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By | January 22, 2020

How to Prepare Gluten- Free Muffins

Hey guys I’ve shown these muffins in a couple of previous posts and by popular demand you guys want the recipe so that’s what this video is.

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This video is my gluten free buckwheat protein muffins they’re awesome to have prepped like I showed you in my what I eat Ben’s a while pregnant I heat them up in the morning for my family and I they’re great at room temperature they last for a few days on the counter you could put them in the fridge too they’re awesome so that’s what we’re going to be making today it’s super easy so let’s begin this is just one cup of gluten-free flour and then in here just to make it easy I’m gonna list the whole recipe for you guys below but this is half a teaspoon of baking soda 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder and half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon so like I’ve mentioned in other videos I like to mix my dry ingredients separate for my wet ingredients and then you combine them this is one teaspoon of grounds Himalayan salts and it’s tablespoon of cane sugar so I’m gonna seem to give these a little a little mixer okay cool so now we’re gonna do the wet ingredients in this particular recipe I use a 1/4 cup of organic canola oil and a quarter cup of organic olive oil I actually want to try this with coconut oil but I thought it would change the flavor too much but regardless feel free to experiment but you want 1/2 a cup of oil 2 beaten eggs a teaspoon of vanilla extract and this is 7 ounces of Greek yogurt I love Greek yogurt because for 3/4 of a cup there’s 16 grams of protein in there which is great and I also need extra calcium right now because I told you guys I was low on calcium and iron so I love that I can get some extra calcium in here and extra protein so also with the wet ingredients is half a cup of honey whenever I’m using honey and oil I like to do the oil first because then the honey doesn’t get all sticky in the cup because the oils in there just comes right out anything that makes for easier cleanup I’m all about it so I’ll whisk the wet ingredients and then when I combine them then I’ll just use a fork the breakfast I showed you guys into what I eat in a day I think that breakfast all the time it’s so good you know it’s a pregnancy you can’t have little stuff you normally have so it’s like and I coffee if my muffin I got my protein and my fat and it’s just a really nice satisfying breakfast when my daughter goes out to her classes and stuff a lot of times I’ll pack up my fan and a little thing for her because she loves them it’s a great recipe I’m just gonna mix together the wet and dry ingredients and then again you don’t really want to like overdo it but you just want to make sure it’s you know well combined okay so this is one cup of fresh blueberries if you’re using frozen I mean I would honestly cut this in half or at the most use 3/4 of a cup because the frozen blueberries are so small when you put them in there they just take over the whole muffin if there was if you don’t reduce it and then I’m gonna put in my two cups of buckwheat and then we’re gonna mix this all together till it’s combined well if you’re living to that I like about it is with the honey the honey gives it like this really beautiful texture like after you cook it it almost gives like this beautiful kind of crunch and Sheen in the muffin with the toasted you know the the oven baked buckwheat it’s so good okay so these are ready to go into the muffin tins muffin tins so this recipe makes 12 muffins and you can use the little paper things if you want I don’t have any right now so what I’m gonna do is take a little bit of unsalted butter and with my hands just move it around in there whenever I’m like lining a muffin tin or anything like that or baking bread or whatever I always like using unsalted butter and most recipes actually call for unsalted butter because if we’re using salted butter it could change the flavor of these awesome ingredients that we just put together because we already put that teaspoon of salt in there you know so you want to use unsalted so it doesn’t change the flavor of what we’re cooking and you can leave the butter out of room temperature if you want I mean I honestly with the warmth of your hands it melts in there really well anyway so so now I’m just gonna fill them here we go oh my gosh these are so cute my mother is not a baker she’s amazing it if she bakes but she’s just not a baker she’s much more savory so that’s most of the cooking that I do so I’m really I don’t bake that much except for like these muffins and my gluten-free bread I’d really don’t bake that much so whenever I make these I got really excited cuz I feel like a baker okay so now they’re full so now with the rest of this I’m missing to go back and fill all the tins evenly so they all have the same amount of stuff in them my kid is napping and when she wakes up and smells these she’s gonna be so excited all right yay okay so my oven has been preheating at 350 and I’m gonna throw these in we’re gonna check them in 30 minutes in 30 minutes we’ll put a little stick through them and make sure nothing sticks to it and the top should be really pretty and golden-brown so I’m gonna put these in the oven right now and I will see you in 30 minutes ooh those look good now stick this in look nothing stuck I think that these are finished that is beautiful oh my gosh these are so cute I’ll just turn them a little bit to loosen them up and then we’re gonna pop them out and let them cool and then what I’ll do is I’ll just put these in a container and leave them on my countertop so here are your gluten free buck wheat protein muffins I hope you guys like this recipe I love this I have these preps all the time let me know if you guys want to do another baking recipe now that I’m Shay Baker I hope you guys like this video subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications you know and I put up a new one and I will see you guys next time.


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