s like a bystander effect but just when when men have a happy life well dude you look amazing a ripped but when they see it for women they’re like your inner x”k like you’re you know what I’m like I can’t it’s hard because the way I feel my brain has never felt better I feel like I’m in my 20s you know but it’s like I’m seeing I’m like oh damn alright so interesting I just wanted to know from my perspective speaks what we’re talking about earlier with medicine like how little we know yeah like what is normal like right all right you know like our perception of what’s normal now is that you know you should have you know we should be more curvy you shouldn’t look like a bodybuilder my brain is once again better than it was in my 20s I’m 43 so what do you do yeah Lauren please other people the only council meeting get a like and you know it goes well you know but it sort of says like you know we don’t actually even understand and body’s metabolism right you know and you know when you talk about like a.m. tours and things like that that people have a clue about yeah right it’s just I’m eating a hundred and eighty grams of protein on 120 yeah so for example here you can see that there’s a little bit of fat separating the colon yeah the liver I know you’re yours here as well they’re very close but a little bit of fat just insulating the kidneys yeah yeah look mike is low – compared to a lot of people so let me go get it back to you it’s like next to nothing anywhere around here Wow me but that muscle look at it Wow yes which is this the core muscles we’re looking at yeah so these are the oblique muscles so it’s muscle at the car here is you kind of going from years like that like this I could you know if you’re keen to measure it don’t measure my glute muscle it’s two point three centimeters so that’s you know like that’s not just under an inch worth of oblique muscles you don’t see that except in teenagers well then did you hear him you never see that in other than teenagers and high-performance athletes and then here’s the rectus muscles here as well my tiny blue no but your glute is all muscle there’s no fat on there at all there you go see that cross-section so here’s a Maximus medius minimus and there’s no fat separating them all all muscle so very interesting we’re looking at the university who’s there I have an idea yeah I just kind of trimmed if you met a c-section or not I did and the answer is yes Oh cuz they come in right through there and through the uterus thing you can see right there there’s feels nice and smooth hair then there’s a little notch right there so that’s the actual decision is they wouldn’t cross the muscle right there whoa yeah normally the subcutaneous fat which you have none we can actually see that next part of the incision where they coming you can tell if you have a c-section what’s that the white is the space ladder so there’s a bladder right there do you have to go pee so rods we have your we have your skin here so you were pointing out that intro Domino fat yes well this is so here’s my right kidney my left kidney you can see how off there’s all this fat around the kidneys right so you can see this is all the visceral fat inside of me you can see all that white you can see the subcutaneous fat yeah I like the crazy thing is like my BMI is on the low side of normal but I contain it all the inside Wow and being Indian I’m at high risk there for type 2 diabetes sure it got more visceral fat even though they BMI is normal right actually not normal low no textbook yeah right so I’m basically a textbook healthy guy but I know that I’m not because where it’s located because of where it’s located and what I do find a fascinating bubble what you’re describing with the way you’re dieting is that that’s how people in India he tooks yeah they don’t eat crazy critical grazing all day crazy about see just one baking you yeah it’s like two-hour window though you know I mean so some people do I’m out in one hour but you and Abel’s you to chew and think and breathe and socialize and do it right and so it’s like these people judge because it’s so different from what we’ve been socially programmed to do and I wouldn’t eat any other way after doing this for seven months and I’m and I love food you know it’s not like I’m dieting it’s just my body metabolizes protein and fat very little carb very efficiently so much more than it was when I was in a large you’re feeding my job and it continues to surprise me so yeah yeah we will share fascinating to kind of see how it works my marrow hands about there mmm okay so back from there and as a transition period right so some people are scared away from it when they start it because they don’t feel so good right because your body’s gonna go through changes so I put myself to the test with the Oh mad and doing more carnivorous approach and I was able to maintain my strength but burn my body my body’s fat for fuel primarily to a point where it was extremely low so yeah it’s very possible to yeah obviously burn body fat and maintain muscle eating one meal a day because that’s the biggest concern that so many people have is am I going to be able to stimulate muscle protein synthesis if I’m eating all my calories in one meal and if you want a little bit more information and some guidance on you know some structure some framework on how to approach a compressed feeding pattern like one meal a day we have a new course that’s out flexible Oh mad links are below we’d love to have you as part of that and we have some special bonuses there as well so and there’s a reason why we call it flexible Oh Maddy all because it is a tool and it’s not a diet Mike will say it’s one meal a day but it sounds very restrictive in that case it’s pretty much multiple meals within a short feeding window that feeding window is not always two hours sometimes it’s a three hour sometimes my week it’s a six hour so we talked about how to you lies Oh mad one meal a day a short feeding window throughout your life as a tool when needed we paid full price for these we didn’t get a discount we’re investing in our health as you should too but we just wanted to share with you kind of behind the scenes and actually the raw footage right as we were learning just like you were you know is our diet is our lifestyle what is it doing to our bodies and now this is just an end of to experiment you know male versus female we’re different ages and all that sort of stuff we definitely encourage you if you have the finances and the time and the interest to go to Vancouver BC go to print ovo you can tell them that we sent you and stuff like that we received no financial kickback from this you know I full disclosure I mean I heard about Raj and what he’s doing over there from Peter Tia’s podcast in June and I think it’s it’s pretty amazing so now we have a good baseline right so you know we can see is the diet is the fasting feeding patterns that we promote on this channel is it improving we’re affecting our health in a negative way and based upon Rajas feedback he said things look really great I mean the low levels of visceral adiposity virtually the zero level of visceral abdominal that it is a pro-inflammatory fat Indiana was really low and mean he said to you you know gosh if I didn’t know any better I would have thought this was the physique of a 16 year old Olympic athlete and you’re 43 you’ve had a child before so friends what Dean is doing is working if you want to learn exactly what she’s doing links are below we have a new course I think you will enjoy it and yeah I mean that’s that’s pretty much it but you know this was a really cool experience I wish everyone could do it I think it’s good to have a baseline it’s good to as you know people have said you know tests don’t guess a lot of people are just guessing and saying oh this diets the best where this types of best but they’re not actually testing their body in scientific ways and we’re gonna reveal the Enders blood work and my blood work on future videos and talk about what blood tests you should be getting that’s it for now I really hope you enjoy this video but it’s been tempted me you know pictures for the omegle you as a non-medical and I want any you know like none yeah but you know I’m not physician but to actually really understand what’s going on and that’s the power of what premium would bringing to people is enable you did yeah first of all do you have cancer yes or no and or partly be educated but what’s happening on inside because all you see a jail-type lot more going would be a big step into yours yeah that’s a different name I got love chunks of fat between.

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