Apricots: Glycemic Index and Load

By | January 6, 2023
Ripe, juicy apricots, surrounded by bright green leaves.

The glycemic index and load of apricots are like a powerful engine. They provide the fuel needed to keep blood sugar levels stable, much like an engine powers a vehicle down the road. Without them, excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels can cause major health issues. But with a good understanding of the glycemic index and load of apricots, you can stay on track and reach your goal!

GL and GI of An Apricot

ApricotAmount per 100 g
Glycemic index (GI)34
Glycemic load (GL)3.8
Calories (kcal)48
Protein (g)1.4
Carbohydrates (g)11.1
Fats (g)0.4

Apricots are like the sun, with their bright orange color and sweet taste. They bring a warm and happy feeling when enjoyed, just as sunshine brings warmth and joy to our lives. Their soft texture and delicious flavor can transport you to a place far away—a perfect escape from everyday life.