7 Highest-Probiotic Foods: Bacteria Strain and Description

By | January 14, 2023


Strain of Probiotic


YogurtLactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and other probiotics.Yogurt is a smooth, creamy delight made from fermented milk. Rich with proteins and probiotics, this is an excellent way to get your daily dose of beneficial bacteria. It’s tangy yet mild flavor make it great for breakfast or an afternoon snack.
KefirLactobacillus kefiri, as well as other bacteria and yeasts.This traditional beverage has been around for thousands of years and is still enjoyed today. Milky and slightly effervescent, Kefir has a unique tartness that pairs wonderfully with fruit or just sipped alone. It’s full of beneficial yeast and bacteria which can aid in aiding digestion.
SauerkrautLactobacillus plantarum, and other lactic acid bacteria.Sauerkraut is a classic, tangy dish. Fermented cabbage provides a unique flavor that’s great on sandwiches or as a side dish. Packed with probiotics, this vegetable can help to improve digestion and nutrient absorption.
KimchiLactobacillus kimchii, and other lactic acid bacteria.Kimchi is an iconic Korean side dish made of fermented vegetables. It has a light but zesty taste that pairs wonderfully with just about anything. This spicy dish has a wide array of health benefits, and is full of probiotics.
TempehRhizopus oligosporus, as well as other bacteria and yeasts.Tempeh is an Indonesian staple made from fermented soybeans. It has a nutty flavor that’s great in salads or sandwiches. Not only does it add flavor to any meal, but it also provides a healthy dose of beneficial bacteria for your gut.
MisoAspergillus oryzae, and other bacteria and fungi.Miso is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. It has an earthy taste and is often used in soups or sauces. Not only does it add flavor to almost any dish, but it also contains beneficial probiotics that can help improve digestion.
NattoBacillus subtilis, as well as other bacteria and yeasts.Natto is another popular Japanese dish made from fermented soybeans. This sticky, gooey treat has a distinct smell and intense flavor that’s great mixed with rice or on its own. It’s full of probiotics which can aid the digestive system and promote overall health.