Healthy Eating Habits- Video Guide 2018

Breaking out of bad habits is tough. After all, you’re been doing it this way for so long! Want better metabolism boosters such as exercise, and a diet plan to lose weight? Here’s a great video that takes you through the top 6 keys to healthier living- especially helpful with the summer coming up!

Video Transcript

Our first guest today is registered dietician and host of the web series for alone fiorella I like it you gotta tune in to check this out and she joins us today for a look at some summer habits to take into the fall we welcome for your all of the color thank you so much always here with some great information to you so what if some of the bad habits that we should or should not well they’re bad we shouldn’t take miss yeah you know what you walk around the streets this morning right and you can already see it like the energy is amazing okay so people are outside it’s a beautiful day it’s gorgeous it’s hot it’s sunny right and so one of the things that you know people are doing more walking around writing something so simple that they’re out and walking around and in the Sun and they’re absorbing their vitamin D nits in creating the serotonin and it’s making them happier you know so one of the things to do to take into the fall is keep these habits you know get up and out go get off the two stops right before you work and walk or you walk home from work and go out to the park and walk around as soon as the cold weather hits people tend to hibernate and go in and kind of close down and shut down but that doesn’t help them psychologically that’s a psychological effect it absolutely does you know they’re not outside anymore and so forth and you know there’s always some time to go out I mean it’s cold put a coat on right it really doesn’t matter you know it’s more of a mental state of being out in the Sun go out on your lunch breaks that’s another thing you see what people walking around in this summer on their lunch breaks taking at least a 20 minute walk with bags of fruit they’re going to their markets they’re more enjoying the farmers markets and Brian fruit and taking it along with them you know what people covered up like that during the winter the more deficient in vitamin D they aren’t in you get net should they take a supplement yes no I don’t think I don’t believe in supplements unless someone has a vitamin deficiency so the best thing to do is to keep the fat in your dairy and so that you can absorb the vitamin D and the calcium in your dairy so that means no fat free yogurt no skim milk no fat free cottage cheese if you keep the fat in your dairy you’re more liable to you know absorb the vitamin D in the calcium in and the Sun helps but not too much Sun right you’re not going to be around for six hours but you know a little 15-minute walk really does a lot of good for your serotonin yeah why do people who are drop these or not do these things going into the winter why don’t you stop them that’s this real true i think that the weather does have a lot to do with it but the stunning the sun is still shining even though the weather is is down you know and the thing is is you want to keep moving no matter what and it’s sometimes okay to be out in the cold when you’re out of the cold you burn more calories naturally you know and then you go in and you relax a bit then the other thing that happens too is that to comfort themselves from the cold the meals become a little bit heavier and you see now that the meals are much more light you know and that’s another great happy to carry it to the fall to that keep your meals light you know you see a lot of people having these gorgeous salads and and meals based around fruits and vegetables and simply grilled meats and so forth you know at the summer that’s one thing they won’t be doing with the summer Bobby’s of the grilled food that’s a few hot dogs and hamburgers and all those things yes but you know some of the other things that they can take in like four let’s say how a George Foreman grill we can hook it up instead I can definitely do that too as well I mean there’s many ways to you know to cook inside very healthily if you don’t have a grill as well there’s a sauteing they’re steaming there’s you know there’s simply grilling or even baking you know instead of having to do something too too heavy and the other thing too is the amount of water nowadays you know in the summer time that people start to take in because I tend to feel more you know thirsty and in the wintertime that kind of falls off you know and then the fatigue starts to set in with them oh I’m so tired I’m so exhausted it’s the wintertime but you need to keep these habits going so that you feel really really good so continue to hydrate because hydration also helps you get rid of a lot of stuff yes yes yes yes absolutely it keeps you it’s part of your metabolism it keeps your metabolism functioning hydration symptoms of dehydration are lethargy and fatigue so a lot of times people feel exhausted and it’s because of that you know and then the other thing too is get into the habit of using your seasonal fruits and vegetables for carbs right every season Manhattan damages why is it so important to eat seasonally so seasonally is the most important because what that is indicating is that the fruits and the vegetables are growing out of the ground at the time of the year that they’re meant to and so therefore the soil is providing them the most capacity of the vitamins that they can get re so having a fig for example at its in its season will be filled with the most vitamins and minerals all year long and of course it’s cheaper too it’s a little bit more a little expensive when you’re buying things in season as opposed to buying them out of season so right now you know grab your nectarines grab your peaches grab the cherries that are out now fig season is coming up I have a whole little and so this is going to carry you also into the fall and the beauty about figs are that they you know they’re indigenous to the Mediterranean but California has a really great and you know supply of figs coming in now to people grows in the backyard yeah it’s not now I grew up with it with a fig tree in my backyard of course is he on War Z a Z there’s no you’re not Italian unless you have a cig Junior that’s very true and what’s so beautiful about these specific figs is that they are the most nutrient-dense they’re the closest and chemicals and vitamins minerals the closest to breast milk and not to sound strange but meaning that they’re so filled with fruits of you know so you can rise up and give it to a baby me you could I mean you have to make sure that its water but but absolutely and they’re so versatile to rightly you can simply eat them like this and you want them to be a little soft if it go your clock nothing nothing but these are the very so you want if you want to feel them right bright they want to be kind of like this right yeah you don’t want to get richer because inside oh yeah and so you open this up and it’s like this you know you have a beautiful red color in it like that and they’re very versatile you can just eat them like that or you can just put them on toast with some cream cheese as well are you even mentioned earlier on you can grill these these are a delicious grilled with a little balsamic vinegar on it as well and you know you can just chop them up and you can put things as part as parfaits you can wrap them with a little prosciutto around him or a little bit of bacon hahaha to throw the divine bit absolutely sir they’ve filled with fiber right and these are the other things that you know you’re gonna be grabbing your fruits and vegetables into the fall you’re gonna be looking for artichokes you’re going to be looking for you know the cruciferous vegetables yeah what’s an audit chokes really it’s very nutritious Oh were they’re amazing they’re really great some people are scared of artichokes they don’t know what to do with them exactly but really you suppose all you want to choke or anything like that no they’re filled with fiber and a very specific fiber called is that what are you afraid of me I know they’re afraid of the bizarre so prickly right they don’t know what to do with the leaves like it seems very complicated and does he know so most people won’t shy away pulling the leaves of sit-ups eating them just like yes I mean I bought this is huge yeah it’s a huge I bought six huge artichokes yesterday and I just like simply boiled them and oh we’re coming over your house some of those Davin the figs would be a great meal but they’re amazing they’re also natural diuretic to their natural cleansing for your body for your liver and so forth so they’re they’re really really amazing they’re almost they have somewhat of the same qualities as asparagus would have to sort of cleansing quality let me actually one more thing people clean seasonally is it a good idea to cleanse seasonally well get ready for the next season and in terms of flushing the body get rid of all the toxins and everything well so you know there’s in essence there is no such thing as toxins in the body right like if you think about it right there’s really no such thing at the toxins people talk a lot about that and I feel like it’s very very gimmicky that you have to like cleanse your body and do juice cleanse that do colonics and do all these things when your body has its natural you know for cloud leads to be able to do that on its own itself it’s like we’re like a self-cleaning oven again absolutely fiber water you’re done that’s really what it takes right it’s more it’s not so much about what to put into your body to cleanse but what to keep out of your body so that you don’t get stopped up that’s basically the idea can we find war on you so you can go to my web series on fiorella eats doctor you have a lot of cooking videos in a lot of nutrition video so that you can get some ideas mmm so you’re gonna bring some food the next time you come yes you want on we’re gonna rush things over here but you know yes we’re gonna bring some meat that’s right we’ll get our hands wet there yeah alright so the website no more time a few relationships calm yeah so you can follow on YouTube and Twitter every day we’re tweeting with some new information and videos so you’ll get a lot of information give the registered dietitian a big round of applause everybody if your relative caller thank you so much all right we got to take a quick break right here but coming up next we’ll find out how you can keep fit and give back but first in celebrating national healthcare week the morris heights health center they’d ruin crowds to inform the community of health based programs, she has a story check it out. eating habits