Healthy Fast Food DOES Exist- Here’s What To Eat And Avoid

By | February 13, 2020

People who are on a diet seldom want to eat in a fast food restaurant, for fear of high calorie intakes. However, most fast food chains now offer a variety of healthy, low-calorie alternatives for a quick and healthy meal at any time of day.

Before going to your favorite fast food restaurant, however, make sure you know what to order. Do not simply go there and decide by looking at their menu board. Always check their online website first for additional nutritional details and calories of each of their foods. This way, you will have a much better idea of what you may want once you get there.

At The Fast Food Restaurant, Be Sure To Avoid These Foods

  1. Do not order any dressings, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, or extra cheese. In fact, do not order any cheese at all. Did you know that each slice of cheese adds a hundred calories to your meal? It is preferable for you to use ketchup, salt, pepper, or vinegar to season your meal. The best choice, however, is mustard, since it comes with very low (or even no) calories. At a Mexican restaurant, order everything “al fresco”, which means with little salsa and no cheese.
  2. Avoid ordering fish or chicken, unless you are completely sure that they are either broiled or grilled. If you order a salad, be sure that there are no toppings and that the dressing is fat-free.
  3. Do not order extra-value meals or anything that comes in a deluxe, triple, or monster size, no matter how many times they ask you. This just adds unnecessary calories to every meal and could add up to 100% calories at times.

If you have any questions regarding your order, be sure to ask the staff on-hand. They are usually more than happy to help. As long as you are careful, fast food restaurants do not need to be avoided at all costs. Eat at them any time you like, but be aware of what you are ordering. Bon appetite!

Here’s a list of (42) 200- 300 calorie meals and snacks.

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