Feeling Fluffy or Bloated On Keto? Watch This Video Next!

By | October 30, 2019

What To Do When Your Feeling Fluffy or Bloated On Keto?

In this video you’ll learn:

How to get rid of keto bloating and gas.
What can cause bloating on a keto diet?
Do you get a distended stomach on keto?
Getting bloating during your period?
In ketosis- alleviate symptoms and bloating.
When on keto is bloating and constipation necessary?

newspaper- What To Do When Your Feeling Fluffy or Bloated On Keto

How Can I Feel Less Bloated on Keto?

If you’ve been experiencing bloating on the ketogenic lifestyle this video is for you because today we are talking about snacking and is snacking on the right foods throughout the day causing your bloating. I don’t wanna have to it tonight incorporate intermittent fasting better I’m gonna find my way tonight way tonight would you talk to me! So guys yes it is I’ll jump right to it because I want you guys to understand something real quick the more you eat the more insulin your body produces even if you were eating ketogenic foods so ideally what you want to do because once you have that insulin response and your body’s producing insulin and you got the digestive juices going your body has to work to digest the food so all the energy within your body is all focused in this one area so if you spend all day grazing on you know it doesn’t matter what keto friendly stuff nuts and cheese moon cheese which is one of my favorites but if you spent all day just snacking on this stuff what’s going to happen is you’re going to find yourself bloated you’re going to find yourself struggling to reach your health goals you’re gonna find yourself plateaued you’re gonna find yourself stalled even if you have one big meal a day and you you are practicing Oh mad but you’re having snacks throughout the day this is one question. What are the benefits of intermittent fasting for women? I get a lot people say I’m doing Oh mad but I’m not losing the weight but I’m snacking all day so wait a second you’re eating today even though it’s not a meal it’s still food you cannot have food throughout the day when you are Oh Maddie no mad means one meal a day so if you’re doing the ohh mad thing at least once a week I mean I can tell you guys if you’re in a plateau right now you do the ohh mad and I have a whole video on what Oh Matt is and how to do it I’ll put the little link up here but when you do Oh mad it’s going to launch you forward towards your goals but the reason it works is because you’re not consuming any food throughout like 24 hours and you’re just having one meal so you’re getting all of your nutrition within that one meal you’re not gonna be malnourished or anything because you were eating the foods you’re getting the nutrition and and ideally you would have a nutrition packed meal you know full of healthy fats like dry fasting benefits. Avocados maybe some eggs some full fat dressings you know veggies in there green leafy veggies I usually have a giant salad or something like that but by doing that you’re going to see amazing results weight loss transformation story and so if you take that knowledge if you know this you know that if you long stretches fasted so intermittent fasting either the 16-8 intermittent fast or an extended fast like the Oh mad 24-hour one meal a day fast the reason it works so amazingly is because you’re giving your body a long stretch of time when there is no food so there’s no digestion going on in your in your stomach so what’s happening is instead of focusing on digesting food all the time your body. With thehungrymouth.com you are able to heal, replenish repair turnover cells throughout your body and it’s going to allow you to utilize the stored fat that you have on your body which is stored there for a reason it’s stored there for fuel it’s accessing that fuel that is stored and using it to fuel your body and so you don’t need that stored fat you don’t need it it’s not there for that it’s not there just just for cushion it’s there for energy so use the energy that your body has naturally so if you’re just following the ketogenic diet and you’re not intermittent fasting I recommend you’re doing if you’re doing three meals you eat all of your calories within those three meals try not to snack and a lot of times we snack mindlessly we’re not snacking because we’re actually hungry we just want something to do and if that’s the case then you need to start thinking of another way within those periods to occupy your mind like maybe you do go for some seltzer water with lime soda water with lime instead of just the random snacking of food maybe you grab a cup of coffee. Dieting plans to lose weight in a week because that’s okay and you can have a little bit of half-and-half in there and some stevia that’s not going to generate the digestive response that may be like you know solid food would and that’s okay so you could do that as well personally when I am fasting especially if I’m doing Ahmad and especially if I’m doing intermittent fasting I drink exogenous ketones. How can I control my weight without dieting? The GNAT ketones or the keto up product throughout my fasted window and I do that because it keeps me occupied from eating solid food and also maximizes the benefits of the fast helps me prolong the fast and it makes me feel incredible my mind my mental sharpness my clarity is on fire and I’m able to you know push myself to be more productive with my work and by doing that I am more occupied and I’m less likely to just sit around and say oh I’m gonna eat something cuz I don’t think about food at all and so the ketones helped me to do that I do that if I’m doing Oh mad of two to three ketones drinks within a day and a lot of times what I’m what I’ve been doing is actually every day this week I’ve been getting up at 4:45 a.m. I’ve been doing a 30-minute fasted workout and in my fasted workout I’m drinking my whatever flavor that I want of the GNAT ketones and then I’m having a cup of coffee maybe like an hour or so later and then I’m having my meal by one meal if I’m doing the Oh mad that day around one ish and then after that I will have the keto up later like maybe a couple hours later and then I might have a decaf ketone that ketone that night and then the following day my first my next meal will be right around that same time 1:00 p.m. and so that product allows me to go the full distance and maximize the human growth hormone weight loss transformation story and also just the incredible benefits that stop food cravings from going long distances without eating I mean naturally our bodies just run optimally this way just from the feast and the famine that our bodies are netic evolved for I mean if you look at this country there’s a lot of obesity happening here and there’s more snacking going on than ever so if you’re dealing with bloating and you’re doing the ketogenic diet take a look at how much you are eating throughout the day are you causing those digestive juices to get flowing throughout the day yes then you need to scale it back and just start eating a little bit more in the meal to lose weight in 8 weeks so that you go to the next meal without feeling like you need to snack in between and keep yourself busy and maybe try an intermittent fast like exten hour fast eight hour feeding window and then try eventually maybe adding in the Oh matter going 18 hours fasted all the way up to 24 hours fasted and that will help you and you can even just do one oh man a week I’m telling you guys especially if you’re in a plateau for all those guys in a plateau if you just do one day of Oh Matt a week and even if you get a like a ten day experience of these key toes I have trials I’ll put them in the description but if you just get a 10 day package of that and you use two of the key tones a day for the Oh mad days that would last you five weeks if you just did one oh man take a week and you followed maybe your regular lifestyle a lot of times though what’s gonna happen is when you get started on the ketones and you realize how much they do help your ketogenic journey you’re gonna want to continue them you can drink them every day personally get results from intermittent fasting. I have been drinking them every day it’s been a game-changer for me with my own personal results with the ketogenic diet this time around after having my daughter Clara just a few months ago and I’m headed in the direction I want to go and I’m just so thankful that this product is in my life so I want to share it with everyone that’s that so guys just consider it consider getting rid of the snacking no more snacking just have regular meals and try to keep yourself busy throughout the rest of the time and if this video helped you guys I really appreciate it if you share this content because I am trying to create an impact on the world and help people take control of their health and change their life so if I really appreciate it if you help me in that mission and thanks guys for watching this video if you’re someone who’s a snacker I would love to hear if you plan on stop snacking in the comments and if you’re new here be sure you hit that subscribe button take care.