How I Stay Motivated To Exercise

By | February 5, 2020

One of the hardest aspects of exercise for some people is staying motivated. Having spent more than two decades of on and off again exercise routines, ranging from 20 minutes to 8 hours a week, and working in the fitness industry, I have learned some important ways to one motivate yourself to exercise and two, stick with a regular exercise routine. HOW TO ACHIEVE YOUR EXERCISE GOALS.

1. You Will Not Regret Exercise- The Benefits Are Worth It!

If you only read a thing in this article, let it be, “You will not regret it.” There are a lot of activities we choose to do with our free time, after work and on weekends. Have you ever watched a TV show or a movie and felt robbed of the last two hours? Have you ever gone out for a very mediocre meal or an un-fun evening with friends? Anyone of those situations or others could lead to moments of regret.

You will never ever feel that way about time you spend exercising. I never saw anyone leave the gym regretting the last hour they spent on a treadmill, in the pool, or sweating in a step aerobics class. 42 SIMPLE 200- 300 CALORIE MEALS AND SNACKS.

When I mention this to people, a light bulb usually goes on, as they think back to the last time they exercised, and they nod in agreement.

Remind yourself that exercising is not something you will regret doing with your time.

2. Getting To The Gym To Exercise Is Half the Battle

You’ve put on your work out clothes and your sneakers, or they are in your car, and you walk into the gym. You’re tired, and it’s been a long day. You just want to go home. But guess what? Half the battle is over. You made it to the gym, and while you’re there, you may as well exercise.

3. Remind Yourself that Regular Exercise Relieves Stress

We all experience some form of stress in our professional and personal lives. Exercise, in any form, is a great way to release stress and lighten your mind. At the very least, you will feel calmer at the end of a workout, even if you didn’t start out that way.

4. Write Down Your Top Reason for Exercising

Write it down and post it on your computer monitor, refrigerator, calendar, or TV. Whatever the main reason is that got you started exercising, keep it visible. If it becomes irrelevant, like “lose 10 pounds” and you already did that, come up with another reason that you want to keep on exercising. WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS TRANSFORMATION- *FASCINATING STORY*.

5. Post Motivational Exercise Photos On Your Social Media

Post a photo of something that will keep you motivated to exercise. It might be a photo of you when you were in better shape. It could be a picture of an article of clothing you’d like to wear when you are in shape.

Most new gym members who join a gym will stop going by the three-month mark. How can you avoid being one of those people who stop going to the gym? Here are simple ways to stick with your gym membership well beyond the three-month mark for a year, and hopefully, a lifetime of fitness.

Set Long-Term Weight Loss Goals

In addition to short-term exercise goals like losing your gut or dropping ten pounds or twenty pounds, set long-term goals for yourself. Long-term goals could include getting in shape for an event, reaching a certain healthy weight, with regular and moderate exercise, or even getting and staying fit for life. 9 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT- WHAT’S WORKED FOR ME.

Setting Attainable Goals Makes You More Likely To Stick With The Plan

When setting fitness goals, make sure they are realistic. All fitness goals should realistically take the following into consideration: your current fitness level, your general and overall health, the amount of time you have to exercise, your body type, and your motivation.

Set realistic fitness goals when going to the gym after a long absence, or the first time. You will see results in your physical appearance and feel the health benefits with regular exercise.

Making Friends At The Gym Keeps You Going

Make friends of other gym members and even of gym staff. By having a small network of friends and acquaintances with like-minded goals, your gym experience will be even more positive, social, and fun. 9 TIPS TO LOSE WEIGHT- WHAT’S WORKED FOR ME.

Change Up Your Exercise Plan Frequently

If you always use a treadmill, switch to a cross trainer or vice versa. The key to staying interested in a workout, at a gym or otherwise, is to keep it interesting by trying new things.

Hiring A Personal Trainer For Better Results

When you start to get bored with your work out or are looking for another way to challenge your body, it may be time to hire a personal trainer to re-focus your fitness routine and re-motivate you to keep working out.

Pre-Pay for Your Gym Membership

By pre-paying for an entire annual membership, you have locked yourself into a year of fitness. When you’ve already paid for it, you may be more likely to use the gym services beyond the initial two weeks or three months of the year.

Establish A Consistent Exercise Routine

Going to the gym should not be a question. It should be a regular part of your day or your week.

Take Your Gym Time Seriously

You wouldn’t call into work because a friend wanted to go for a drink or your favorite TV show was on. You should take your fitness just as seriously.

Reward Yourself For Exercising Consistently

At the end of three months, six months, nine months, and one year reward yourself. Reward yourself with something other than a gourmet meal or dinner out. Is there an outfit you want? A weekend getaway you’d like to take? Do your electronics need upgrading? The greatest reward, of course, is physical fitness, but sometimes you need a little extra incentive.

These tips are just the beginning of keeping yourself on track to overall health and fitness, well beyond the first of the year.