Healthy Junk Foods You’ll Love

By | February 22, 2020

Favorite healthy junk foods.


Healthy Junk Foods You'll Love

Low Calorie Junk Food

The world in action me live with no distractions this is my baby that in the morning we’re back we’re doing this today. Monday split you trip I sat down in my string wit into my coffee cup I’m sure I know but look at that sweet outfit oh that’s what it wants dang so I just made it over here to this really cute little cafe it’s called an Zee blue and it’s kind of like a CBG shop plus cafe so I think you couldn’t like CBD in your coffee and stuff and you guys know Michael and I both love CBD but that’s not why I’m here I’m here to do a little photo shoot with Lindsay I shot with her a couple weeks ago it was so much fun she’s really talented and she just makes this shoot very like effortless and it goes by so fast the pictures come out great so that it was like the best um I really liked working with her so I’m excited she’s like great at coming up with like the cutest places around Nashville and like finding them so I think she’s already here I think this is her car here they don’t see her in there so I don’t know if I’m parked at the exact right spot because I’ve never actually been to this area before but this sign was back there so I think I’m just gonna walk around and see if I can find it and I will try to get some behind-the-scenes clips for you guys my first outfit is this really cute top from Reformation Reformation jeans I’m just really into Reformation this year I feel like I like it I feel like they’re great kind of basics that you can re wear a lot but they still look really stylish so I have a whole seat full of stuff but let’s go in here I might grab a coffee because I’m actually feeling like very tired I don’t know if you guys can tell on camera but it just like hit me how tired I am so let’s go you know my lighting is terrible in here outfit one is complete that was super fast also what she’s great about is she walks in there and she like tells them that you’re gonna shoot photos and that is so much better than like just sneaking around I don’t know if you guys have ever shot with a photographer but like sometimes even just like with friends or with your boyfriend or husband or whatever you like trying to sneak around taking photos and I love that she’s just like hey we’re gonna shoot some pictures and then that way like even that people that work there are always like so much more excited about it and like accommodating and I just love that she like takes charge like that that’s a really good quality and in a photographer is when they can take charge okay now we’re gonna drive to that what’s it called it’s like that L&L marketplace okay all done we went over to that on it’s called L&L marketplace and it’s like it’s like a little marketplace it’s kind of like an indoor mall really and there’s like shops and there’s restaurants so we went in there I did two outfits in there it’s really like when I’m picking out outfits I was gonna say hard it’s not hard but when I’m picking out outfits to do shoots like this it’s difficult because I try to only share like outfits that I am really wearing and so I never want to do anything too too out there but I also feel like this is my time you like shoot really cute different outfits so it’s kind of like finding that mix but what motorbreath because I just ran into my heart on but yeah I had fun and I’ve been trying to get some photos of these pieces I don’t really want to share them yes I’m gonna film the video on it and I might actually have time to do it today if Julian still asleep right now on designer inspired items for less I’m not like not like knockoffs but just shoes that look designer a desk or bags like you guys know Zara is really great at doing stuff like that I have found a couple other sites that I think do it even better than Tsar I’m just giving you those designer inspired looks because sometimes like things are really cute but you can’t find them because they sell out or it’s just like I don’t know if that’s gonna be in style forever for me to send $600 and a pair of shoes you know I just sometimes don’t want to but I still want the look so I found like I don’t know 20 designer inspired things and I bought them when we were in Florida and they’re awesome so I shot a couple pictures and some of the things today and I think I’ll film the video on it today it’ll be on my main channel later this week it’ll be my next video so probably be up Thursday or Sunday but now I’m gonna head home totally forgot that we were blogging today I filmed a video homework done hi Blane look up from his nap [Music] [Applause] the big kiss so we went and grabbed a salad at taziki’s and then went to Whole Foods so show you guys what I got why just kind of like random Java bananas this is my favorite brush this one my favorite granolas purely Elizabeth gluten free I thought I would try this cereal I like having cereal just to kind of like as a snack or like nah I’m gonna be have like a full bowl I’ll just have a handful handful um this wasn’t my favorite this I tried it because I try everything and I get home from the store it’s made with cassava flour and navy beans and I could tell like like as soon as they opened it it smell like oh okay loose it smelt like protein powder you know it’s made with pea protein I could smell like I had just had that smell of like chocolate protein powder and I feel like I’ve done my days of chocolate protein powder so I don’t know maybe it’ll be better with milk Nicole he says it just goes my favorite it was like bad or anything but I’ve had better some animal cookies I tried these donuts out a couple months ago and they’re actually pretty good gluten free I got like the chocolate frosted ones but I got the cinnamon donut holes for the weekend my Glen Julie are laughing over there um we picked up like these chocolate croissants and so I thought I would get myself something to also have when they’re having those tons of solarii celery juice lemons I pick up these trips we wouldn’t free the good crisp company let’s try one there’s supposed to be like a healthy version of Pringles so let’s do a taste test here they look like a friend go smell like a Pringle oh okay this is good non-gmo no artificial flavors certified gluten free those are good it’s really in Turkey so I got Turkey I like these Amy’s burrito sometimes like they’re just easy on the go for Michael and I’m it’s like we’re doing dinner or lunch and we’re kind of in a rush or whatever they just didn’t have the one that I normally get so I usually get the gluten-free vegan ones but not this one I’ll show you is if I get the red ones are the one these are the ones I usually get the green gluten-free non-dairy but today they only have black bean and quinoa little bean and cheese burrito okay I’m not gonna pull all these out we just got a ton of water you got some icecream Michael about Jerry Garcia I’m gonna try out this one dairy-free orange cream the brand is revolution China just trying everything I’ll turn on camera because the packaging got me the flavor got me but I will say it was it was really expensive it was like see if it’s any good mm-hmm okay that’s really good tastes exactly like an orange cream popsicle I think it’s coconut milk and orange juice I read these are so good I love to have like little gluten-free dairy-free treats on hand like desserts chips stuff like that because I just don’t ever want to feel like I’m depriving myself of things that I love by going gluten and dairy free that’s the only way I’ve been able to stick to it for it’s about now almost here I think actually maybe it has been a year actually I think they started the end of January last year it’s made February now so yeah so over a year um and yeah so on a day-to-day basis I try not to eat a ton of processed foods but if Michaels eating ice cream sometimes I want to go with ice cream or if Julian’s eating a sandwich with chips sometimes I want to see how much with chips and so having those things on hand just makes me feel like I’m never like on a diet because I don’t do it as a diet so just thinking about these little ice cream cookie sandwiches are great made with coconut milk I usually cut them in half and then I let it kind of melt a little bit and it’s so good my favorite can you tell me what in there hungry all I got was treats we didn’t need groceries I just went in there to grab my celery and then it happened to be empty in there so I actually had time to walk around and like fine trees so immaculate gluten free dairy free cookies discreet Lauren’s brand is so good but I can’t find it here in Nashville I don’t know why never find it so this is my favorite cheese ciao what does it made out of coconut oil and potato starch it just is great with crackers it really tastes like like cheese and crackers it’s so good to try some yogurt with that granola this brand I thought looked pretty like the packaging lava I got strawberry and mango and then I saw this harmless coconut strawberry and vanilla so we’ll try them out and that you guys know what I think but that everything can I got a whole host today that’s it for today y’all who is ready for the weekend whoa-oh-oh today it just keeps getting better you.