Gluten-Free Rice Cakes: What You Need to Know

By | May 6, 2023

As a gluten-free lifestyle continues to grow in popularity, so too do the questions about what foods are suitable for those with sensitivities.

Rice cakes have long been considered a go-to snack for those looking for something light and nutritious, but can you eat rice cakes if you’re avoiding gluten? The answer is yes! Rice cakes are naturally gluten-free and therefore safe to eat if you have a sensitivity or intolerance.

Rice cakes come in many varieties; from plain brown cake to those sweetened with sugar, there is an option for everyone.

Those concerned with unhealthy ingredients should check the label before purchasing as some brands may add butter, margarine, oil, or other potentially unhealthy additives or preservatives.

It’s best to prioritize snacks with short ingredient lists; if you find a variety with more than 100 ingredients, that’s a sign that something may have been added Additionally, check the sodium content anything above 400mg per serving is considered high and should be avoided.

If the label says it contains more than 1000mg of sodium per serving, then it’s best to stay away as this exceeds our maximum daily intake of 2300mg per day.

While rice cakes are not particularly nutrient-rich compared to other snacks or meals, they do offer several health benefits.

They provide antioxidants that protect against free radical damage, help regulate blood sugar levels, and are easy to digest.
In addition to being gluten-free, they can also be a great option for those looking to manage their weight as they contain fewer calories and fats than traditional snack foods like fried chicken, doughnuts, and French fries.

When it comes to flavor, there are several delicious options available. Sweetened varieties come in flavors like everything bagel, cinnamon sugar, and even peanut butter chocolate.

Those avoiding refined grains like bread and pasta should opt for the plainer versions – just be sure to boil them first if that’s your preference.

Transfer them to a bowl of icy cold water when you’re done cooking and top with sliced fruits or sprinkle on some ‘everything bagel’ seasoning according to Lowe’s “” blog post – easy peasy!

The bottom line, when it comes to healthy nutrition, rice cakes are a good choice. Choose the healthiest and lowest calorie options available. So next time you’re hungry like a kid in a candy store – don’t be one of those suckers – reach for some gluten-free rice cakes instead! Your bottomless pit of an adolescent stomach will thank you later. Happy snacking!