How I Lost Weight Fast in 8 Weeks (Video + Read)

By | January 24, 2020

Intermittent Fasting Before and After

losing weight fast- 8 weeks

Inspiring explanation of how she lost 40 pounds once after having her third child, and then 40 again after having her fourth kid using intermittent fasting in a specific way.

How I Lost Weight Fast ▼

It is not very necessary to have bread and butter because damn and I love bread and butter hey guys it’s Josie and we are taking a short break from all the dancing we’ve been doing around here so I can show you my before and after pics now I’m really excited to show you guys these pictures but what I was not excited about is what I look like eight weeks ago oh my god Josie what happened what happened what really happened here is that it was the beginning of spring winter had just ended I had really got way too comfortable over winter was eating a lot over the holidays I was traveling a lot I’m eating out and it really really really got the best of me so when I took these pictures I said to myself how did I lose weight so fast? Oh Josie what the heck is going 1 something’s got to change immediately and I knew what to do because I’ve done this before I have lost 40 pounds twice um I lost 40 pounds once after having my third child and then 40 again after having my fourth kid I have four kids I’m 43 and I’m also a grandmother so I know what to do I knew what I had to do to really whip my body into shape and I gave myself eight weeks to do it and here you guys is what I look like after eight weeks this is what I look like right now okay okay okay now it wasn’t easy it wasn’t easy but it is totally doable and I did it without dieting and what I want to do today is share with you what I did and let you know that you can do the same thing number one no diet I did not count calories I did not use any type of fitness app I did not count my walking steps or use like a Fitbit or one of those things I didn’t do that all I did 20 minutes a day I did intense exercise I mainly relied on the free workouts that relentless Jake here has on YouTube I love his workouts because they’re really intense they’re like hit it and quit it they really hit you hard I don’t have a lot of time in the morning so I use Jake work Jake’s workouts to really really Zone in and get focused I used his workouts three to four times a week in between I would be dancing or stretching or doing something layer but always stay moving not all cardio you have to incorporate strength training cardio will make you smaller you’ll lose fat you’ll lose weight but it’s not going to tone you and give you those curves in all the right places so you have to incorporate strength training with your cardio workouts which is why Jake is so wonderful because he combines both in one workout all in 20 minutes next I had to cut out the foods that I know affect my body negatively now this is might be the same for you or it might be different but I know for me that dairy bloats me it’s like cheeses and stuff like that I had to cut out the unnecessary pasta the enough breads now I say unnecessary I didn’t meeting I didn’t cut them all out okay because I find it very necessary to have bread and butter because damn it I love bread and butter okay so I did eat things like bread and pasta and let me tell you something I had me some cinnamon too but what I did not do is get excessive with it there is a time and a place for everything and I chose wisely when to eat those foods which was more so on the weekends when I would when Matthew would take me out to dinner or something like that and I knew that was upcoming so I say Josey it’s a it’s a Tuesday or Wednesday today is not the day to throw down on bread I’m probably going to go out this weekend and I can have me some bread with my steak or something like that so choose wisely how you’re eating I am very big one tea that’s the next thing here on my channel I have a video called why you don’t need flat tummy tea and that is about the tea craze as far as companies pushing teas as a diet okay for me tea is a lifestyle all right I will I encourage you to check out that video which goes into detail explaining why you don’t necessarily need to buy a detox or a tea cleanse but tea is very beneficial for helping you lose weight because it helps you stay satiated it helps stave off hunger it fills you up it um has weight-loss benefits depending on what you choose like green tea to lose weight fast. For instance, I was just really big on using tea as a means of hydration to hydrate me to keep me feeling full and hydration when you’re hydrated it prevents you from carrying water weight because if you’re dehydrating your body not drinking enough water your body is gonna want on what to hold on to the water the little bit of water that you’ve given it so by hydrating properly you’re flushing your body you’re getting all those toxins out and it’s just really really good for you guys so I would choose tea in the morning with my intermittent fasting in a minute fasting is something I’ve been doing for years and it is also not a diet what I will do is link here to my free ebook one intermittent fasting with a cheat which explains what it what is but in a nutshell you are not depriving yourself from food you’re simply delaying your first meal of the day and what I did for me what personally works for me is that I would exercise in the morning drink my tea and do my intermittent fasting through the morning and then have my first meal of the day around 12:00 or 1:00 o’clock that is what worked for me now you may not be able to do it exactly how I’m doing it but the keys here or to keep your body moving and to eliminate foods that you know affect your body negatively and to really get a system where you are eating in a way that is satisfying you but you’re not overeating okay for you that may mean inner fat intermittent fasting or it may not you may enjoy a breakfast of eggs maybe a piece of toast something like that which is totally fine I did eat bacon during these past eight weeks I even had a few slices of pizza from takeout but I will tell you that since I love pieces so much I did create a pizza that involved no cheese it’s mine and bread pizza and I will show you some pictures here many many different ways you can have this you take a piece of wonderful man bread that when you put it in the oven it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and I made some fresh tomato sauce that you can whip together in just a few minutes honestly by using fresh tomatoes and I would add steak or I would make it a vegetarian pizza by just putting won some mushrooms and and and spinach or something like that but I ate that a lot I ate that like almost every day during the week during the week that was usually my lunch pizza for lunch yes that’s right now you know that there are certain foods that you love a lot but they really jack you up you really have to be honest with yourself about what those who’s are and you have to cut back on then drastically not just a temporary thing of cutting back but a lifestyle of having those things in moderation instead of in excess because those are the things that are really jacking up your body messing up your digestion because when your digestion is messed up and honestly when you’re all backed up it makes your stomach look big and it’s you know that it’s just not good for you keep your body moving eliminate the foods that you know mess with your body and in general carbs will give you that bloated look so really take a look at the food you’re eating and be honest about whether you’ve just got too many excess carbs in your diet are you drinking too much soda are you having too much sweet stuff even though the things the tips that I’m giving you are simple it does take work as far as I hate the word willpower but I mean you you just gotta take control there’s got to be a point where you have where you stop letting the food run your life and you be in control you be in charge you run in the show and not the food I always had dinner with my family so whatever my family was eating I was eating too now my family doesn’t eat like me so they might be having mac and cheese they might be having a BLT for dinner when I knew that my family was planning certain meals that were maybe higher in calorie I already had it set in my mind okay Josie you know you’re eating this tonight small portions sister small portion one helping only not three helpings you know don’t overdo it don’t fill your plate to capacity here so there’s some personal coaching that you need to do and you need to be talking to yourself all the time and when you mess up when you mess up because everybody’s human. How I lost weight fast is how I messed up there are times when I did overdo it a little bit screw all of the oh woe is me oh I can’t do this I really don’t have what it takes yes you do yes you do so you screwed up okay so what it’s over get up get past it get right to it let’s go on to the next on to the next we don’t have time to waste here there’s no time for you to be wallowing in your mistakes just learn from them get up and keep moving now when it does come to certain foods even though I told you not to eliminate any foods that you love you may still want to look at what foods are truly truly truly not worth it to you you eat the food you had the food you’re like man why did I even eat that those are the foods are not worth it okay so you might this would be the time to tell yourself you’ve been through this five 10 15 times already Josey of eating that food you eat that one particular food and then you say man why did I do that I didn’t need that if that’s if it’s that one or two or three certain foods that you know that every time when you eat it afterwards you’re feeling like it wasn’t worth it then go ahead just get that thing out of your diet completely I want you to think about the food you’re eating think about what you need to cut back on think about what foods affect you negatively okay think about how you’re going to be getting movement in and being committed to it I hope this video has been helpful to you and thank you for visiting my channel and checking out my other videos I really really appreciate it I love to get all of your comments and I do my best to respond to every single comment that I get so please check out my other videos then there will be more dance workouts on the way that is a great way to sweat and get in that movement and some calories okay hmm oh oh oh yeah so guys I will see you next time bye-bye

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intermittent fasting before and after

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